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  1. Snake46

    I'm speechless!

    Aaaaand..his vote counts as much as mine..
  2. Snake46

    Swore I Would Never Have Another

    Congratulations, but you're sure the pic isn't a selfie?
  3. Snake46

    Like a little girl!

    There are always "rats" in jails..
  4. Snake46

    Little Videos

    Makes all the politics and wars take a back seat..adorable..
  5. Snake46

    Small dick big gun syndrome

    Ok, and this is a confession I didn't even make to my three exes: growing up I would put both mustard and mayo on my burger, along with grape jam..the jam had to be on the mayo side because who wants a burger with the mustard mixed in with grape?
  6. Gotta' say, I hovered long enough for the admins to have taken it down before I hit it..nice..
  7. Snake46

    Small dick big gun syndrome

    With a shat load of mustard..
  8. Snake46

    WTB handguard

    If my post was inappropriate, I apologize to the members..I do not, however, apologize to the OP..
  9. Snake46


    Well done, Joel..
  10. Snake46

    Squaring Off with an Adult Doe

    Didn't pick up on any whining..just an exercise in problem solving..
  11. Snake46

    Changing Face of Construction

    I graduated with a double major in Psychology and English..as I used to tell people, that's almost as good as a GED..retired as a Chief Adult Probation Officer..just get out and work your way up for the job you want..not likely to happen at Dollar General..
  12. Snake46

    Former Justice J.P. Stevens Dead @ Age 99

    She has, dude..just a really really long weekend at Bernie's..