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  1. Very nice pistol! Looks great!
  2. Well, bought some camping equipment, some .223 & 9mm. Oh, I bought this yesterday: Last week it was a Gen 4 G26.
  3. I would like an AR platform in .260 Remington.
  4. OMG...the best! I always get heartburn from the cherry cobbler though.
  5. Does not surprise me. Ever notice how most of this stuff really started, about the same time Obama took office? Amazes me how this all works. The BS piles up so high, you need wings to stay above it.
  6. I did not know they were making the G17 in the US. Congratulations on your new pistol.
  7. That is AWESOME OP! What stories that rifle could tell!
  8. Your pictures are wonderful...great job!
  9. Great gun OP! I like the 9mm chambering!
  10. Every week, I buy a few more boxes.
  11. Fools. It's the Blitz all over again...without the JU-88's.
  12. I don't blame them...sweaty money? Nasty.
  13. Yup, me too. They do it because this government of ours allows them to really stretch the limit of Constitutional freedom. Too bad the government likes to "cherry pick" which group they allow this to happen with...agendas suck.
  14. You mean your getting no gas to the BCG?
  15. Our kids are grown, but if the wife is gone somewhere, I always just revert back to what I was before we got married...a gun nut, full-on. She hates it because I usually end up buying either a new gun or some kind of gun related things...Lol.
  16. Bought more ammo. Bought another "mega-pack" of toilet paper. Hey, don't laugh, TP is a bartering tool.
  17. Yup, saw this on facebook. That is one ugly woman right there...and stupid. To hell with these people.
  18. On a human target, yes, but not against an animal that will have you for lunch. You need a tough bullet to go through bone and muscle to get to vital organs.
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