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  1. Snake46

    Don't Mess with Texas (Activate Volume)

    Now that's a woman! Can she maybe replace my Lt Gov, who is now, as I understand it, pandering to the gun control crowd?
  2. Snake46

    Will Corporate Money Diminish the 2A?

    Thanks..just cancelled an account..
  3. Snake46


    Reckon they know what we don't but do suspect regarding manufacturer liability?
  4. Snake46

    New Ms. Monopoly gives women more money than men.

    Had a Commisioner that said if he ever thought about getting married again, he would just find a woman he didn't like and buy her a house..far the most part they have always made more than men..
  5. Snake46

    Ted Cruze on gun control

    Another one bites the dust..
  6. Snake46

    Where were you on 9/11?

    At work..had a tv in the office and saw the second..my oldest son worked in DC, so when the Pentagon was hit his mother got a little anxious..
  7. I would be surprised and disappointed if any member of this Armory has not corresponded with his/her Representatives and Senators, both State and Federal, along with Governor and President..should you not have, please do, and there is no rule that says you can only do it once..politicians are memory challenged..
  8. I think he must really be from NM..no way he grew up in Texas and got that stupid
  9. Snake46

    Father-in-Law Funeral Today

    A life well lived..getting to be very rare..
  10. Snake46

    did something stupid this weekend

    Sorry..I wish you as little pain as possible..
  11. Snake46

    Hey newbe

  12. Snake46

    I'd vote for this!

  13. Snake46

    Hey XxWoodsHunterxX

  14. Snake46

    I Need One

    Cooler 'n hell..
  15. Snake46

    Hey TaosGlock