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  1. TackleberryMCS

    Help need customize my new AR-15

    My advice, install an ambidextrous safety, ambidextrous magazine release, possibly a MAGPUL B.A.D. lever, and call it a day. Other than buying a left-side discharge upper receiver and installing it (which requires the whole upper assembly to be disassembled), there is not much else you can do. They do make brass deflectors that mount to flat-top receivers and that may help prevent getting brass casings in your face it that is an issue. https://shop.windhamweaponry.com/product/brassdeflector-ft/
  2. TackleberryMCS

    AR15 Magazine question

    I make it a practice to ONLY buy good quality magazines from well-known manufacturers. Personally, I use MAGPUL PMAGs, Lancers, Troy Battlemags, and USGI metal magazines. I know these work. HexMags,, from what I have read, are good to go as well. Even the MFT polymer magazines appear to be working well. I have never been a fan of CAA products. They are not known for being really good quality products and are cheap for a reason. I would not worry about taking the spring out of these magazines and stretching it. Either magazines work from the factory or they do not. As for magazines being stored, I have most of mine stored full (about 200 of them), but I do have several spares (about 30) that are empty. If the magazines are going to be used for a home defense/SHTF weapon, then keep them fully loaded and ready to go. For range use, it is okay to keep some empty.
  3. TackleberryMCS

    Trigger springs

    If you are looking for a cure to your "mil-spec" type triggers, I recommend changing them out with one of the following: ALG ACT BCM PNT PSA EPT These have the proper surface smoothing and are treated with either Nickel Boron, Nickel Teflon, or both in order to enhance surface hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance and also create favorable tribological properties of the trigger components. Personally, I prefer the ALG ACT and it now comes with the purple reduced power hammer spring as well as a full power hammer spring. The BCM and the PSA triggers are good options as well. The BCM cost a little more in most cases.
  4. TackleberryMCS

    New guy building a rifle 2.0

    Glad to hear. You may want to pick up a 20-round magazine for sighting-in purposes. I prefer them when doing so. Now, just get some trigger time in and get used to positioning the sandbags a bit better.
  5. TackleberryMCS

    Barrel length

    If you are wanting to have some really good accuracy, spend good money on a good barrel. Here are a couple recommendations I would take a look at. Compass Lake Engineering Douglas Barrel - Match Rifle (20'-26") http://www.compasslake.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=61&products_id=335 Compass Lake Engineering Douglas Barrel - SPR/MK12 17.9" with Rifle Gas http://www.compasslake.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=61&products_id=336 Both of these barrels are available in 1/7 or 1/8 twist with CLE Match chamber or .223 Wylde chamber. You also have a choice in finishes as well as an option to have the barrel fluted and getting a Match bolt. Personally, I have one of the Compass Lake Engineering 16.1" Recon Douglas Barrels (1:8 twist w/ mid-length gas system, .223 Wylde chamber, and a CLE match bolt). I have been able to cloverleaf three rounds at 100 yards using a VORTEX Strike Eagle. I will say that with your current AR carbine, you should still be able to hit targets at 300 yards with a good scope and the right ammo. That said, it you really want to build another AR for long distance shooting, I highly support that. As far as an red-dot or holographic optic goes for the carbine, look into some of the offerings from HOLOSUN, Primary Arms, VORTEX, and SIG SAUER. You can spend a bit more money and jump into the Trijicon MRO, EOTechs, Aimpoints (ACO and PRO), as well as a few others.
  6. TackleberryMCS

    Next build is underway * Initial pics posted*

    Finished product.
  7. TackleberryMCS

    contacting LaRue tactical

    Usually, I have had no problems calling them. On the MBTs, it is taking 2-3 weeks for delivery as they are swamped with orders for them.
  8. TackleberryMCS

    Make your own lower parts kit.

  9. TackleberryMCS

    Barrel length

    As far as barrel lengths go in relation to accuracy and purpose, the 16" barrel, as was said, is a compromise. For accuracy with .223 REM and 5.56 NATO ammo, much of it has to do with barrel length, twist, and chambering as well as the ammo itself. In my opinion (based on experience), for better accuracy, an 18" or 20" barrel with a 1/8 twist would be optimal using ammo that is 62 gr. and higher. A 16" barrel can be very accurate (out to a certain distance) depending on what it is made from, who made it, how it is chambered, and what twist it has. Not all barrels are made the same and many are designed for different purposes. You mention that this AR would be primarily for range use. What distances are you talking about? What kind of accuracy are you expecting? What kind of ammo are you intending to use? There are a lot of factors that can determine whether a 16" barrel, or any barrel for that matter, is optimal for a specific purpose.
  10. TackleberryMCS

    Next build is underway * Initial pics posted*

    The LaRue Tactical LT839 MRO mount arrived this afternoon. Tuesday, the MRO arrives. Almost complete.
  11. TackleberryMCS

    Make your own lower parts kit.

    I usually go to PSA, Primary Arms, Windham Weaponry, or CORE15 and order all of the small individual parts I need. I like to buy them in quantity.
  12. TackleberryMCS

    Anderson Lowers $39.99

    Personally, I would spend $10 more for the PSA. Never had an issue with these. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-ar-15-lower-safe-fire-1728.html
  13. TackleberryMCS

    Next build is underway * Initial pics posted*

    Here are the pics. The MRO mount arrives Saturday. I just received the tracking number on the MRO. It may arrive Monday or Tuesday.
  14. TackleberryMCS

    Next build is underway * Initial pics posted*

    I had to make a few changes to day. The Trijicon MRO/LT839 mount combo I originally ordered from LaRue Tactical ($440) went south. They have no idea as to when they will be receiving any MROs from Trijicon. In lieu of this, I cancelled the order for the MRO and the Surefire 5.56 3SP Eliminator FH, but kept the LT839 mount on the order. I, then, ordered the MRO (no mount) from PSA for $349.99 shipped. I also ordered a BCM BCMGUNFIGHTER Compensator Mod 0 from Primary Arms to replace the Surefire. The LAT handguard arrives Thursday. Hopefully, I will have the MRO Friday or Saturday. The LT839 mount should ship tomorrow or Thursday. Most likely, the BCM BCMGUNFIGHTER Compensator Mod 0 will ship around the same time. At least when the handguard comes in, I can get the upper assembly done with the exception of the FH. I would love to have this complete by next Tuesday.
  15. TackleberryMCS

    Next build is underway * Initial pics posted*

    The LAT handguard is no longer backordered. I received the tracking number for it today. Should have it in a few days.