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  1. Snake46

    No changes. Checkups annually now

    Great news my friend..
  2. Snake46

    Dayum Getting old aint for the weak

    Wishing you the best of outcomes..
  3. Snake46


    Yep, good to be home..Utah, Idaho and Wyoming probably the next (last?) long ride..been to Tahoe and now Key West and not going Northeast..maybe up TJ's way to ride the Dragon..4 or 5 day rides in between..Texas can keep you busy without leaving the State..
  4. Snake46


    Made it home a little before 4:00..3,492 miles..it was a great ride..Key West, not so much..
  5. Snake46

    Best Texas BBQ

    Wish I had known that when I was closer to Tennessee on the Key West ride..
  6. Snake46

    Best Texas BBQ

    If you make it to the hill country when you leave SA (which you should), Coopersin Llano used to be fabulous for BBQ, TexMex is every other door in SA..also need to see the National Museum of the Pacific in Fredericksburg (on your way to Llano)..
  7. Snake46

    San Antonio in July

    Sorry, not familiar with the Crockett..might be as good or better..Menger is across the street from the Alamo and has a bar where Col. Theodore Roosevelt recruited the Rough Riders and which received a Carrie Nation hatchet attack..I always liked one of the original rooms, smaller and step up to bathroom.. oh, and Bill Clinton liked an ice cream shop there, and we know that makes it more important
  8. Snake46

    Texas Pep's......Question for Ya........

    Big Bend area..Terlingua, etc..
  9. Snake46


    It's good to be the king..highly recommend retirement..
  10. Snake46

    Takin out the trash.

    Yep, I'm smiling..
  11. Snake46


    Made it!..KW's like a fire ant bed that's been kicked..rode by the Southernmost Point Buoy twice but impossible to park to make a picture with the bike..did get a pic of the end/beginning of Highway 1..in room in Marathon Key and will head out in the morning..probably track Gulf coast at least through Florida.. Can check the KW box now (won't be going back)..
  12. Snake46

    Hey muddyduck