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  1. Old school..'09 Harley Heritage Classic..
  2. Snake46

    Planned Parenthood sex ed video

    The one thing I asked my then mother-in-law when my oldest was learning to tell time and digital watches were becoming a thing was not to get him one..should have said please get him one to keep her from doing it, because she, of course, did..he has a Masters from Johns Hopkins and his own multi-national communications company..ask him to give the time from an analog clock and he rounds it to the nearest quarter hour..
  3. Everytime I get on mine I assume everybody else got up that morning intending to run me down..why I'm still riding at 72..
  4. Snake46

    New ride

  5. Snake46

    Hey jtrain

    Happy Birthday..
  6. Snake46

    Hey hzhardy

    Enjoy..Happy Birthday..
  7. Snake46

    New Members Please Read!

    Welcome from north of Dallas..
  8. Snake46

    Roy Clark dead

    RIP Brother..as one with three ex-wives, "Thank God and Greyhound She's Gone" has always held a special place in my music collection..
  9. Snake46

    Another project...will it work?

    You lost me at "I have..."
  10. Snake46

    Dallas Nostalgia w/ Pic

    Running parallel and in between trailers..
  11. Snake46

    Dallas Nostalgia w/ Pic

    And every trailer had a clothesline..
  12. Snake46

    Product Review: Cabela's Carnivore .5hp #8 Grinder

    Turn the plug over..
  13. Snake46

    Hey Eduardo Rgm

    Happy Birthday Brother..