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  1. TackleberryMCS

    Source for Post Ban A2 FSB (F marked /no Bayo lug)

    For a XM177E2 build, what you actually need is this (https://www.fulton-armory.com/front-sight-base-forged-w-bayo-lug-625-for-early-pencil-barrel.aspx). It is a non-F marked .625" FSB. All you need to do is take a Dremel tool with a cut-off wheel and remove the bayonet lug. F marked FSBs are designed for flat-top upper receivers. You can touch up the area with Alumi-Black (https://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/metal-prep-coloring/blackening-browning/aluminum-black-prod4941.aspx). Additionally, here is the front sight kit you will need unless you already have them. https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/sights/front-sights/ar-15-a1-front-sight-base-kit-prod86561.aspx?avad=avant&aid=41227&cm_mmc=affiliate-_-Itwine-_-Avantlink-_-Custom+Link&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=Avantlink&utm_content=NA&utm_campaign=Itwine
  2. TackleberryMCS

    Rear takedown pin threaded?

    Note: when using the set screw, you will need to trim a small bit off of the detent spring in order for it to work properly. Usually, it is the amount equal to the length of the set screw.
  3. TackleberryMCS

    AR15 Picture Topic Part IV

    adamr19745, this is excellent advice. I was going to recommend the same thing. You DO NOT want to bridge scope mounts over the handguard and receiver rails. It is different if you are running a monolithic upper where the handguard and receiver are all one piece. As bamashooter pointed out, there are many cantilever mounts available. Currently, LaRue Tactical has their LT-204 C.A.N. QD SPR Mount for $99 plus an additional $39.99 for the rings (30mm, 34mm, 35mm, and 1"). This is the best deal going right now for a high quality mount. I recently mounted one on one of my latest builds. You scope is fine. It is just that it needs to be mounted and positioned correctly. In regard to the handguard, I highly recommend looking at the Combat Rail handguard offered by Midwest Industries. They are of really good quality and are reasonably priced. The one you have is way to short as it should cover the gas tube entirely. The 12.625", 14", or 15" would be ideal. The AR I posted above has the 14" version. https://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/category-s/518.htm Lastly, we are just trying to help out. Do not take the criticism as being anything other than constructive. We want everyone to have a correctly setup AR so that it functional and performs 100%.
  4. TackleberryMCS

    My New Colt M4A1 SOCOM

    Congrats on your new Colt M4A1. They are good looking carbines. The EOTech was a good choice for an optic. I am glad to see that Colt is using the 14.5" SOCOM barrel (w/ a pinned and welded extended A2 FH) and not the 16" barrel version. The price is really close to the FN 15® Military Collector M4.
  5. TackleberryMCS

    Forward Grip

    Take a look at these. I have used the Shift™ short angled grip before. I like it, but the Shift™ fore-end vertical grip may be better for you. https://fortismfg.com/grips/keymod
  6. TackleberryMCS

    Forward Grip

    Chris, have you considered using something more like an angled forend grip or a handstop? I have come to like these better than VFGs. With these types of grips, you are supporting the weapon with your entire hand by using the palm. It is optional as to whether you want the thumb to wrap over the handguard or along side it. Here is one of my ARs with a BCMGUNFIGHTER KAG. Here is another with a simple SLR Rifleworks Handstop Mod 2. There are other choices that are similar in function.
  7. TackleberryMCS

    Bushnell TRS 25

    John, I do not think that is the case. The way I see it is, companies like Primary Arms, VORTEX, and HOLOSUN have stepped up their game in order to compete the likes of Aimpoint, EOTech, Leupold, and others. They are trying to offer reasonably priced optics and scopes as alternatives to the higher priced equivalents. VORTEX and Primary Arms are now offering some high-end scopes at competitive prices that compete with some of the higher priced name-brand options. Unfortunately, there many cheap foreign-made knock-offs that are not worth a plug nickel. People need to discern which optics are of good quality and have good quality glass. Personally, I have no issue with Primary Arms, VORTEX, or HOLOSUN optics. SIG SAUER optics fall right in with these as well. I do not see what constitutes SIG SAUER's higher pricing when compared to the VORTEX and HOLOSUN equivalents unless they are wanting more because if the SIG SAUER name on them.
  8. TackleberryMCS

