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  1. lurineener

    Blackheart and Adams Arms

    The little I've heard of the blems seems to be consistent, and that's what I'm leaning toward. From what I can tell, it's the blem of the Carbine Base Rifle and the specs has the bolt carrier as a 1 piece, but nothing about material or if it has lifecoat or not. Any info beyond what's listed in specs?
  2. I'm looking for feedback on a couple manufacturers. Both companies have guns that, at least on paper, look good, but I'm having a hard time finding reviews and feedback. Adams Arms are well-known for their piston systems, but what about their complete ARs? Blackheart has some really neat features, but I'm finding so little about them that I can't figure out if they're more a hidden gem, or if the lack of feedback is a reflection of disinterest in their guns. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks.