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  1. Man, I am getting into customizing my DPMS Oracle AR-15! Here is the MAGPUL CTR (Combat / Type Restricted) Stock I ordered for it; MAGPUL CTR Stock is on the AR, the original DPMS stock is under it.... The difference between these two stocks is like night and day! I ordered the MAGPUL CTR because 1.) of it's price; and 2.) for it's capability to "lock" the stock into position by pulling up on the Lock Latch. To unlock it, depress the Release Latch which activates the Release Pin.
  2. A handguard for a DPMS Oracle AR-12 that has a dual rail on the top and the bottom of the handguard? I'm not planning on hanging a ton of accessories on my Oracle, but I would like to find a handguard that does have rails on the top and bottom. I would go with a Quad Rail handguard if I can get covers for it. I think it takes a 6.5" handguard. Thanks for any advice / recommendations.
  3. The Houge Pistol Grip was in the mail this morning, so the switch is NOW COMPLETE: If you have a DPMS Oracle AR-15, this is one upgrade I highly recommend. The Houge has a "fuller" feel in the hand and the finger groves are like Frosted Flakes - They're GREAT!!
  4. Well, I finally got it figured out about how to remove the Pistol Grip from my DPMS Oracle AR-15 - it took a 3/16" T-Handle Hex Key Wrench to do the trick. I got up this morning and decided to give it another go and went up a little bit bigger than the 5/32" Hex Key and the 3/16 " worked. So.... Anyone Wanting To Remove A DPMS Oracle AR-15 Pistol Grip Needs to Use a 3/16" Hex Key! Thanks for all the advice and input on my Newbie Problem Guys!!
  5. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I altready knew about the Safety Spring....and it seems to be a negative on the 5/32" Allen Wrench to use on this tap - there's nothing for it to catch on on the inside or outside of the nut as it is "smooth" on the inside and outside - a 5/32" Allen Wrench just spins without loosing it. I read somewhere else on the Internet that DPMS was making it harder to accessorize their rifles, and this could be a case? I'm stumped!
  6. Thanks for the replies, Guys! It sure didn't look like an Allen wrench would work, but I'll give it a try
  7. Hey, all, I am new to AR15Armory.com and have just purchased my first AR-15, a DPMA Oracle. I want to replace the Pistol Grip that came on it with a Houge Pistol Grip but I have a question - How do you remove the Pistol Grip that came on it Looking into the Pistol Grip, it looks as if there is no slot, Hex, Flat or Phillips, on the nut holding the Pistol Grip on, and the nut itself looks to be perfectly ROUND with no hex shape to it. Does it take a special tool to remove this nut? Thanks in advance for any insights on this!
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