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  1. TackleberryMCS

    The start of a new clone.

    I have ordered a Colt full-auto ambi-safety selector for it, but it is currently on backorder. I will have to remove the center fin on the selector to make it legal to use in a semi-auto receiver. I want the full-auto selector because I want to be able to have it turn all the way to AUTO. It will still only function as a semi-auto in that position.
  2. TackleberryMCS

    Best drop in trigger for the money

    No. the MBT-2S comes with hammer and trigger pins.
  3. TackleberryMCS

    The start of a new clone.

    Here is a picture of something to come. It will take some time to get this one done due to the cost of everything that will be required to make it a correct clone. Not sure if I will make it into a M4A1 SOPMOD Block 1, Block 2, or Block 3 clone. Money will be a huge factor as many of the correct parts are expensive.
  4. TackleberryMCS

    Best drop in trigger for the money

    The LaRue MBT-2S does not need slave pins, especially on the trigger unit. The disconnector and trigger are one assembly, therefore there is nothing needed to hold the disconnector in place in order to line it up when installing the trigger. Slave pins are helpful when the trigger and disconnector are separate pieces, but not necessary. The hammer does not need them at all. In addition, an ALG ACT would not fill his order as it is a SINGLE STAGE trigger and he wants a 2-stage.
  5. TackleberryMCS

    Best drop in trigger for the money

    LaRue does not have slave pins with their triggers. They do provide new hammer/trigger pins with the triggers. There is a pin already in the hammer. It will have to be pulled out before installation and re-inserted.
  6. TackleberryMCS

    Twist rate

    This is a closer relation to twist and bullet weights for .223/5.56 barrels. Of course, barrel length will come into play as well.
  7. TackleberryMCS

    Best drop in trigger for the money

    For the money, quality, and function, I highly recommend the MBT-2S. You also have your choice of a curved or straight-bow depending on your preference. I have several curved-bow MBT-2Ss and one of the new straight-bow. I do like the feel of the straight-bow, but I still like the curved-bow as well. Both break clean and crisp and reset is quick and positive. As far as installation, it is quite simple. It installs just like any standard FCG. You do have to remove the safety selector for installation.
  8. TackleberryMCS

    Thinking of new rifle too many choices, Help

    Personally, BCM and Daniel Defense make top-notch ARs. Either would be nice to own. That said, I own two BCMs (Jack Carbine and a Mid-16 Mod 2) and I really like them. I also use an assortment of BCM parts on several of my builds. As far as barrel length goes, I would recommend sticking with a 16". Unless you are going to get a tax stamp for a 14.5" barrel or pay to have an appropriate length muzzle device pinned and welded to it, there is no reason to have one. One BCM I would recommend is the RECCE 16 MCMR. https://shop.bravocompanymfg.com/BCM-RECCE-16-MCMR-Carbine-AR15-p/bcm-carbine-750-750.htm Another would be the BCM RECCE 16 MCMR-LW https://shop.bravocompanymfg.com/BCM-RECCE-16-MCMR-Light-Weight-AR15-Carbine-p/bcm-carbine-750-750-lw.htm Here is the BCM Mid-16 Mod 2 https://shop.bravocompanymfg.com/Bravo-Company-MFG-BCM-MID-16-Mod-2-AR15-Carbine-p/bcm-carbine-750-133.htm Here are my two BCMs.
  9. TackleberryMCS

    Iron sights with your glass? Yes/No and why?

    John, In regard to the bolded area of your post, you are correct. When accompanied by BUISs, a scope should be in a QD mount or the BUISs should be of the 45 degree offset variety. In regard to co-witnessing, it mere refers to being able to use your BUISs in conjunction with the RDS as you are able to view through the RDS. Co-witnessing is of two natures: lower 1/3rd (sights are in the lower 1/3rd of the RDS lens and situated below the reticle) and absolute (sights are in-line with the reticle of the RDS). Co-witnessing is advantageous in that you do not need to remove a RDS in order to deploy and utilize the BUISs as they are able to be used through the lenses of the RDS. This makes it very easy to stay on target in the event your RDS goes down for some reason. It is also important to determine which co-witness you want in order to obtain the correct mount for the RDS you are wanting to use. Regardless of which co-witness you use, POA is subject to how you have it zeroed. Personally, I zero my RDSs and my BUISs at 50 yards. With scopes, I have them and the BUISs zeroed at 100 yards. POI will be determined by other factors, such as distance, wind, ammo, etc.) and has little to nothing to do with co-witnessing.
  10. TackleberryMCS

    Iron sights with your glass? Yes/No and why?

    I will say this, all of my ARs with optics, whether red-dot or magnified scope, have BUISs. That said, I DO NOT recommend mounting a scope to a detachable carrying handle as it places the scope too high above the plane of the barrel. Buy a proper cantilever scope mount and a set of BUISs and do it right. Here are a few of my ARs with scopes with BUISs. It is important to have a scope mount that has quick release levers in that if the scope ever gets damaged and unusable, then you can quickly detach it and run with your BUISs.
  11. TackleberryMCS

    BCM question

    DO NOT DO THAT. You will regret it. Leave it as is. The M-LOK rail system is just fine for most all uses and there are loads of M-LOK compatible accessories for them. If you need Picatinny rails for some intended accessories, there are rail sections that you can add to the M-LOK handguard.
  12. TackleberryMCS

    Help me assess My AR

    Gary, personally, I would leave the upper as is. I would replace the Cav Arms lower with a new forged aluminum lower with an A2 stock such as this one from PSA. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-complete-rifle-lower-receiver-a2.html Since the barrel you have does not have a muzzle device, you would not be concerned about adding one. As far as an optic goes, you can mount any scope or optic you desire as long as you use the appropriate mount. Cantilever scope mounts are the best to use, not scope rings. The FSB will not be an issue. Additionally, I would not worry about going with a free-float handguard. If you were to really want to go this route, I would sell the entire upper and buy a new one already set up with a free-float handguard and a barrel with a flash hider (not muzzle brake).
  13. TackleberryMCS

    Are these parts considered a machine gun?

    It is not legal to run a FCG like that unless it is in a registered machinegun lower receiver. It is considered a select-fire FCG. Possession can construe intent to construct a machinegun. I would advise to avoid ownership. The M16 safety selector I used was modified to SP1 specification. That required cutting off the center fin on the selector.
  14. TackleberryMCS

    Anderson Lower Parts Kit with Stainless FCG

    Steve, personally, I cannot bring myself to purchase anything by Anderson Manufacturing. I will buy PSA lower parts all day long as I know they work for me. I am curious as to how these parts, especially the trigger, will work for you.
  15. TackleberryMCS

    Too many ARs ???

    I will say this. Several years ago, when I was no longer working, I had no income for a few months. Bills had to be paid. At the time, I had 175 firearms and 81 of them were 1911s, nearly 50 of them were ARs, and a few were AKs. I had to decide what I was willing to let go. Those that had the least importance went first. That was mostly 1911s. A few AKs went next followed by several ARs. I do regret having to sell them, but paying bills and a mortgage were priorities. Fortunately, I was able to get an income and that stabilized the liquidation process. I eventually sold a few more things and whittled the collection down to around 80 firearms. Now, I am back to 93. It was hard to let go of stuff I was very proud to own. Some pieces were hard to get. It took a while to recover from letting so many firearms go, but I made it. Nowadays, since I have simplified the collection, it would be very hard to let go of something.