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  1. "Happiness is Lubbock, Texas in my rear view mirror"..Go with God, my friend..
  2. POS needs to be looking at road repair restitution when he goes to court..
  3. Enjoy it.. Actually, don't think you would have asked the question if you now own it..found something you wanted more?
  4. Having read this earlier this morning I went through my magic box (not enough old holsters for a closet) and dug out: S&W vertical shoulder holster made, according to the marking, for a .45 or a model 59..I did carry my 5906 in it from time to time.. No mag holders.. If you think this works for you, PM your mailing information and I will get it sent this week.. Oh, didn't mention price..I have not used it in at least 20 years and have no intention of doing so..it's yours..
  5. He was just describing their platform..
  6. And that boys and girls is why we will be addressing creepy joe as Mister President unless some actual punishment is immediately forthcoming..release on a PR bond is not..
  7. What I got from his comments is that he will vote this year, nothing committing to vote before the election..should our President lose this election, I suspect his "vote" will not be one I will appreciate..hope I'm very wrong..
  8. God Bless Texas and, yep, we're ready to defend again..
  9. My children, the oldest of whom is 50, have never seen me without the mustache..
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