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  1. Hello Havent been on for awhile but I do have a question can any one tell me on a bench loader or a good speede loader for the 223 that wont break the bank some thing that will load mags fast Thank you Jeff Main
  2. Thank you guys for shareing guess im buying one lol Jeff
  3. Hi Guys Thing about getting the extended mag realese im haveing a hard time finding the button on my AR so im thinking here bigger is better any one have one and how do you like it? Thank you Jeff
  4. Hi Guys Im just wondering if any of you guys ever got any freebies by writeing the company? and what did they send you.AR related Mags ect Thanks everyone for shareing Jeff
  5. Hi GUys I was just wondering if any of you ever used Hexmag brand mags? and if there any good? Thank you Jeff
  6. Personaly I like SEAL1 its a good product..To each there own on what you want to use if it works for you use it and stay with it we all have different taste and mine my be different then yours Jeff
  7. I bought a used strike fire for 100 bucks and love it there around if you look around try ebay also good luck Jeff
  8. I use SEAL1 all the time its good stuff and if you send them a friendly email they will send you sampels regards Jeff
  9. Hi Guys Need a little advice im looking for a good trigger to put in my PSA Freedom rifel it will be used for plinking ect dnt need anything really fancy but dnt want junk ethier Thank you for all your help Jeff
  10. So what are the advantades to a good chargeing handel? Thank you Jeff
  11. Hi Guys Any one her close to Vandalia IL? thats where im from Jeff Main
  12. Tcr Not to sound smart but look on youtube there are alot of videos to learn from ebay had some books on AR15 for sale I have one but I will have to look at the name for you its tells about every thing you would want to know its called the AR-15 Volume 2 by Patrick Sweeney all kinds of good info in it there are some guys on here also that can really help you with any question you may have good luck and take care Regards Jeff Main
  13. Hi Guys Hope everyone had a good Christmas so what did Santa big you for Christmas gun wise Take care Jeff
  14. Tommy I bought a whole complete rifel from PSA and I love it I got a good price on it so I jumped on it .now to add a few things to it and im done LOL Regards Jeff
  15. Welcome John Im also from IL where are you from in IL? Jeff
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