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  1. What do you use for a grinder? Did you build your own? Also, did you treat the antler?
  2. BTW, hello everybody, it has been a really long time since I had some time to hang out here. It's nice to see all the old names again.
  3. I must say that although it is out of the price range the OP seems to be looking at, my Bobro QD mount is unbelievable.
  4. Hah, I am already at about $1750, without the cylinder rack or parts bin rack or ladder rack. So much for budgeting.
  5. Agreed, especially when I am on a PM emergency call and I am searching for some tiny part in a back corner of the van. The only annoying thing is that I plan on wiring my interior LED's to my rear cargo light, so that the door switches turn it on. I will also have a switch to turn them on even when I close the doors. The problem with this is that all the lights will turn on every time the driver door opens. There is no way that I can see to have the rear doors trigger the lights but not the drivers door. BTW the LED's I bought are these http://www.commandelectronics.com/shop/ultra-bright-white-led-strip-lighting I got two 24'' and one 12''.
  6. Tomorrow I hope to pick up security screens for my windows, and also these https://www.americanvan.com/compact-stack-drawer-storage-units.html I will get the three drawer, and these https://www.americanvan.com/small-stacking-drawer-units.html I will get one 8 drawer small parts and one 4 drawer large parts https://www.americanvan.com/large-part-stackable-drawer-units.html . This is pricey, but I will have this for a long time and it will make me so much more efficient that it will be well worth it.
  7. Those are both not my pictures, but an idea of what I have. My ladder rack is not as shiny anymore, and with regard to the slicklocks, I feel like there is a bit too much space between the van doors and the lock. Perhaps I'll take a picture tomorrow. I also installed three tap adapters to my fuse box, and ran 5 wires to the back of the van. throughout this week I hope to install my reverse alarm, backup camera with a switch that will allow me to see behind the van even when I am not in reverse, and interior and exterior LED lights. I am also waiting for a pure sine wave inverter for a charging station. The inverter will be wired directly to the batteries.
  8. I have some pictures, but I have trouble logging on to the Armory from my phone. Today I gave the van a oil change, and then bought a ladder rack and installed it. I got the Adrian loadsright doublesided ladder rack. I am short, and this will really make my life easier. I also installed slicklock brackets and puck locks on the rear and side doors
  9. Okay, so I had a change of direction, I went to look at a Transit connect long wheel base, but in the end it was too small. I bought a Ford Econoline E250 instead. I am in the process of designing my shelving. I will buy a pull out drawer and two modular drawer units. That will cost about $1000, and I will also buy a refrigerant cylinder rack. I may also buy a small parts bin rack. The cabinets and supporting structure will be built, and I am wiring in a reverse alarm with a kill switch, a back up camera, Interior LED strip lights, and some exterior LED lights.
  10. Hey all, I've been super busy and have not been able to hang out here much. It doesn't help that I can't figure out how to log in on my phone. I am a heating and cooling technician and I do service (not installs) I plan on buying a new service van this week to replace my current service truck. I know it might be a big mistake, but I am planning on getting a Ford Transit Connect, I will try to get the long wheel base model. Because the transit connect is so small I need to be sure that I maximize every inch of cargo space to custom suit my needs, therefore I will custom build the shelving in the back. Has anyone ever done something like this ? My main question is how to secure the shelving to the van ? Do I just use self tapping bolts, or should I get something like Jack nuts ?
  11. I have the samsung 18650 batteries in my Olight flashlight. still works well about 2.5 years later. I use a nitecore charger.
  12. Hey all, it's been a while since I've been on the forum, it's nice to browse around once again! I'm a HVAC technician and I need to work outside in the rain quite a bit, and I'm tired of coming home soaked to the bone. All my regular rain jackets get soaked through after a hour or so in the rain. I've been looking at the Helly Hansen Dubliner and the Grundens Gage Weather Watch. Does anyone have any experience with these, or have any other ideas of jackets I should be looking at ? I'm looking for a jacket that's relatively affordable, is truly waterproof, can stand up to a work environment, and preferably have pit zips or some way of my not overheating while working in them. Thanks !
  13. Someone on my local gun board has a pretty large safe behind a mirror. To carry around I plan on using a guitar case with plenty of liberal bumper stickers on it someday.
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