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  1. Looks nice. Thanks for the input. I went ahead and ordered one. It's like waiting on Christmas, ready for my new RRA gun and all the accessories!
  2. Yea I will only be shooting plates at the 600yd distance. I am familiar with the Spot on app and do plan on using it instead of counting on the factory BDC. With the BDC scope won't I be able to use the BDC scope for quick yardages when hunting and still be able to do "precision work" with the turrets?
  3. I'm buying my first AR15(RRA predator pursuit). I'd wanting to shoot long range with it(100 to 600uds). I have a Nikon P-22 scope on my 22 cal and love it! My question is when you step up to the m-223 it doesn't show the yardage on the top turret like the P-22 does it? Do u have to dial it in with MOA's instead. I've never done this before. Is it hard? Also if I get the BDC do the dots for the BDC cover up a lot of the target when shooting farther distances? I'm thinking on getting the 4x16x42.
  4. Just curious where online you guys have found to be the best place to buy ammo. Also, what ammo do u like to use that shoots descent but doesn't brake the bank.
  5. I've reading about Nikon scopes having software that allows you to enter your specs and it will give you accurate yardages for the BDC. I like that a lot. Does Burris or Vortex have this available also?
  6. Ok thanks. Are you putting a bipod on the new one?
  7. Hey Towtruck. I'm buying my first AR and going to have it set up and maybe even same scope as you. Lol. I was wondering what mount u used on your new build and the one you have on your old rifle. Is your new build a flat top?
  8. Newbe, is the RRA Predator that much better than the RRA Varmint? I'm thinking it will be one of these two now.
  9. I'm new to the forum but I was wondering if I am overlooking the guns for sale section.
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