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  1. TackleberryMCS

    To Wylde or Not To Wylde ?

    For the purpose you have described, stick with a 5.56 NATO chamber and a 1/7 twist barrel. A .223 Wylde chambered 1/8 twist barrel is ideal for precision shooting and for using a wide variety of ammo for precision shooting, but it is wasted on a general purpose AR. As far as wanting to use the Speer .223 Remington 64 Grain Gold Dot Soft Point Law Enforcement Duty Ammo, you need to make sure than any barrel you use has a gas port that is properly sized for running .223 REM ammo. Some .223 REM ammo can cause short stroking if the gas port is too large as most are sized for running 5.56 NATO spec ammo.
  2. TackleberryMCS

    AR Prices. How low can they go?

    The LaRue Tactical LAT. https://www.larue.com/category/parts-accessories/handguards/handguards-ar15/
  3. TackleberryMCS

    AR Prices. How low can they go?

    You cannot bank on what a custom built AR will be worth years from now. Too many factors come into play. If you spend $600 on a build, you may be lucky to get your money back, maybe make a few dollars, or you may lose a couple hundred. There is no way to know. I see several guys buying up some Colt ARs in hopes that another buying frenzy will occur. They are taking a risk, but they can almost be assured to at least get their money back. If someone wants to invest in firearms, they are better off putting their money into older (pre-ban) Colts or even some Colt 6920s if they can buy them for less than $900. Home builds are a total crap-shoot. I have sold a few of mine when I needed some big cash and I was able to get my money back. That was when the market was still strong and that is what will need to happen again. Right now, people are lucky to get anything near what they put into a home build. My advise, do not build up an AR for investment purposes. Build it up if you want to have another AR or two in the house. If the market gets strong again and a new buying frenzy appears on the horizon, you may have the opportunity to sell an AR or two and maybe make a little money. Personally, I believe that you would be better off investing your money in safer things like IRAs or some stocks, or stick it in savings and let it grow.
  4. TackleberryMCS

    AR Prices. How low can they go?

    When it comes to good quality free-float handguards, one does not have to spend $300-$400 on them. LaRue Tactical has their LAT (M-LOK) and SAT (slickside) handguards which are priced at a mere $10 per inch. I bought a 13.2" for $132. It is solid like a rock. Even their 13.2" Picatinny quad rail handguard is priced at $230. I do not recall if LaRue Tactical uses 6061 or 7075-T6 aluminum for their handguards. Either way, they are stout and of exceptional quality. Midwest Industries has many of their free-float handguards priced below $200. They are made from 6061 aluminum and are of really good quality. I have been buying Midwest Industries handguards for many years. In lieu of this info, there are very affordable high quality handguards available for less then $200. There are other high quality handguards that are priced less than $300 like those from SLR Rifleworks, BCM, and several others.
  5. TackleberryMCS

    AR Prices. How low can they go?

    John, I have the mindset to only buy products I am familiar with or those of which I have done my research on. In 15 years of building, I have used a lot of different manufacturer's products. I have also read about parts that worked and those that did not. For the most part, I try to stick with American-made products. There are some optics that are exceptions. When it comes to free-float handguards, I only use those that have a good reputation and I will spend good money for them. The same goes for barrels and several other products. On barrels, you have to ascertain as to what is quality and what is not. You have to consider the manufacturer and not just the specs on the barrel. As far as the chrome-lined vs. Nitride issue, Nitrided barrels are viable options these days, but you also have to consider the type of use and abuse to which the barrel will be subjected. Hard use and a lot of rounds, I prefer chrome-lined. For plinking, range, and HD, Nitride is fine. You also have to consider barrel material. There is 4140 CMV, 4150 CMV, MIL-B-11595E, 410 stainless steel, 416 and 416R stainless steel, and machinegun steel (41V45 steel Chrome Moly Vanadium). You have to know the properties of each to know which material will better suit your needs. As far a lubricity, a Nitride treated BCG would require less lubricant as it provides a slightly slicker surface than that of chrome lining. Much goes the same for NiB BCGs and other NiB treated products. All in all, it all depends on what a person wants/needs and is wiling to pay in order to achieve the quality and performance they are looking for.
  6. TackleberryMCS

    AR Prices. How low can they go?

