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  1. Snake46

    New guy starting to build an AR

    Yep, I "built" a 223 Wylde and a 224 Valkyrie that way..welcome brother..
  2. Snake46

    Texas judge fines city of Austin

    Should, but they'll be among the citizens having to pay for it.. lived there '67-'68 and '70-'71..very cool back then, but I'd take an HST to the brain stem before I would live there now..
  3. Snake46

    Extreme Balls!!

    Looked like me on Needles Highway, but 150 mph faster..
  4. Snake46


    Closest I ever got was frozen yogurt..
  5. Snake46

    Official Photo Test Thread

    test...no good..can't paste the old way and pasting into url link doesn't get picture into post..
  6. Very cool + daughter time makes it even better..
  7. Snake46

    I hate funerals

    Be safe my friend and may you and the rest of the family find peace..
  8. Snake46

    Freak I HATE DEATH..........

    I hope you all find peace brother..
  9. Snake46

    Help me spend my first social security check!

    Might take another check, but somewhere out there is a Python with your name on it..
  10. Snake46

    Bought a Friends of NRA Calendar

    I bought one of Florida's a couple of years ago..good news is I won none of the guns I was not that interested in..
  11. Snake46

    Words of advice from the "seasoned" members.

    You will find that one of life's biggest disappointments is expecting other people to do their job..
  12. Snake46

    Words of advice from the "seasoned" members.

    Never let them see you sweat..smiling makes them nervous.. My saintly grandfather always told me: Never stand when you can sit Never sit when you can lie down When possible, never lie down alone
  13. Snake46

    Hey MadeInUSA

    Happy Birthday..
  14. Snake46

    Hey rmc51

    Hope it's a happy one..
  15. Snake46

    Hey Zephyr One/Zero

    Happy Birthday, News Man..