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  1. Snake46

    A good trip to the DMV

    Easier to vote than get DL renewed..
  2. Snake46

    Shotgun picture thread

    I really like that..not just a little..
  3. I've told my doc I don't check mine anymore..not only changes during the day (and night), if I took it from all 10 fingers at once I would get 10 numbers..your A1C is the best indicator..do mine every 3 months..
  4. Snake46

    Hey USMC, 244

  5. Snake46

    The Last Waltz / Build

  6. Snake46

    The Last Waltz / Build

    Last Waltz? Call Robbie Robertson for advice..
  7. Snake46

    OK Pick Your Position OSW ISWB Shoulder Pancake

    #1 if counting from back..at about 3:30, with holster canted forward..
  8. Snake46

    Jailed a new one today

    Can't beat a 686 plus..I love smith revolvers..
  9. Snake46

    Bye Bye Gallbladder.... INPUT PLEASE

    After trying really hard to make me an alcoholic when I checked into the ER with pancreatitis, docs finally agreed 2 beers after riding motorcycle all day wasn't the cause and concentrated on the gallbladder..following 3 day hospital stay the surgeon had me see him once a week, with regular Cat scans, until the pancreas infection was gone..not a minute's trouble with the surgery or since..
  10. Snake46

    Hey gshayd

    Hope it's a great one..
  11. Snake46

    SA Hellcat

    If I can find the optic ready version close enough to touch and handle it I'm afraid it will come home with me..
  12. Glad it got you to your brother's funeral and back first..
  13. There's always the Springfield XDs in .45..not my favorite firearm, but it might work for you..not a 1911, but..