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  1. Nothing anti-personnel in my armory 6x223 I'm a hunter and a shooter
  2. After you shoot enough you learn that the first shot is the only shot The little break-actions really shine with the use of a wildcat cartridge Here's a 10" 30 Herrett Bbl with a 7" extension (threaded and pinned)
  3. ........................Sleek and efficient......................
  4. Those break-actions surprize you with their accuracy
  5. 30 Raptor by Gary Reeder with 300BLK Both loaded with Nosler 168 gr. BTHP Reeder's Raptors use 204 Ruger brass
  6. gemihur


    Another Roanoker here, Cave Spring to be specific
  7. I am heavily vested in IMR powders, evidently I need to get some XBR 8028. It seems that H335 is the most popular powder used in this thread. I've only recently become acquainted with the .223 rem, but have been loading for my .222 rem mag imp for some time. Normally I shoot the contender but peer pressure has gotten me in ARs. I shall tread lightly into that good night.
  8. I make my Grendel from 7.63x39. RP brass uses small rifle primers... Less brisance. 264LBC makes for an effective AR
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