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  1. This is some good information. I wasn't completely up on its content. Thank you for shedding light on the subject.
  2. This is an older post and I'm hoping you guys are still taking opinions on it. Here in NC there are guys open carrying heavily. It's nothing to see someone in Walmart with a 1911 one the right hip and three mags on the other. I conceal carry and like some of you don't open carry. There is nothing wrong with open carrying, however the criminal would probably shoot the guy with open carrying before he started his crime. I'm not a criminal therefore I can't really think their way. Just seems logical. ???
  3. Hello fellow South Carolinian. I'm from Beaufort, SC and serving in the Marine Corps in Eastern NC. If you haven't gone the PSA, get there soon. Great deals and haven't been disappointed.
  4. I've been a member for about 15 hours and just wanted to check in and say hello. Semper Fi
  5. JLOH

    How could you

    That's a well trained dog and huge butt too.
  6. JLOH

    WWI photos

    I know this post is old, but I enjoyed them anyway. I have plenty of mementoes from Iraq and Afghanistan that will never see the trash can.
  7. Here's to gunpowder and snapper. One brings you into the world and one takes you out..... And I love the smell of both of them!!
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