    I will say this, I have two complete lower assemblies right now waiting for me to attach upper assemblies. That will happen when I have more funds and decide on what kinds of upper assemblies to build. As far as trying to recoop the cost of lowers (stripped or complete) in the future is a crap-shoot. Right now, some lowers can be had for less than $40. Primary Arms ran a sale a couple weeks ago with Anderson Mfg. lowers for $29.99. I am sure that a lot of guys snagged a few of them. Personally, I do not buy or build anything with the intention of selling it in the future, especially to make a profit. I sold a couple ARs outside a gun show during the Obama era for what I had in them. Inside, they were selling cheaper-made ARs for the same price I sold my completely outfitted ARs for. I also included a tactical rifle case and 10 rounds of ammo. I do not believe in trying to make a killing off an unfortunate situation, nor taking advantage of uneducated and desperate buyers. The way I see it, you buy and build ARs because you like them and want to keep them around in the event they are needed someday. If you feel the need to sell some, then sell them for a reasonable value and help someone out and not rake them over the coals. My ARs are not for investments. I own some older Colts that I preserve because they were made back when Colt meant something. Could I turn a profit on them? I could in the right kind of market. Will I sell them? Not any time soon. I will only sell them if I ever get into dire circumstances and need money. Besides, I would sell off some of my other ARs before I would sell my Colts. As far as your lowers are concerned, build them up because you want too. A stripped lower is no good unless it is part of a complete and fully operational rifle. I will advise to build them up wisely with an intent purpose for the AR. DO not concern yourself with building something in order to sell it later on.
  7. TackleberryMCS

    AR Prices. How low can they go?

    I would imagine that with the volume of sales that PSA has, they buy in bulk and can sell their products for less than most. It also helps when they have some products made in their area and can avoid shipping costs whenever possible. This helps to lower the prices as well. PSA caters to a wide variety of customers who have varying needs and budgets. This is the appeal they have to many buyers. Also, you find very few vendors that run as many sales specials as PSA. Many of these products are well-known name brands and are of good quality. As far as the low prices on ARs, this may last as long as President Trump is in office and the Senate is still under Republican control. Once the tables turn and Dummycrats take over and/or threaten to ban certain firearms and accessories, you may very well see prices skyrocket to levels they were under Obama and when Hillary was running for President.
  8. TackleberryMCS

    AR15 Picture Topic Part IV

  9. TackleberryMCS

    WTB handguard

    Well, I am glad I went through this entire thread. I was going to respond to the OP, but changed my mind the more I read. Abraham Lincoln said it best, "You can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time". There is always going to be someone that makes it difficult on themselves and others that try to help. When someone wants to circumvent the rules instead of following them, there is no tolerance for that type.
  10. TackleberryMCS

    New build in the works

    Got out to the range this morning to test out the new M4A1 Block II clone and sight in the EOTech 553. I could not be happier with how the Block II performed. The BCM SOPMOD barrel is as accurate as I expected which is saying a lot. I have never been disappointed with the BCM barrels I have.
  11. TackleberryMCS

    ISO carbine sights

    Are you doing a HD carbine or more like a SHTF carbine? The reason I ask is that in a HD situation, especially 15 yards, you are not really going to be sighting a carbine at such short range. It is more of a point and shoot scenario. For a HD carbine, a simple red-dot optic is ideal. Typically, iron sights are used as back-up sights in the event an optic fails. Personally, for a rear sight, I want a peep-type sight. Besides, in a reactive situation, you are going to see the front sight more that you will the rear. There are a few sights I would recommend that are reasonably priced. https://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/Combat-Rifle-Sight-Set-p/mi-crs-set.htm https://aimsurplus.com/troy-industries-folding-battle-sight-combo https://www.primaryarms.com/magpul-mbus-gen-2-flip-up-front-and-rear-sight-set-kit-mp-polysight
  12. TackleberryMCS

    New build in the works

    Well, here it is, finally.
  13. TackleberryMCS

    New build in the works

    More progress on my Block II. The Surefire DS-SR07 (tan) with came in today. The UID sticker came in Saturday. Brownells has shipped the KAC sights. The KAC sight are due to arrive next Monday. Also, just got word from JT and my upper assembly has shipped. SAW said the Colt RE will ship out today.
  14. TackleberryMCS

    New build in the works

    John Thomas now has the upper assembly. I received the Surefire M300C weaponlight today and ordered the DS-SR07 switch pad and it has shipped already. Still waiting for the Colt M4/M4A1 4-pos. buffer tube to ship from SAW. Hopefully, if all goes well, I should have this together, except for the KAC sights, late next week.
  15. TackleberryMCS

    A2 Clone Builders

    The small part is for the takedown detent hole to hole the spring and detent in place. The part with the smooth section is for the bolt catch hole. The larger piece is not really required. It is for adjusting the fitment between the lower and upper if need be by elevating the rear of the receiver below the rear lug.