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  1. A friend of mine promoted a2 mags and was sponsored by them. He never used the ar15 mags in hot climates much, but had a lot of problems with his glock mags in the run and gun competitions. He had to quit using them due to dirt jamming the followers.
  2. I wonder how many didn't bother to change party affiliations but will vote R this time?
  3. No link, but I listened to guntalk today and Tom Grisham was giddy. He feels Clarence Thomas gave us a tool box full of tools in his opinion on the NY case. He figured we could use those tools to get rid of the following: Age restrictions for semi autos. Red flag laws. Magazine capacity restrictions. "Assault weapon" bans. And of course, may issue policies. He had several 2a attorneys on and not one disagreed with him. I have not read the opinions, but it seems Clarence Thomas is an even stronger constitutionalist than I thought he was. Iirc, justice Thomas has usually listened without talking. If that's the case, his diving into this indicates he's very passionate about 2a.
  4. Wow, what a selfish piece of work. Having a child to game the system. I don't care about color, gender, or if she prefers links or patties. That's just wrong!
  5. Pro abortion protesters stamping their feet?
  6. Yep, she's a Republican alright. https://trib.com/news/national/rep-liz-cheney-votes-in-favor-of-sweeping-gun-bill/article_d6ce3fe0-f3e4-11ec-a930-27549cf2ae28.html
  7. Nice clean up on the kinnison commentary, John!
  8. During a discussion with a friend years ago about being grey, I brought up the idea that you can't be grey when the majority are starving. Pretty hard to hide a normal physique when most have skinny arms and legs that make their joints look big.
  9. I'm only arguing semantics here, but I think you misused the term anti federalism. In my mind, federalism means a federation of states rather than an all powerful central government.
  10. We have well respected members here who advocate for more direct action. I don't want to get into that debate. Having said that, imagine what a civil war would look like. It damned sure wouldn't be pretty. The left would have the .gov forces on it's side, but the right would have a well armed citizenry on it's side. I hope I'll never see it, because the outcome will not look like America no matter who wins. I hope I'm wrong, but it appears that such ugliness is inevitable.
  11. I watched a video of the arrestees kneeling on the grass in coure d alene. It struck me that there wasn't a beer belly in the group. It also struck me that after being handcuffed they all still had their masks on. I don't know if they're real or not, but something tells me there's a lot of agents in their number.
  12. The things you have to endure for a job!😁
  13. I broke down this week and had to have an aftermarket sealed hub overnighted. The OEM is a meritor hub and there were none in the US. Meritor is expecting parts from Germany in August so they can build more. And this is a 2000 freightliner with minimal electronics. I can't imagine trying to keep a modern one running. As far as fuel costs, that's hitting all of us hard. Phone work for police, whoda thunk it?
  14. It turned out as good as it could. It's amazing how fast things happen at 60-70 mph. One moment he's beside me, then the next moment he's sideways in front of me.
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