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  1. problem solved, blanked off original gas port with a sleeve installed new gas port in the proper position and the rifle preforms as it should
  2. got a carbine length lower on it now, but the weather is not very inviting for the next few days so it will be towards the weekend for the next try here in new York we are religated to 5 rnd mags the spring pressure is hard to adjust going to play with that to see if it helps also going to open up the gas port to .115 diameter [at .110 now]
  3. yup checked that 2 or 3 times just changed lowers, put my carbine length lower on shooting a handload of 125 speer TNT 26.0 AA1680 with cci 450 primer in 7.62x40WT weather is in the 30's
  4. already opened the gas port up from .089 to.110 don't know how much further I should go only have 6&1/2 inches from gas port to muzzle, that may be part of the problem
  5. what length of buffer-spring for a intermediate length gas system in between rifle length and carbine length carrier locks on its front surface and not on the bolt with an empty mag so it will not pick up a new round if one is present in the mag
  6. I have a carbine length lower that I have used with 3 different uppers, 223, 300 BLK, and 6mm TCU the bolt locks back after the shot but not on the bolt face, but on the face of the bolt carrier checked the buffer length , its ok at 3.250 it will lock back on the bolt face by use of the charging handle, but only with a lot of force tried several magazines. they don't make a difference so what stops the bolt carrier on its rearward travel, buffer hitting the back of recoil tube???? or is the bolt stop out of spec???? where else to look ????
  7. wondered if it fell half in ,half out of a land if a sharp edge would shave the bullet on its way out
  8. is the gas hole located to fall on a land or in a groove or does it not matter and be located partly in a land and groove
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