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  1. tommag


    After all these years, it just dawned on me that there might have been a good reason for Jim and Tammy Fae Baker's opulent dog house!
  2. tommag

    Brain Dead Bureaucrats in California.

    A couple of things I've observed since getting my license. There are a lot of hams that are eager to help during emergencies and special events. In my area, there is a group that trains weekly for these events. There is also an abundance of technical expertise and tower climbers in their ranks. Why would they not be considered a great resource to have around?
  3. tommag

    Hey towtruck!

    Or any other norcal residents. A place I used to stop at when I went through California. Hands down, the finest birria north of the border! El jaliscience in Arbuckle California. https://www.google.com/maps/place/El+Jalisciense+Mexican+Grill,+301+5th+St,+Arbuckle,+CA+95912/@39.0179618,-122.0581832,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x80849ecb2b0d257f:0x5ff0b3f5a884b87e
  4. tommag

    How do you clean here?

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys. The compressed air sounds like the way to go.
  5. tommag

    How do you clean here?

    I used a chamber brush, I was thinking the tiny gap at the junction of the bbl and extension that a chamber brush doesn't get to. I'm thinking redbarron06 has a better idea.
  6. tommag

    How do you clean here?

    Oops, I didnt add text. I tried q tip, pipe cleaner, and still have a bit of crap at the junction of bbl and extension. Its clean enough for me, but when I'm working on someone else's stuff, I think perfection is in order.
  7. tommag

    Hello or Goodbye?

    Aloha should cover it.
  8. tommag

    A2 front site removal question again.

    John, the site base was pinned, but there was a dimple in the appropriate location for the new gb. I used a non clamping gb and the handgaurd covers it.
  9. tommag

    A2 front site removal question again.

    I didn't even slug the bore to see if its .311 or .308. The fusion was the only sp ammo I bought, and the results convinced me to stop right there.
  10. tommag

    Yea, It's Monday.

    My condolences as well. I know it hurts.
  11. tommag

    A2 front site removal question again.

    Thanks, Greg. I'm pretty much done with this one. I'm going to run one more box of fusion through it and send it back to her. It could get a bit better,I had it on an lower with a 2 stage national match trigger, and a collapsible stock.
  12. tommag

    A2 front site removal question again.

    I put a lp gb on it and used a touch of jbweld on the cut down pins to hold them in. I tested it at the range and was pleasantly surprised. I used some 123 gr fmj to get it on paper. Then I switched to federal fusion 7.62x39 and it shot several five shot groups from 1.5 (oops, my bad) down to .7moa. Most of them were around 1"
  13. tommag

    Got some coaching today.

    I went to the range today to test my daughter's 7.62x39 upper today after modding it. The federal fusion ammo was yielding .6 or so with a couple of fliers opening it up to 1.7" A gentleman seated beside me suggests that I have the rest too far forward on the forend and am applying uneven cheeking pressure on the buttstock. I guess the ar15 is more flexible than a bolt action. That makes sense. Anyhow, I'm excited to practice my new technique. It seems to eliminate the uncalled fliers. The bartlein grendel is calling me!
  14. tommag

    US Unemployment Rate Lowest Since 1969

    I've been unemployed but never taken unemployment benefits. Usually, I found new employment within a week or three. I've been self employed since 1980, and have always found enough business to tide me over, although some times have been better than others. I feel sorry for those who are unable to relocate when their local job market dries up, but that's never been an issue for me.