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  1. I watch nothing if commercials are involved..Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu movies old enough that commercials are not thrown in..
  2. Mask mandate ends Wednesday I'm told..and btw, welcome to the forum..
  3. About the only thing that will motivate me to kneel and get it is if the state borders close without proof of compliance..Texas is a great motorcycle riding state, but there are still other places I would like to see..I don't know, maybe some virtual reality goggles would suffice..
  4. Did the noise generator help? I wind down and go to sleep reading on the iPad..have an app that generates different noise in the background..for me it's fan noise..I need it to be constant, as differing sounds (rain, waves, etc) come and go and fail to work for me..the iPad screen will go black once I'm asleep, but the "fan" keeps going..doesn't matter where I am, such as motorcycle trips, it's with me..
  5. And he went on to great fame writing for Believe It Or Not..
  6. My opinion only..new "citizens" will be settled in red and purple states, with objective being, in combination with election fraud, to turn it all to blue over time..hope I'm wrong but afraid I'm not..
  7. And we're the haters, so they consistently say..
  8. And the clowns behind the D.C. fences are dancing..
  9. Some of the folks headed our way from down south might decide to go back home..too cold in Texas..and yes, Texas will eventually turn blue, but he same is true for all..
  10. I don't vote in Irving, but if she wants to cross the county line she can..
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