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  1. TackleberryMCS

    Gun Vises

    Amen. I have never used a vise or any other device to clean any AR I own. Never had to and never will.
  2. TackleberryMCS

    Gun Vises

    I have a bench-mounted vise like this one. Lowes has a good selection of bench vises. That is where I bought mine. I use a MAGPUL BEV Block as it can be use with the upper and lower receivers. In the lower, it fits like a magazine would. It works very well. https://www.primaryarms.com/magpul-ar15-bev-block
  3. TackleberryMCS

    Charging Handle Damage?

    This.^^^^ The CH is out of spec. I have had this happen myself, but I did a little work on the CH and made it work. It was not worth sending it back. In your case, I would definitely send it back.
  4. TackleberryMCS

    New to ARs

    As a well-seasoned AR owner and builder, if I were given the choice of the DDM4V7 and the Armalite M-15 Tactical, I would put my money in the DD, even if I had to spend a little more. The DDM4V7, fortunately or unfortunately, does not come with BUISs like the Armalite M15 Tactical (MAGPUL MBUSs) does, but that would not be a deal breaker as I would want to buy some higher quality metal BUISs like the MAGPUL MBUS PROs or Midwest industries Combat Rifle Sights. With either one you choose, you need to top it with a good quality optic (does not have to be expensive) whether a red-dot or LPVO.
  5. TackleberryMCS

    Spare parts to have around

    The various detents and springs are good to have on hand. Also, a spare bolt and gas rings are good to have. I try to keep a variety of upper and lower assembly parts on hand at all times. You never know when you may do another build or if someone else may need a part. Having the proper tools is essential.
  6. TackleberryMCS


    I hope that it works for you. CBC does not have a good track record. Personally, I wish you would have asked around before you ordered. I would have suggested not to have ordered it.
  7. TackleberryMCS

    18" or 14.5" SPR

    Personally, I would leave the 18" SPR as is. You are not going have any real benefits going to a 14.5" barrel. Since you are looking at doing a pistol build, put your funds and attention towards it.
  8. TackleberryMCS

    Selector detent - 80% lower issue?

    Before doing any more drilling, I would suggest to make sure that the proper spring is being used. It should be the one that is a tad longer with heavier coils.
  9. TackleberryMCS

    Bipod recommendations

    It does.
  10. TackleberryMCS

    Bipod recommendations

    I do like the MAGPUL. The bipod has the M-LOK mount built into it. There is no adapter like you would need with a Harris.
  11. TackleberryMCS

    Bipod recommendations

    With the Harris bipods, you need an adapter to mount to the M-LOK rail. With the MAGPUL, you do not. I have an AR with a Harris and a MAGPUL M-LOK bipod adapter, but I prefer the MAGPUL M-LOK bipod. It is easier and simpler to mount and lighter to boot. It is also easy to use. Here is the AR with the Harris and M-LOK bipod adapter.
  12. TackleberryMCS

    Bipod recommendations

    MAGPUL M-LOK bipod. https://magpul.com/magpul-bipod-for-m-lok.html?mp_global_color=118 I have one on this AR.
  13. TackleberryMCS

    Looking for a barrel...

    Since this is to be a machinegun, you want an HBAR 20" barrel. The drawback to a heavier profile is that it will take longer to cool down. FYI, even the M16A1, with its pencil profile barrel, was a fully automatic weapon as were all of the early M16s (prior to the M16A2 series and the introduction of the 3-round BURST function). A Government profile barrel (A2 profile) is fine for high sustained rate of fire, but you still should limit the amount of rounds in succession. As for dwell time, here is a good article explaining it. You really want a 20" barrel with a rifle-length gas system or an 18" barrel with a mid-length gas system. http://www.thearguide.com/2017/04/dwell-time-what-it-is-and-why-it-matters.html
  14. TackleberryMCS

    Looking for a barrel...

    Read the description. It states, "With its more than 100-year legacy of exceptional barrel manufacturing, FNH USA has long perfected the cold hammer forging process to ensure accuracy and durability. These AR-15/M16 barrels are hammer forged using the same proprietary high-grade Chrome Moly Venadium steel used in FN’s venerable machinegun barrels produced to handle the punishment of sustained fully-automatic fire. After forging, each barrel is Magnetic Particle tested to ensure that it is free of micro-stresses or flaws, resulting in consistency and quality in every barrel shipped from the factory. The bore and chamber are chrome lined to help resist corrosion and provide resistance to heat erosion which greatly improves barrel life and reliable chambering/extraction. "
  15. TackleberryMCS

    Looking for a barrel...

    I doubt very seriously that you will find a 20" barrel with a mid-length gas system. You may find an 18". Why a CL, CHF, and 20" mid-length barrel? A 20" barrel with a rifle-length gas system shoots very smooth. Brownells has a FN 20" CHF Government Rifle, 5.56x45mm 1:7 RH Twist barrel (w/o FSB). https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/barrel-parts/rifle-barrels/20-chf-government-rifle-5-56x45mm-1-7-rh-twist-sku100700164-71548-154248.aspx?sku=100700164 Windham Weaponry has a 20" 1/7 rifle-length gas barrel w/ FSB, but it is not CHF. It has button rifling. https://shop.windhamweaponry.com/product/ba20gvt-7/