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  1. I'm betting they may have some new friends willing to take up the slack..
  2. Wow! I didn't realize Covid-19 is also a computer virus..
  3. He's had 4 years to get a legitimate voter ID case before SCOTUS..I have no faith other voter fraud or intimidation will be addressed in November..
  4. It might be a good thing he didn't live to see the continued destruction of the country he loved so much..Go with God my friend and be at peace..
  5. I don't know John..I enjoyed reading his celebration of July 4th he texted, tweeted, insta whatever, or however he wrote it nine years ago..apparently his discovery we are a white supremacists nation is fairly recent..POS..
  6. Also check out the Viridian options..the light and laser combo for the Hellcat is the C5L, they also do a light only but I don't remember the number..I put the Sheild red dot on mine but seriously thinking of going with the light laser..
  7. Snake46

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning..out of town for a couple of days..exiled to a lake property with no internet but a whole lot of BBQ and cold beer..strangely, I found it relaxing..
  8. Strange Bama..fixed for me on the iPad..
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