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  1. That's a whole thankful of yuk!
  2. An Iranian passenger arrived at JFK. Immigration was giving him hassle. He got mad. "New York is the arsehole of the world!" Immigration officer "Yes sir. Are you just passing through?"
  3. I've had the desire to hunt from my earliest days. Seldom have I hunted because I was hungry, aside from a few camping trips where self sufficiency was the purpose and a couple of brief times when I was without income. Looking at the inner city problems, I wonder how much of it can be attributed to a lack of hunting opportunity? While I realize we've always had war and killing, I think people have been substituted for game in many cases.
  4. Talking to a friend today, I explained something that he already knew. He responded with "You must think I'm the dumbest sob on earth." I told him no, I could think of many others. I went on to name AOC, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Hank Johnson. I finished up with "You're an also ran, but not the dumbest." How did I do?
  5. My last relationship ended because I didn't open the car door for her. I swam up to the surface, instead.
  6. He plays ragtime with an older lady that plays by ear. Probably his best ever.
  7. Goodness gracious, great balls afire!
  8. More things are coming back to me. Back then, when he was in the thick of things, he didn't use his name, only Ferfal.
  9. Strange how american business has morphed over the decades. During ww2, us businesses were american. Now they're multinational and worship the dollar as their God of choice.
  10. https://ferfal.blogspot.com/?m=1 I remember his reports from Argentina on the frugal squirrel way back when. Haven't perused his recent stuff, as I just found this. The thing I remember most from his reports 20 years ago was that bravado marks you as a target, you have to sleep sometime. Being grey is important. Bravado scares off the less committed, but the serious bad guys will come up with a plan to get your weapon and supplies. Another thing that I remember was that he had a newfound respect for American hippies living in Argentina. He thought getting high was stupid, but they knew how to press oil from plants to serve as diesel fuel. Evidently, gas and propane ran out first, then diesel fuel. He made a good argument for being able to use different fuels.
  11. I'm good at not making buttermilk biscuits.
  12. No big deal. It's not like the .gov would turn this over to the Taliban or chinese or anything like that.....😖
  13. Glen beck had a private rescue mission going on. A couple days ago he went dark after reporting the state department shutting his efforts down.
  14. I get the feeling she's getting off at the thought of doing it. I've met people like that, pathetic nobodies that find a little power and embrace it.
  15. We're supposed to pray for our leaders as well as our enemies. (Did I repeat myself). Not very Christian of me, but I pray for a reinactment of Mussolini's hanging, except for adding an amphetamine enema to enhance the experience.
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