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  1. tommag

    Doggonit! It's Monday again!

    My brother let me play with his t bucket hot rod once. I picked up a friend and didn't think about the extra 150 lbs. and its effect on traction. That was the only time I did a wheelie in a car. Luckily, it came down gently. Scared the heck out of me!
  2. tommag

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from Seattle!
  3. https://bearingarms.com/tom-k/2019/06/11/washingtons-1634s-implementation-total-train-wreck/ By design, or just accidental?
  4. tommag

    Iran just torpedoed 2 oil tankers

    I could very well imagine Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates doing a false flag to get us to crush Iran before they get their first nukes ready.
  5. tommag

    It's not Monday...but...

    Firearms for big pests, wasp spray for smaller ones. The yellow jackets seem to think my antenna mast is a nice place to nest in, so I'm always carrying a can when I put my antennas up.
  6. tommag

    Good Morning!

    Good morning
  7. tommag

    I didn't reproduce day

    This councilman wants a special day to pat him on the butt for not having children. What an idiot! Since the earth is overpopulated, he could go one step further in controlling population growth, but I doubt he's that committed to his beliefs. https://mynorthwest.com/1414025/bainbridge-didnt-reproduce-day/
  8. Academia has gone completely nuts.
  9. tommag

    Firearms distributor filed for bankruptcy

    It looks like there's more to the story. Wellspring looks like a corporate raider, according to this. https://www.thestate.com/news/business/article231381818.html I just looked at Terry's link, he beat me to it
  10. tommag

    OSHA inspector had a stroke.

    Feminists might be offended by the third prong.
  11. tommag

    Um double check before posting.

    Amazon is selling women? I was excited about the prospect, but then realized I couldn't afford one if she was free.
  12. I wonder how the employee reacts when his clothes come out of the dryer inside out?
  13. Thanks, I needed that this morning. That's hilarious!
  14. tommag

    Flood plains

    It was in the barberton neighborhood near Vancouver Washington.