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  1. Nope. Not a gray area. https://www.atf.gov/questions-and-answers/qa/can-anyone-make-firearms-and-sell-them
  2. Film your process and store it somewhere. It's not THAT hard to do and it's allowed in court. Legal hassle? Yeah. Legal jeopardy? Not really. The ATF states that you can manufacture your own firearm for your own personal use. You cannot legally sell an unserialized firearm. So for the 80% lower guy, he has to get an FFL, then stamp in a serial number on the lower in order to be able to *legally* sell it.
  3. Show me where I can get such things!! Lessons learned: Buy shat while it's cheap.
  4. How is it at 1x? Is it closer to 1.1x or 1.5x? Is there any distortion in the glass at any zoom variance? I recently checked out a competing scope at the same price point, at the 1x setting, there was some "warping" that I could see around the edges of the optic view with my eye focused on the center dot. (I didn't buy it because it doesn't have Vortex's warranty). What were the distances you shot at? I know this optic lacks any sort of elevation indicator, was that a problem?
  5. Just in case you guys were curious, here she is in all her glory.
  6. Well, sadly, it's not like I can go pick up a 20 round box of Federal per week. I haven't found the right store yet :(
  7. Alright guys, it's "range report" time. And by "range" I mean my backyard. So I loaded 20 rounds of Tul ammo .223 and none of them were working right. Plus, I could have sworn I saw flash escaping from the adjusting set screw so I kinda worried a lot. After the 10th round or so, the flash appeared to stop escaping from the set screw, but it's still got a flare like gas was escaping. Failure to feed, closing on an empty bolt, numerous closures on an empty magazine. Switched ammo to my X-Tac 5.56 NATO 55 Grain rounds. Fired one from the top of a magazine, bolt didn't lock back. Tried it again, knowing that the instructions that came with the block specified a "particular amount of carbon buildup" so I tried to reach it. The rest of the box (20 rounds) of X-Tac 5.56 NATO fired flawlessly. Locked open on an empty magazine 5 times in a row. Started loading rounds in series and worked properly. I think I'm good to go! I'll need to pick up another box of Tul because I want this rifle to be able to fire lower quality rounds if absolutely necessary. I'm glad the block came with "instructions"
  8. I just had a painfully awkward realization... Backup flip sight mounted on gas block will probably be HOT when/if it's actually needed... I'm starting to regret my decisions.....
  9. Honestly, that sounds like people being ignorant of a hot barrel. But yeah, the holes in the A1 hand guards are wide enough for some people's fingers to slip through. Although since we're on the topic, I saw these triangular handguards at Midway: http://www.midwayusa.com/product/2367324544/pri-gen-iii-delta-free-float-tube-handguard-quad-rail-ar-15-carbon-fiber I guess it was A1 inspired.
  10. No one seems to have an answer to one of my other concerns. I actually found a set that looks nice through one of the ads on this sight. I could pick up a set of really nice polymer sights for $90... I'm thinking I might be able to buy some cheap polymer ones for melting tests, but not sure how difinitive that would be.
  11. Well that sucks. If you want an 11.5", you could build a "pistol" with that "brace" but that would mean a new lower too. If you lived in any other state, file with the ATF to create a short barreled rifle. (And $200 tax)
  12. To answer your first question: More than likely. Since you're already used to a sight over the carry handle, a red dot should not pose an issue. Get one with a relatively wide viewing angle. Unlike magnified optics, red dots don't have a particular eye relief. However, I have a couple questions to satisfy my own curiosity. 1. Why do you have a carry handle on the second upper (the one with the light barrel)? 2. Why are both barrels 20 inches? To answer your second question: What I have learned is that brands should not matter. I've done plenty of research, and there's no such thing as "XYZ is garbage BECAUSE it's Brand X" (this being the only considering factor). Good products are good products. Bad ones are bad ones. I won't say Trijicon is inferior, but have a younger product (this could mean unknown long term defects). I recommend more research into Trijicon red dots if you want to go with the same manufacturer as your ACOG.
  13. Dunno if you guys only heard about these particular pistols from Turkey. I've tried to scour the internet for honest reviews and opinions of the firearms, not just demonstrations. From the articles I've read, videos I've seen and generally all the research I can put into the internet, most people come up with "Good value" and recommend the firearm. I've handled one in a store a time or two, and they feel very nice in my palms. The sights are nice enough for stock. Trigger only safety, slide release near my right thumb. It's a striker-fired pistol similar to a Glock. Mag release is in roughly the same spot. So I have a list of pros and cons, but I'd also like to see if anyone else has had some range time with these pistols. Pros: 18+1 9mm capacity 3 total mags for the firearm that come with it No lever safety on the side. Only safety is the trigger safety. Relatively clean trigger break It's less than $400 (You know... the price I honestly think most Glocks SHOULD be) Cons: Striker de-cocker on top of the slide.
  14. Omg, that guy killed so many police officers! TIL: Knife fighting skills are required. YES i KNOW THAT WAS STAGED, BUT DUE TO THE LACK OF EMOTE FOR SARCASM, YOU GUYS HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS TINY TEXT.
  15. So when I went to my local range to pick up a new gas tube (my other topic), I saw a front sight that looked pretty interesting. It was similar in design to this (picture). The sight itself seemed solid enough in construction, but there wasn't a single brand marking on the thing, so not sure I'd be willing to put down the $98 asking price. I didn't buy it, but as my front sight, it's a contender. Also considering those SIG Sauer flip ups from Brownells' that are $132.
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