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  1. tommag

    Staging An AR ForHD

    Not inexpensive, but it looks good. https://tacticalwalls.com/shop/
  2. tommag

    Ole, Sven, and Lars

    Ole, Lars and Sven had been going to the Sons of Norway hall meeting as long as there had been a hall. And every month, wouldn't ya know it, they didn't win a prize in the monthly draw. That is until the last meeting. Sven was the first one of the three to get his name drawn. He won two pounds of spaghetti sauce, four boxes of noodles, and three pounds of Swedish meatballs. Ole had his name drawn next. He got himself round trip tickets to Duluth, a nights stay at the Dew Drop Inn and a pair of tickets to see the Inger triplets Polka Ensemble. Ole thought that he had died and gone to heaven. Lars was the last one to have his name drawn, he won a toilet brush. At the next monthly meeting, they sat down together to check out how each other had fared for the past month. Sven said "Uff da, I had dat pasghetti for tree days. It was so good, and Helga didn't have to buy food for dem dere tree days." Ole said "Lena was so happy vhen I brought home dem tickets. The trip up to Dulut was nice, we got to ride da Greyhound, and you know, they got a built in outhouse on dat dere bus. And the Inger Triplets, if I didn't know better, I would swear dey were sisters." Then Ole turned to Lars, and asked him how his prize worked out. Lars looks at them both and says "Dat dere toilet brush is nice, but I tink I'll go back to using paper."
  3. tommag

    23 Killed at VA pro gun rally

    Not bad at all.
  4. tommag

    Brendan Kavanaugh piano videos

    I tend to stay up too late too, Casper.
  5. https://www.bladehq.com/item--Kizer-Cutlery-Ki3404A3-BB-Frame--25604 My kershaw didnt hold an edge that well, and had become hard to open. I took it apart and cleaned it, making it even stiffer. I chose this one because of the flipper tab and thumb studs, as well as better quality steel. Since I travel through many jurisdictions, I didn't want a spring assist or a longer blade. Waiting for it to show up.
  6. tommag

    Democrats in VA....Say Piss Off

    I hope the sorry bastiages get voted out in a landslide, but Mr. Fudd will probably still vote for them as long as he doesn't have his trap and skeet guns threatened.
  7. tommag

    Brendan Kavanaugh piano videos

    He is a showman, a bit of a patoot for sure, but uplifting stuff!
  8. tommag

    Brendan Kavanaugh piano videos

    And, to further expose myself, this is probably my favorite pianist, Yevgeny Kissen, performing Mussorgsky's pictures at an exhibition. It is truly powerful. https://youtu.be/rH_Rsl7fjok If you like classical music.
  9. tommag

    Brendan Kavanaugh piano videos

    No, I guess we've exposed ourselves. No matter how cruddy my day has been, his stuff always makes me feel good! I finally subscribed. I bet he could make Mussorgsky (my favorite composer) sound good in boogie woogie style.
  10. Maybe a year ago I felt a need for some boogie woogie piano. I found Brendan Kavanaugh on YouTube. He mainly plays on the public pianos at Heathrow, it seems. He does a lot of disguises and surprises people. In this video he is joined by an adorable child that has danced to his piano playing before. His videos are the most entertaining, happy stuff on YouTube, imo. https://youtu.be/acUefhT_eI4
  11. tommag

    What a day!

    I always make it, but I much prefer boring and routine.
  12. tommag

    What a day!

    Spent last night and this morning trying to skirt a storm. Partial success, only caught the leading edge. Today, got a warning on channel 19 of black ice 2 miles ahead of me. It was the most perfect coat of ice I've ever seen. No spots, just looked like the wet pavement I'd just been on. Two trucks passed me.(they didnt get the memo, I guess.) A couple miles up, they were in the ditch and median with a few others. At this point, I'm only going 20mph and tried to get into a parking area. Nope, that ain't happening. No steering at all. Ended up in the ditch. At least in the ditch, I had steering and drove back up to the pavement. Somehow got straightened out and parked on a wide shoulder. I waited an hour and a couple plow/salt shakers showed up. Waited 30 minutes and managed to get up into the traffic lanes. The road was good after that, but 40 mile's further and the wind kicked up to 40 sustained, gusting to 65. One truck blowed over on dry pavement. I'm pretty light, 60,000 lbs. Made it to rapid city and called it a day. Fighting eye fatigue all night with a ground blizzard, a bit of black ice, then really severe crosswinds today really kicked my patutti. All's well that ends well, but it was a bit tense.
  13. tommag

    Colorado Red Flag Law’s Abuse

    Wow! The abuse will be rampant, then. The leftist pukes will claim relationship with every conservative they can think of in order to red flag them.
  14. tommag

    Colorado Red Flag Law’s Abuse

    I hope they go after her for making the claim he fathered a child with her. Seems like perjury to me.
  15. tommag

    Ole and Lena

    Ole and Lena were getting up in years. While watching television one night, Ole says hes going to get some ice cream and asks Lena if she'd like some. "That would be nice, one scoop of vanilla, please, but you'd better write it down." "No, says Ole, I'll remember." Lena says "I'd like some chocolate syrup and chopped nuts on it too, but you better write it down." "No, I got it, one scoop ov vanilla with chocolate and nuts." After 30 minutes, Ole comes out with two plates of bacon and eggs. Lena says "Ole, I told you to write it down, I wanted mine scrambled!"