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  1. Snake46

    Good Morning!

  2. Snake46

    Cleaning up a 686

    Bummer..there's always the "new and improved" Python..
  3. Snake46

    Already broke two days ago

    Looking for the Shield RMSc, not a Sig Romeo Zero, but thanks..
  4. The best interview was with the owner of Shooters Grill in Rifle, CO (where all the employees are armed)..she's running for Congress, and certainly hope she is elected..
  5. Joel, works for those of us that don't have it also..thanks..
  6. TT, not a one of us ever believed you weren't going to paint it..
  7. Snake46

    Lost a brother and sister in blue this morning

    And the Blue Line just got thinner..sorry, sir..
  8. Snake46

    Good Morning!

  9. Snake46

    Little Videos

    Ever wonder how today's snowflakes would have dealt with growing up in our time?
  10. Snake46

    ... And Don't Let the Door Hit You in the ........

    I wonder sometimes if we pay more attention to those inbreds than their own country..
  11. Snake46

    .223 ammo deal

  12. Snake46

    Colorado Red Flag Law’s Abuse

    I stand corrected..maybe he's the guy that can influence his legislature to pass legislation to make swearing a false affidavit illegal..
  13. Snake46

    I think that I am losing it

    Ya' got two hands..
  14. Snake46

    Colorado Red Flag Law’s Abuse

    Wouldn't be the first time a Sheriff was wrong..he/she isn't the prosecutor and may well be in support of the craziness..