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    Sig sauer bankrupt

    https://gl-news.com/news/sig-sauer-gives-up-in-germany/ Closing its german facility and filing for bankruptcy.
  2. tommag

    Cooling a 2-car garage

    Maybe something like this? You'd still need to cut a hole for the exhaust. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Honeywell-HL-Series-10-000-BTU-115-Volt-Portable-Air-Conditioner-with-Dehumidifier-and-Remote-Control-in-White-and-Black-HL10CESWK/206822919
  3. https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/tyler-o-neil/2020/06/01/give-this-man-a-medal-protester-brings-riot-control-bees-to-keep-george-floyd-protest-civil-n479718 A guy in Wisconsin brings several beehives to the protest.
  4. tommag

    First name

    Last night, as I was leaving a warehouse, the security guard asked if he could get a first name from me. I responded with "Didn't your parents give you one?"
  5. tommag

    First name

    This actually happened. The security guard was taken aback for a second before laughing. Always the class clown, I guess.
  6. tommag

    I am now on "alert"

    Good luck, bud and let us know what happens (as best as you can legally do).
  7. tommag

    Who forgot to pay the power bill?

    I was trying to find a reference to this in Revelations.
  8. tommag

    Gun store break in, in progress

    While I think deadly force is a great deterrent, even in castle doctrine states, the legal costs (civil) would bankrupt most of us.
  9. tommag

    Another Monday...

    That had to hurt for a few moments.
  10. tommag

    I have this strange feeling, I can't shake.

    What's coming next? I'm thinking plague and pestilence. Fire from the sky. Wars and rumors of war. The bible says we are not to know the exact time but to lookout for the signs. In my humble opinion, many of the predictions seemed impossible until the last few decades. I figured man going to and fro across the earth and knowledge being increased referred to air travel. Now, we can go to and fro and increase our knowledge instantly via the internet.
  11. tommag

    General Quarters! This is no drill!.

    The punks seem to be getting braver. Last night was busy in Spokane.
  12. tommag

    Rolling Dirty..........

    In my case, the odds are slim since I'm normally only in the downtown areas during daylight when making deliveries. When I'm on the road, I go through several metro areas at night and occasionally things spill out onto the freeways.
  13. tommag

    Rolling Dirty..........

    I'm pretty well limited because of a couple of jurisdictions I travel in. While handguns are just as verboten as long arms, they're a bit easier to hide. I'd prefer to have a mossberg 500 loaded with buckshot, I'll have to get by with a pistol. Hope I never have to use it.
  14. Not finding mpd on the scanner, but St. Paul is busy with looters, fires, and shootings.
  15. tommag

    Saw my kidney doc today.

    I see quite a few folks wearing masks, alone in their cars. Makes as much sense as wearing a condom to bed when you're alone.
  16. I saw this on another forum and thought the Blaze was overblowing or even making things up. So, I did a search for FerociouslySteph. Nope, evidently Twitch and this poor demented trans kid is a real thing. In a nutshell, steph is a guy made into a girl that identifies as a deer on the censorship panel of a livestream website . https://www.theblaze.com/slightly-offensve/trans-deer-twitch-moderator
  17. They'd find white supremacy in a chocolate cake.
  18. I've seen folks wearing masks in trucks and cars while driving.
  19. tommag

    Whom among us are Semi Truckers ???

    Sorry to not have any answers for you.
  20. tommag

    Wsp trooper killed yesterday.

    Such a shame. He was only 28 years old. Struck by dirtbag while throwing out the spike strips. All this over shoplifting lighter fluid and assaulting the clerk, which turned it into armed robbery. https://q13fox.com/2020/03/24/trooper-struck-by-car-on-i-5-airlifted-to-seattle-hospital/
  21. tommag

    Whom among us are Semi Truckers ???

    I haul interstate only, so I'm not familiar with intrastate regulations on rates. Some states may still regulate that. You mention terminal to terminal. That sounds like you're dealing with an ltl (less than truckload) company such as ABF or roadway. They used to have a bunch of strange charges, not sure about today's scenario. The main thing that controls rates in my world is supply and demand. Last year, rates were high, but now with the slowdown, I'm seeing a bit more competition.
  22. tommag

    Whom among us are Semi Truckers ???

    On the federal level, there's no more regulation of rates, except for maybe household goods.
  23. tommag

    Ice cream

    Copied from another forum. Speaking of ice cream, that reminds me of when I was in college + had a night time job working for a youth ranch. They had 2 campuses (1 for girls + 1 for boys) Abused kids, etc. Anyway, we had this big fat slob that worked night watch with us + he was constantly raiding the freezer for something to eat. One night he goy into a case of little unmarked generic vanilla ice cream cups + boy was he gobbling them up (screw the kids, right?) Well on this ranch they also ran cattle, tax break I guess. Anyway, the next night when we all showed up for work at 11:00 P.M. I mentioned to John (the fat slob ) that Grady, who owned all the cattle was some kind of pissed because when he went in the freezer this morning several of his cups of bull semen was missing.