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  1. One of the crazies featured in "Seattle is dying" just died after killing his girlfriend and fleeing into a water treatment facility where he tried to hide in a vat of bleach. Arrested 50 or so times, he caused problems continously.
  2. This will increase the efforts of the ds for the mail in ballots. They'll pull out all the stops.
  3. I'm thinking that their victories in defunding the cops will have unintended consequences. They think it's bad now, wait until they see the civilian rules of engagement after there's no law enforcement.
  4. tommag

    Mask Fallacy

    I don't have any knowledge about their effectiveness one way or the other. I do know I hate wearing masks. It feels like my glasses are fogging up and I dont wear glasses. I carry one in my pocket and put it on where businesses or Gov't say I have to. No sense putting folks in jeopardy (legal) when I need to go inside.
  5. Your story and that picture brings tears to my eyes. Bea was a beautiful dog, and the working breeds tend to be the best. I still miss every dog I've lost.
  6. I grew up in Chinook, Mt. Mile marker 404 on us2. I couldn't wait to get out of there! Now, I wish I could go back. We had whitetail, mulies, antelope and lots of upland birds. Everyone poo pood the sagehen, but they were my favorite bird to eat. Sharp tail are great table fare, too.
  7. What about making a cover for the plastic totes from a dark material, say, black roadway or landscaping fabric?
  8. Here's a heartbreaking fire story, eastern Washington. https://www.krem.com/mobile/article/news/local/wildfire/child-dies-parents-burned-fleeing-cold-springs-fire-okanogan-county/293-20ca5cc8-0a20-4af0-8de5-e7876a38ffda
  9. tommag

    Poison Ivy

    The part about steroids and cataracts is interesting. I was treated with two steroids and zmax when I got pneumonia in December. My vision was already degrading before that, but it went so fast this year that I quit driving until I got surgery. I wonder if the pneumonia treatment caused it to go so fast?
  10. I think they were operating on the theory that reelection was a foregone conclusion and the virus and commie rioting caught them by surprise. I agree with you that they should've figured out a way to be more nimble in production given the recent peaks and valleys. Being able to effectively ramp up or down quickly would make good business sense but I don't know how that could be done. I'm sure the smart guys could devise an efficient way of doing that. Myself, I stocked up when prices were low.
  11. tommag


    I follow 8 personal friends on Instagram and nobody else. I opened it today and get hundreds or more posts from strangers described as suggested posts. Anyone else have this happen?
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