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  1. tommag


    I wish it actually happened in the real world.
  2. tommag

    A2 front site removal question again.

    Well, no deer for her this year. Some things came up and she didn't get much time in the field.
  3. tommag

    Little Videos

  4. tommag

    Yee Haw, that was a ride!

    Big improvement today. Sanded in the important spots and mostly bare after Billings.
  5. tommag

    Yee Haw, that was a ride!

    Dang! Lucky to make it to Hardin, I guess. It was tough getting here!
  6. tommag

    Yee Haw, that was a ride!

    A friend who was 15 miles behind me was going to stop by and mill his own 80% lower saturday shut down because of the ice. No rifles milled this weekend.
  7. tommag

    Yee Haw, that was a ride!

    Anyhoo, I'm safely parked in Hardin, enjoying a bottle of merlot. Winter storm warnings for the next day or so. Hopefully there will be a little sand on the road tomorrow.
  8. tommag

    Yee Haw, that was a ride!

    Yep, pryor creek just before you get to Billings.
  9. tommag

    Yee Haw, that was a ride!

    Crazy head springs is the closest landmark to that grade. 212 between lame deer and Ashland, mt. Not a long grade, but steep.
  10. tommag

    Yee Haw, that was a ride!

    Three years ago, on 212, I couldn't hold it back on wet snow pack coming down crazy head. Every time I touched the brakes I locked up. It's only about three miles, but I was doing 70 at the bottom. That's my max speed there when its dry.
  11. tommag

    Yee Haw, that was a ride!

    Due to freezing rain on us212 today, I took i90 through Wyoming. Unfortunately, it turned into black ice there, too. Three times I changed lanes with no ability to do anything about it. My load is very light, so I had little traction. It was true black ice, so not much warning when it went from wet to frozen. 40 miles into Montana it went back to wet, but the idea of going down the grade to Pryor Creek with freezing rain didn't apeal to me, so I called it a day after only 490 miles. Hopefully it'll be sanded by morning.
  12. Small town in Montana. I don't remember it, I was only 4.
  13. tommag


    Used kitty litter comes to mind.
  14. John, here in Washington, because of an initiative recently passed, low capacity semi autos are already classified as "assault rifles " and require a safety course to purchase. Any rifle that uses part of the energy provided by the cartridge to reload itself is now an "assault rifle". It seems that frogs have a high tolerance for hot water. As far as 23, 39???, and 46 caliber dreams go, I guess he isn't familiar with bullet swaging and case re-forming. The ideas he comes up with remind me of those marijuana inspired "great ideas" that some of us may have had back when...
  15. Another ineffective solution to a nonexistant problem. Like wish2no says, the motives aren't sincere. While they have taxing authority, it seems like the preemption law should be applied here, as it taxes a right enshrined in both the federal and state constitutions.