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  1. Put a hundred rounds through it with no malfunctions..had to re-sight the Vortex Sparc of course and only shot 25 yds & 50 yds, but all is good..do wish S&W would furnish more info regarding what was found and what was done, but I’m happy..
  2. This is Texas..how come he didn’t receive half a dozen rounds before the (absolute hero) cop put him down? I sincerely hope the outlet mall is not a gun free zone..
  3. Another that doesn’t fit the narrative? Over 24 hours with very limited information on the psycho..
  4. Got it back today..range next week..
  5. One of the good ones..Go with God..
  6. Morning Armory..
  7. Mornin’ folks..hope it’s a good day for all..
  8. Good morning..
  9. Morning from back home in north Texas..
  10. Good morning from Lawton, Ok..
  11. Beer truism: darker beer is better beer..
  12. Mornin’ y’all..leaving for a two day Spyder trip through the Wichita Mountains..it’s how I spell F R E E D O M..
  13. Even the snake’s saying gooood mornin’..
  14. Took the 3” to an indoor range a few weeks ago..damn that thing is sweet..
  15. But inaction against thugs, punks and criminals is acceptable..
  16. Snake46


    Outstanding work, Woodsman..thanks again..
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