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  1. There's plenty stuck under the tables at the cafeteria.
  2. I wonder if you could've defused the situation with a little flattery? Something like "Gee, Karen, I like your mask. It makes you look much prettier. "
  3. Green tip is steel core. Ok for penetration, but unless it tumbles upon impact, (crap shoot), not much good as an anti personnel round. Any hole is better than none at all, but it wouldn't be my first choice. That having been said, given current availability, get what you can. Hopefully, availability will improve.
  4. "A Ferrari without tires." Great line!
  5. Thanks, I needed a smile today.
  6. When I was in the academy, I could shoot all I wanted to for free at the S.P.A.A. range, as long as I had a 38. They had an automated progressive loader and I had all the 38wc ammo I wanted. Nothing to take home, though. After that, the small department I was in issued no ammo, it was up to me to provide my own.
  7. If black powder guns actually caught on in large numbers, NBC would admit to their exploding pickup truck scam to scare John Q. Public about the dangers of black powder being available to "domestic terrorists".
  8. I seldom get the notification symbol when I'm quoted or someone reacts to a post I've made. Anyone else have this problem?
  9. I just listened to his story of the April fool's date. He's an excellent storyteller. Turns out he was also an amateur radio operator as well. K2ors
  10. The boy does the boogie woogie well.
  11. Saeed has quite an enviable setup there. The range, reloading room and shop are underground. I see several guys starting out leaning back. I can't shoot the big boomers well unless I lean into them.
  12. That long overhang will get you!
  13. The water based cleaner is mostly because of corrosive primers that produced salts. If it had been cleaned properly after last firing rounds with corrosive primers, I wouldn't see any reason for using water now, assuming a good cleaning showed no sign of rust in the bore, although it wouldn't hurt anything.
  14. Dang, maybe my 860 has some value! I paid $30 plus hazmat and shipping for 8# back then.
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