    Bushnell TRS 25

    Here you go John. https://palmettostatearmory.com/holosun-micro-sight-dot-reticle-with-shake-awake-hs403gl.html I have one of these on a build of mine. I really like it.
  9. TackleberryMCS

    First Ever AR and Build

    DO NOT polish the feedramps.
  10. TackleberryMCS

    Quick loader

    Never used one and never had the need. The way I see it, you have to load the loaders one round at a time, so why not go ahead and load your magazines and eliminate a step. I guess that since I have been loading AR magazines by hand for years, I have come accustomed to doing it by hand and have gotten fairly proficient at it. Even when I was in the service, only a few times did I ever use stripper clips and a spoon feeder.
  11. TackleberryMCS

    Red dot sights

    There is a difference between a cheap optic and an inexpensive one. It is a matter of knowing what makes that difference. I have been using optics/scopes on many of my ARs since 2004. I have an EOTech, Aimpoints, a Leupold, and Trijicons, but I also have, or have had, a Barska, Milletts, Primary Arms, VORTEXs, and HOLOSUN optics. I will only buy what I know will be worthwhile and of good quality. I have yet to be let down. Also, as was mentioned, it is good to have a set of BUISs on an AR in the event your optic ever fails for some reason. I have them on al of my ARs with optics. As for a mount, it is personal choice as to whether you prefer an absolute or lower 1/3rd co-witness. I have both types. It all depends on where you want your iron sights to appear in the optic lens.
  12. TackleberryMCS

    Red dot sights

    Take a look at the red-dots from VORTEX, HOLOSUN, SIG SAUER, and PRIMARY ARMS. They are bargain priced god quality optics. https://www.primaryarms.com/Brand+Holosun,Primary-Arms,Sig-Sauer,Vortex-Optics/MCategories+Red-Dot-Sights Personally, I am using the VORTEX SPARC AR on a couple my weapons. I have a HOLOSUN Paralow HS403A Red Dot Sight (2 MOA) on one of them. I have used the Primary Arms optics a few times over the years and have been very pleased with them. The VORTEX Strikefire II is a good option as is the Primary Arms Advanced 30MM Red Dot. VORTEX SPARC AR HOLOSUN Paralow HS403A Red Dot Sight (2 MOA) If you go the Strikefire II or Primary Arms Advanced 30mm route, I recommend getting the American Defense Quick Detach 30mm Aimpoint Mount (Absolute) or the American Defense Quick Detach 30mm Aimpoint Mount (Lower 1/3 Cowitness). https://www.primaryarms.com/american-defense-30mm-aimpoint-mount-absolute-ad-68-standard https://www.primaryarms.com/american-defense-30mm-aimpoint-mount-lower-1-3rd-ad-68-h
  13. I agree John. The MBT-2S needs to be in your inventory, maybe even two of them. The RA SST is a fantastic lightweight single stage trigger. I have one myself that I bought some time back. I had it in one of my ARs, but swapped it out for a CMC flat trigger. That worked better with that particular AR. I also have two MBT-2S sitting and waiting for donors.
  14. Rise Armament Super Sporting Trigger on sale at Brownells for $79.99. This is a very nice trigger. https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/triggers-parts/triggers/ar-15-super-sport-trigger-prod109431.aspx
  15. TackleberryMCS

    Proposed first AR - possibly build?

    For the trigger, The LaRue Tactical MBT-2S is a great choice for a 2-stage trigger, not to mention that they are only $87 right (until December). I have several of these and they work very well. I prefer them over the Geissele SSA and SSA-E which are more than twice the price. https://www.larue.com/products/larue-tactical-mbt-2s-trigger/ I will add that not all single stage trigger have a hard break. There are several drop-in single stage triggers available that have trigger pull weights from 2.5 - 4.5 lbs. I had one from Elftmann Tactical that was right at 2.5 lbs. and it was sweet. It is also a $260-$280 trigger. CMC makes some nice drop-in single stage trigger for right around $130-$180. Rise Armament has their RA-140 SST single stage for around $125-$130. As I said, there are lots of choices. Here is a link for several trigger choices. https://www.primaryarms.com/Brand+CMC-Triggers,Elftmann,Geissele-Automatics,Rise-Armament?keywords=triggers