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  1. U.S. firearms and munitions imports boom in 2020 - you'll be surprised by the actual numbers of what ammo is imported from where. In 2020, Russian ammo made up 22% of imported ammo. (Russian imports - 765,487,845 / total imported 3,455,273,118 = 22.2%) Sure, it sucks that this is happening but the sky isn't falling. Others will up their numbers to fill the void.
  2. Russian ammo does not equate to 40% of ammo purchases - more like 18-20%.
  3. Macallan 18 - would love some 35 but it's out of my price range.
  4. Can you say Divorce?! 50-50 baby!
  5. I've got one of their uppers. It's OK - not great but for the price it's pretty good. If you can afford it, you will be happier with a PSA upper.
  6. I don't post a lot but I do skim all topics several times a day. Is it just me or does the tone of the armory seem to have changed the last few days? I don't know if it's because everyone is stuck at home or what, but it does seem like there's an awful lot of pent-up anger in the posts I am reading. I really enjoy the back and forth and I will jump in every now and then, I am more of a lurker. I believe there are some truly great people on here. Good luck to all and stay safe!
  7. I have several PSA and one CBC uppers. The quality of PSA is considerably better. Save yourself the worry and just buy a PSA upper. Good luck with your build!
  8. That's cool! What a great way to give back.
  9. Run that sucker wet until it's broke in.
  10. He lives in a fantasy world where he's getting it on with Hilary.
  11. John, I know you are looking for a 9mm but have you looked at the Browning 1911-380? My wife got one when they first came out and she absolutely loves it. She has the original 4 1/4 barrel but Browning now makes the compact 3 5/8 barrel. It's lightweight and easy to carry. Before this, my wife never really liked to train because she would get tired. Now, she loves to train and most importantly, she carries it with her all the time. I wish Browning would make a 9mm version as they are so smooth and accurate, I don't think they could make them fast enough to keep up with demand. Anyhow, just wanted to let you know it's out there and worth looking at.
  12. Get the DD. It's one that you have always wanted and you won't regret it. My 2 cents.
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