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  1. tommag

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from northern Illinois!
  2. tommag

    The Armory is in mourning.

  3. tommag

    The Armory is in mourning.

    I posted this on QRZ as an sk (silent key)
  4. tommag

    RUAG has screwed over Prime Ammo.

    I hope prime not only prevails, but ends up profiting from this. I dont live in the corporate world, but do interact with it in my business. I saw a big conglomerate destroy all the little health food co ops with various dirty methods 20 years ago. The big conglomerate now owns the entire U.S. market. I used to enjoy doing business with the hippies, but won't have anything to do with the conglomerate. This looks very similar to what happened to a northeastern co op.
  5. tommag

    Happy Tax Day!

    When I was a teenager, I dreamt of earning $30,000 a year. Now, my tax bill is well north of that.
  6. tommag

    Useless fads

    Oh my!!!
  7. tommag

    Useless fads

    How about a lowered hummer with rubber band low profile tires?
  8. tommag

    Microstream usb

    It uses a micro usb plug.
  9. tommag

    Microstream usb

    https://www.opticsplanet.com/streamlight-microstream-usb-black-clampacked-66601.html I bought one of these for myself, and after a week I ordered three more for my kids. No strobe, no adjustable beam, just momentary/250/50 lumens. It's a good light for 50 feet or so. At only 1.2 oz., it sits in my shirt pocket alongside my pen. It takes about 4 hours to charge from fully discharged and lasts for 1.5 hours on high and 3.5 hours on low. I have other flashlights that are more powerful, but this is a handy shirt pocket light.
  10. tommag

    Trump Has His Adversaries In A Tizzy Again

    While reading about this on another forum, it occurred to me that we should urge the president to change several of his stances. If he was to announce he was pro choice, pro open borders, and anti gun it would be fun to watch. Within a month, the wall would be funded, abortion would be outlawed, and the dems would subsidize the purchase of mp5s.
  11. tommag

    Assange arrested in London

    After giving it more thought, I think he will be extradited to the U.S. It would be nice to see some real justice for the powerful served up.
  12. tommag

    Assange arrested in London

    Given that MI6 was involved with the plot to destroy Trump, I'm not so sure the British would cooperate with us.
  13. tommag

    Ants... ugh

    Diatomaceous earth sprinkled where they walk cuts their shell and they dehydrate, iirc.
  14. It would be good to see a list of the offending Republicans instead of a vague reference to them in a video.