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  1. Idaho is GREAT! I agree Shadow10, hope to see more posts here
  2. LOL Thought it said it was a hot topic! Califorado-what California adopts, Colorado soon follows Lived in both States & this is one of the reasons I moved away to Idaho!!!
  3. New to the game, have an Delton upper, how do I know if it is 1:7 1:8 or 1:9????
  4. SG Ammo & Target sports both have Speer Gold Dot (50 round boxes) for your pistol or revolver 9mm-45acp for $24-$30 380-$20 great price on Lawman also
  5. THANKS FOR THE REPLIES!!! Think I will leave it secured as it is!
  6. I bought a vortex Spitfire 3x and love it. Can I remove it and reinstall it and expect to hold zero?
  7. New to AR15ARMORY myself, great looking build, my 1st AR was a build & so glad I did, so worth it!
  8. I had mine since July and sent apx 500 rnds through it with no problems, I just put a vortex spitfire 3x on it 3 weeks ago and love the combination!
  9. Thanks Popeye, Idaho has multiple association's that I will look into!
  10. I worked @ Buck in Idaho for a short time & am impressed, check to see if it's made in China or USA, either way, I belive they still have a lifetime sharpening policy, take it in or send it in & they sharpen it @ no charge!
  11. Yes, thanks about the great idea from a 2005 post! : )
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