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  1. tommag

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from Seattle.
  2. tommag

    Bean and bailey

    Hopefully this works for you. If not, just search bean and bailey on YouTube.
  3. Does anyone have a text link to the rinos rather than a video?
  4. I used to get calls from the "nra" and contributed once. Later I heard that the nra phone solicitation thing yielded 10% to the nra. Ok, I quit that business and just contributed to the nra ila online. The call from the "international rifle association" sounds a lot like the calls from the "irs" from India.
  5. I have a different approach. No need to change your skivvies if you take a daily swim in the city park fountain.
  6. tommag

    Bean and bailey

    They're pretty good. First time I've heard of them. They have a lot more.
  7. tommag

    Bean and bailey

    Tickled my funny bone.
  8. tommag

    Another Look at 5.56

    The 6.5 grendel is touted as having more energy past 800 yards than the 7.62 due to higher bc's. I don't think a ball round would be very effective at 1300 fps, though.(velocity at 800 900 yards)
  9. tommag

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from Seattle.
  10. tommag

    Big Party in Portland This Weekend

    I expected the PB, pp, 3pers, etc. to show up ready for an ass kicking festival. Much like Rampy, I expected it to be a deliberate mess. They exhibited good control (better than I could, lol) and, near as I could tell, made the antifa punks look bad. I'm surprised at the amount of mutual aid, I was under the impression that Portland pd had been abandoned by neighboring agencies because of the mayor's protection of antifa. One thing I noticed was the gas grenade guns. Are they really using pre charged pneumatic launchers?
  11. tommag

    Any OTR Truck Drivers here?

    It's not very encouraging. The bubble started to deflate near the beginning of this year. If you have XM or Sirius, look for the road dog channel. There's a program on there called freight waves. Probably the most informative show on that channel regarding freight trends and numbers analysis. Ironically, those who start in a down market and figure out how to make a profit usually outlast those who get in while the getting is good.
  12. tommag

    Any OTR Truck Drivers here?

    I mis spoke about the background check thing. Just driving record has to be kept.
  13. tommag

    Any OTR Truck Drivers here?

    A good hand with his or her own truck can do well, especially if they treat it like a business. One bad driver can eat the profits of a couple of good ones.
  14. tommag

    Any OTR Truck Drivers here?

    Drivers constantly switch jobs. It's not as much of a shortage as it is a retention/recruitment problem.
  15. tommag

    Any OTR Truck Drivers here?

    This industry is probably as regulated as yours.