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  1. That's a nice price. My eyes aren't so good anymore and I've got crimson trace grips on my bull dog.
  2. Tow truck, I don't think California is alone in not enforcing cmv laws. While I don't get checked much normally, (my safety score is around 10) I haven't been stopped at a scale for more than a month.
  3. I sure wish someone would drag me across the floor on a leash. Oh, wait a minute, that already happened and it wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be.
  4. tommag

    Social unrest in Montana?

    To go on a bit, no area of a truck is considered living quarters, it's all considered a vehicle. One modern tool I find useful when it comes to societal unrest is google maps with the traffic layer turned on. The traffic speed is indicated by color. On the highways, red tells me there might be a problem I need to bypass. Zooming in on the city level, several streets in a block being red or dark red indicates slowdowns in a neighborhood. This could tip you off to rioting long before the local news picks up on it.
  5. tommag

    Social unrest in Montana?

    Well, John, I have a Washington (my domicile) ccw. It is not recognized in Minnesota, Wyoming, and Illinois. (Of the states I travel in) As you're probably aware of, Illinois recognizes about zero of other states permits. I could lock mine up, but have no faith in a few states to honor the McClure/Volkmer law of 1983. While I no longer go there, nj makes it a routine practice to arrest folks and you get bankrupted trying to defend yourself in court. As far as long arms are concerned, I don't have an Illinois foid so I'm in jeopardy no matter what I carry (to say nothing about local ordinances about "assault weapons ". There are no federal regulations concerning firearms in a commercial motor vehicle ( old wives tale). I'm given to understand that outside of crook county, Illinois state police are fairly understanding, but cops, like any group of people, are still individuals. I hope to never find out if the individual is understanding. I haven't had to deal with an attempted armed robbery since the 1980s and I think petty criminals have moved on to more lucrative targets since most of us don't carry cash anymore, but I still keep my head on a swivel. The prospect of shortages make me think that I may be a more attractive target in the event of a societal decay. This is not just an inner city thing, as a good man with hungry children will understandably cease to be a good man. Tom.
  6. tommag

    Social unrest in Montana?

    Kind of a strange observation, but I've learned (grew up on a narrow strip between two reservations) that the Indians have their own rules. The Crow and Northern Cheyenne are fairly well behaved, but still you have to realize that you play by their rules. I've interacted with Gros Ventre, Chippewa Cree, Cheyanne, Crow, Blackfoot, Turtle Mountain, (my best friends growing up) and a couple of Apaches. The soft voice and gentle cadence makes them seem harmless, but don't insult anybody or it'll be a heck of a rodeo!
  7. tommag

    Social unrest in Montana?

    Well, my first drop is in Janesville Wisconsin, so 90 or 94 are the same miles if I can't use 212. I took 94. The only news about the crow and northern Cheyenne reservations talked about a quarantine and curfew. I was reminded of the "toll booths" back in the 70s. No sense going there, with my ccw being null and void on the reservation. (Even if my puny pistol were effective I wouldn't want the confrontation).
  8. Thursday, a friend and I drove by a bar and grill we usually eat at in Kent Washington. There was a banner out front tha advertised he was open for take out. I've never seen Gary so sad looking. While waiting for our food, I said "You're not even meeting your real estate cost, are you?" He told us that yesterday he had $210 sales. His wife that normally tends bar is now working for Costco. His lease is $7100/month. He's not going to survive. I left him a $100 tip which he protested, but accepted. Another restaurant opened up in the area less than a month ago. So many dreams flushed down the toilet. I wish I could save the world, but I just feel impotent.
  9. tommag

    El Al airlines shut down

    The news item on the xm radio said our government advised that the only flight home was (I think) united. They also advised to get here asap. Again, maybe I'm reading too much into this, but the Israelis have always appeared more practical than our government. I called it a bio weapon without proof, but I believe that's what it is.
  10. tommag

    Social unrest in Montana?

    The Montana dot has advised commercial vehicles to stay on interstate 90 rather than taking us212. This advisory has been on their website since Wednesday. A colleague who is prone to embellishment claims that it said on their website that it was because of attacks on trucks but that detail has been pulled. I searched us212, Montana, and every town from Hardin to Hammond for news and found nothing, so not sure what the story is.
  11. tommag

    El Al airlines shut down

    I don't have a link, just heard it on a news program. Evidently El Al has no outbound flights from Israel, but operating a few charter flights to bring jews back to Israel. Not that the Israelis are infallible, but judging how they screen for potential terrorists compared to our PC screening, they seem to be much more realistic. For me, this is another piece of evidence that this bio weapon is something to take seriously.
  12. tommag

    Fresh Meat Shortages

    It stands to reason that fish prices will fall. Probably 80% of my east bound stuff used to be high end stuff for restaurants, especially king crab. This week, theres almost no crab, but much more ingredients like frozen fruit purees etc. So far, rates are still good, but I expect a lot of competition from others buying reefers when they discover the steadiness of food hauling. In the next few days I'm going to analyze my profit and loss statements factoring in lower fuel costs to determine how low I can go before it makes no sense to work. Hopefully it doesn't get to that point.
  13. This will most likely be short lived unless we facilitate the spread and by doing so, help cause a societal breakdown. Like I said in my comment, if any part of the machine stops, it will cascade. I'm not liking the restrictions, but if a breakdown occurred, the restrictions could get far worse. National reciprocity probably isn't on the horizon, as much as I'd like it to be. In the meantime, do your best and this too will pass.