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  1. tommag

    Dicks Dicks itself

    I heard somewhere that lesbians shop at cabelas because they don't like dicks?
  2. tommag

    Mr. Grinch...

    Thank you for posting that. I listened to a bunch of their stuff last night. The singer has a great voice with lots of range. My musical tastes are all over the board, and I seldom get in a rock n roll mood, but these guys are great!
  3. tommag

    Grand baby #2

  4. tommag

    Saw this on another forum, had to share.

    Or maybe something one would hear from sheila Jackson lee?
  5. President Trump has halted all imports from Romania until they figure out what's wrong with their lettuce.
  6. tommag

    Ruger American .243 - $89 at Walmart

    Nothing near me, dang it.
  7. Your link didn't work for me. https://www.foxnews.com/us/harvard-grad-student-told-to-move-out-of-apartment-after-roommates-find-her-legally-owned-firearms-uncomfortable
  8. tommag

    George Bush Sr. Dead

    I think there's a lot to be said for the will to live. So often, after the loss of a spouse, the surviving spouse doesn't last long.
  9. tommag

    George Bush Sr. Dead

    https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/president-george-hw-bush-dead-94/story?id=44866630 Not everyone's favorite president, but R.I.P. President Bush.
  10. tommag

    Is it a boy or a girl??? Don't do this!!

    I've got some midwestern friends who dont realize the fire danger we have out west. One wants to erect a teepee smoker on an outing we're tentatively planning. I had to explain to him what happens in the sagebrush flats when a wind storm comes a long.
  11. tommag

    Little Videos

    I figured she was going to get her clock cleaned. No way would I advance on a hawk, let alone an eagle!
  12. Pepper, if you stumble across a realistic trc 451 in the pile, l'd really like to get it from you. Its probably a rebranded cobra, but I dont know which cobra it would be.
  13. I'm just the opposite. Thirty years ago I amused myself with a ssb cb(trc 451) and a 250 watt linear amp in my truck. Eventually I got bored with it. Last year I started getting interested in radio and got my tech ticket. I'm amazed at all the stuff I didn't know back then. I probably splattered all over the 11 and 10 meter bands. I just ordered a radiowavz 10-6 meter hex beam and have developed a fascination with the magic band. Several months ago, I got some amazing (to me) tropos on 2 meter with 50watts and a homebrew vertical dipole. Until I got my ticket, I honestly believed dx was only possible on am or ssb.
  14. tommag

    Anderson 5th wheel hitches

    I learned a lot from this thread, and thank you two for your input. I bought an almost new Reese 16k hitch for $120 yesterday. That, coupled with a set of rails and brackets for $130 should give me a safe durable hitch. I especially liked learning about using the 4 way pivot for off road and locking it out for the pavement. Usually, I learn these details after I make a purchase. Thanks, guys!