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  1. I thought of this image when I read the thread title...
  2. Thanks, guys! Unfortunately, this year the naked fire-dancers got a little too close to the hot-tub full of grain alcohol and the pyrotechnics were a bit more powerful than planned. Add to this the fact that my 'middle-of-nowhere' party just happened to be right atop an incipient sink-hole and...damn.
  3. Keep this kid away from the welding rig...
  4. Checks pockets: Nope, zero frells to give. I'd rather watch paint dry or grass grow(especially where I've re-seeded out back).
  5. Hope you're able to get a handle on it. I was usually pretty careful about hearing protection around aircraft, firearms and motorcycles, but listened to too much loud live music in my mis-spent youth. For me, it's kind of like the old "The Outer Limits" side-tone.
  6. Must've read Dean Ing's "Spooker" recently...
  7. Even when we're all here we're not all there. Wait... Been binge-watching (and reading) "The Expanse", myself.
  8. My first though was "What's she got there? Some cartoony toy revolver? Stand by for all hell to break loose..."
  9. You're just going through a phase: counseling from ELI the ICE man may help you figure out what's watt.
  10. Let's put this into perspective a bit: some folks maintain that 'birdshot is for birds'. That sounds reasonable, but I can think of a couple big, dangerous birds that would rate buckshot like Ostrich & Cassowaries.
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