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  1. Well, the old man got a reprieve..son bought him a Can Am Spyder RT Ltd today..3 wheels should keep the dance alive..
  2. The more people he (aka his handlers) he pi$$es off the better chance we have of ending this crap in the next election.. Edit: oldest son tells me today his wife tested positive, and yes she was vaccinated..what a f'n farce!
  3. Yep, I need to reset my behavior from the old Harley "It's not the destination, it's the journey" as a little over 3,000 miles is a younger man's game..
  4. 13 days and I'm back at the house.. North Rim Grand Canyon Zion National Park Bryce Canyon National Park Escalante Staircase Capital Reef National Park Cayonland National Park North..South closed due to some flooding Arches National Park Monument Valley Stayed 2 nights in Mexican Hat (might have had adult beverages) Good trip and, yes, my long distance riding is probably done..
  5. King of the road i’m not..490 miles on the motorcycle & my butt’s dragging..
  6. No doubt there's a plan in the works, which of course MSM will blindly support, to take the public's mind off this situation and curl more into their fetal position with eyes looking to .gov to protect them..
  7. Someone earlier mentioned Dunkirk..
  8. Go with God..lots of memories there..
  9. I leave Wednesday morning for a projected two week ride through New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, with maybe Colorado thrown in..North Rim of Grand Canyon and most of the southern half of Utah..may return by way of Colorado to avoid crossing New Mexico twice.. I'll know by the time I get back (or before), but this may be my last extended ride..at 75, recovery time is longer and it may be time to start limiting trips to two or three days..I'll be trying to mitigate by staying two nights in several places instead of one..anyway, for now I'm excited about the possibilities..I see a day coming, unless this country wakes up by retreating from being woke, where we have far less freedom to travel..God Bless America..
  10. Snake46

    Hey olfart

    Have a great one!
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