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  1. In the words of Gomer Pyle, “Surprise, Surprise”..we all knew it was part of the plan..
  2. Been contributing since LBJ signed the Great Society legislation..
  3. Another S&W vote, but I would look at putting Hogue grips on it..if I’m carrying it for self defense I want a grip that will be stable when the adrenaline’s flowing..
  4. Any gun bill may be dead..cornyn’s future is not a maybe..
  5. Same same..he’ll run again-wants McConnell’s job..I think Greg Abbott would defeat him..
  6. I really do wish I could be less cynical, but the fact it was unanimous makes me wonder what is the trade off..what have the “conservative” Justices agreed to in a coming ruling..please let me be wrong..
  7. 2,600 miles: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, NorthCarolina and Alabama..roads in TN & NC are awesome..rode Tail of the Dragon, but some of the roads around it were better..the Spyder & I are now friends..
  8. Here’s what I know about Farxiga: on this motorcycle trip rather than one in the morning, I split them in half and take after I check into the motel..take a whole first thing and I would be stopping every 30 miles..
  9. And I’m sure nothing they use, touch, have or dream about was created by white folks..jeez, get over it!
  10. Tried Starbuck’s once..ONCE
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