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    Momma Bear at Cades Cove

    For some reason, I'm guessing he's one of those urban dwellings wildlife experts that votes for all the various hunting bans.
  2. tommag

    Good Morning!

    Good morning
  3. tommag

    This would be me!

    I came within one number of having one number in the Powerball. Maybe next draw!
  4. tommag

    Man with knife attacks police....

    John, I think it's deeper than racial politics. The attack on police looks more like part of that fundamental transformation of America. It fits, at least in my mind, with the Cloward-Piven strategy of overwhelming the system in order to destroy the existing order and replace it with communism. Create chaos and offer a solution.
  5. tommag

    Seattle, again.

    https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/nordstrom-stabbing-suspect-a-history-of-violence-attacks/965441393 Something like 30 arrests in 10 years. In and out of mental health hospitals.
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    Man with knife attacks police....

    If being shot didn't stop him, why would you think a taser would?
  7. tommag

    Seattle, again.

    Three people stabbed this time. That should get him off the street for 60 days or so. Mayor Durkin says the incident is regrettable, but Seattle is a safe city. Compared to what, Mogadishu?
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    Good Morning!

    Good morning.
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    Antifa 101

    Just to bump this topic up. rmc51 posted this video in another thread. It dovetails nicely, I think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jN0YWWiSicw&feature=youtu.be
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    Spare Change?

    "I would gladly pay you Thursday for a banana split today."
  11. tommag

    Sea Wolves

    Watching a tv documentary about the Navy Sea Wolves. I've never served, so maybe this stuff was common, but I'm impressed. Door gunners found mounted guns too restrictive and were using m60s like rifles, fired off hand. I couldn't tell from the footage, but I imagine the gunners were at least tethered. Still, it seems like that would've taken big brass ones as well as a bit of muscle. Another thing that struck me was the Sea Wolves returning home and having the guys at the vfw thinking they were full of it because nobody had heard of their unit. It would have been bad enough coming back after Vietnam with the public's attitude, but to even be rejected by other vets had to be rough.
  12. tommag

    RIP Ross Perot

    Talk about finding the silver lining!
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    Most of you will get this....

    Pepe le pew!
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    Sea Wolves

  15. tommag

    Sea Wolves

    When I stumbled on it, they were talking about the birth of the swift boats and not getting adequate air support from the army. Hope that helps.
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    Good Morning!

    Good morning.
  17. tommag

    Sea Wolves

    It was on a PBS station. Sorry, I didn't catch the name of it.
  18. tommag

    Mongolian Rock?

    I like it.
  19. https://bearingarms.com/tom-k/2019/06/11/washingtons-1634s-implementation-total-train-wreck/ By design, or just accidental?
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    Good Morning!

    Good morning from Montana.
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    Samuel Whittemore

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Whittemore In 1775, the 78 year old Samuel put up an amazing fight against troops returning from Lexington Concord.
  22. tommag

    Samuel Whittemore

    I had never heard of Samuel Whittemore until Tuesday. Besides killing a few redcoats, he survived his wounds. That was quite a feat given medical treatment available back tgen!
  23. Lon, on your tombstone it should read: It was worth it.
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    Good Morning!

    Good morning!
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    My Birthday Present (Shingles)

    All this has made me think about getting vaccinated. Does the vaccination slow you down? The reason I ask is I drive for a living and it takes most of my energy to do the job. Since vaccines are a mild exposure to the disease, I would think there would be some fatigue after getting vaccinated. If so, maybe it would be a good idea to take a week off after getting vaccinated.