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  1. Snake46

    John Prine has passed.

    Damn, just damn..go with God my friend..
  2. Snake46

    Your test results...

    Absolutely positively hated that song..now I can't, of course, get it out of my mind..
  3. Snake46

    Behold the Face of the DEMENTED and DERANGED

    She really wants to see "crime against humanity", somebody hand her a mirror..
  4. Snake46

    Always have a med kit handy....

    Not a recommendation, just what I would have done: clean, apply antiseptic/antibiotic, and then pull the sides together and superglue..oh, and, keep a close eye on it..
  5. Hope it works for you..my eyes are why I went red dot..
  6. Snake46

    King Cobra 2020

    I'm definitely seeing another Ruger in your future..sorry both the S&W and the Colt suck..
  7. Snake46

    Bill Withers dead at 81

    And the band in the sky gets a little bigger and a little better..RIP sir..
  8. Snake46

    Already broke two days ago

    Today was the first..been waiting since November for the optic and chose to wait as I have numerous other pistols an revolvers I could shoot instead..
  9. Snake46

    Awesome photo of the day.

    Need to send a copy to Maddow, the POS would have a meltdown..
  10. Snake46

    Already broke two days ago

    Range reopened today and I was the 1st customer..starting at 7 yards, shot 100 rounds (FMJ and Hollow Point) through the Hellcat..had to do some adjusting on the Shield RMSc bringing the red dot down to center of front sight to get it right..understanding I'm better with a long gun, the last group was +/- 8", at 15 yards..the pistol shoots as good or better than I do, had zero problems, and I'm a happy guy..
  11. Snake46

    Hey alpo

  12. Snake46

    Hey Valkyrie1911

  13. Snake46

    Friendly diversion. My watch collection

    Nice..and thanks for the diversion..
  14. Snake46

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning..
  15. Snake46

    HR 5717 Gun Violence Prevention Act of 2020

    If he said the sun will come up tomorrow even pelosi would grab a flashlight..