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  1. The tv news here is saying the city has removed the barricades and is taking capital hill back. Looks like the "summer of love" got too intimate for jenny durkin.
  2. tommag

    Ozzie is a good sherriff

    He wanted to know if I'd witnessed a fight that occurred across the street. Also, the red spot I was referring to was my laser.
  3. tommag

    Equality for All

    Trustyour gut. If it does not feel right, it is not right. if someone comes up to you asking for a light or a cigarette, they have picked you as a target and are often making their final decision whether or not to jump. This is the essence of defensive awareness. We are given this sense of fear for a reason. Always trust your "gut" and either appear strong or shrink into the background to await the proper time to move.
  4. tommag

    Why I carry a knife.

    Recently, I had to swap some freight with a Russian driver. When I pulled out my knife to cut the shrink wrap, he called me a hooligan. I responded with "Well, I have a revolver, but I don't think it would be helpful. "
  5. tommag

    Ozzie is a good sherriff

    I had a Spokane county sheriff's deputy knock on my door tonight. I answered in my skivies with my laser sighted revolver in my hand. Due to arthritis, I can't grip it without activating the laser. As soon as I recognized the uniform I said "Let me put this away." The deputy smiled and said that would be nice. Anyway, at no point did he act defensive. After he quizzed me on the nearby festivities I told him "we dont all hate you." Spokane county SO is a great bunch of guys, even with a red spot on them. Edit to ad. I'm sure the deputy knew everything about me that is in the record before knocking on the door. Otherwise, the red trace would've been reacted to differently. Another edit. At no point did the laser land on the deputy.
  6. tommag

    Having some serious cravings.

    Maybe I have worms or something. I can't seem to get enough chilis. Last nights dinner was a bit hit, but tonight I ate 3 tablespoons of sambal oelek with dinner. Maybe I'm just getting used to normal food after months of truckstop hot case and roller grill stuff. I'm seriously craving hot chilis.
  7. From what I've recently, even Portland is growing tired of their feces. N. E. Portland is similar to south central los Angeles.
  8. While it's purely fantasy, the idea of hitting a molotov cocktail before it's thrown with something over 2400fps would be really fun to watch. In the real world, that's about impossible, but it would sure make for an interesting show.
  9. tommag

    Varmint bullets for defense?

    I'm thinking this bullet might be a good choice for defensive ranges. https://www.sierrabullets.com/product/22-cal-65-gr-sbt-gameking/ Using old data for 63gr sierra and 335, it shows a max speed of 3,000fps in a 20" bbl. Looks like 2750 or so should be about max for the 65gr in a 16" bbl, given a slightly heavier bullet and shorter bbl. Sounds like a reasonable compromise between penetration and energy transfer. I tend to lean towards 335 as I still have a couple of kegs of wcc844.
  10. Yeah, there's a qualifier in the 1st amendment. Something about the right of the people to peaceably assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances. If we applied the same standards used currently on the 1st to the second, we'd be collecting funds for a group buy of icbms.
  11. I remember the guard being deployed during the rodney king riots without ammo. The pukes just laughed at them.
  12. tommag

    Lunch from my garden!

    Dang, those maters look good!
  13. tommag

    Having some serious cravings.

    Now that I'm off the road for an extended period of time, I'm taking care of those cravings. Subway, roller grill and hotcase foods have really gotten old.
  14. I cooked some rice for tomorrow's egg and vegetable fried rice. Bought a serrano pepper that is so hot my fingers are burning and I haven't cut it open yet. I'm going to make broccoli beef with oyster sauce and hot chili. The garlic I bought today is the reddest I've ever seen. I chewed a clove and it's not the hottest I've eaten, but not bad. While broccoli beef and oyster sauce isn't normally a fiery hot dish, it's the way I like it. Maybe a little ginger might be good, not sure yet.