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  1. squalor

    Hey squalor

    Hey, Thanx guys ! I know I haven't been around much. I kinda freaked when Photobucket turned all my pics into X's Work still continues on Project Feather. My 16" AR still hovers at 3lb 1oz and I plan to check back in when I'm under 3lb 60 year old men work slow
  2. Same here. I didn't give up on my budget Grendel upper project; I just changed plans. I found a 20" barrel with rifle length gas so I bought it and sold the Anderson. I have a wish list on Joe Bob's Outfitters. Their .750" adjustable gas block is now offered in NOS (new old stock-some blemishes) for $15.00 and a rifle length gas tube for $10. I like their Matrix Charlie 15" hand guard for $62. I also want their Strike Industries J Brake for $36. Remember the big muzzle brake test from a few months back ? The SI Jcomp, J brake or whatever their calling it did very well in that test, not the best but in the top ten. It also did well as a flash suppressor. Not birdcage well but better than most brakes. It was the best bang-for-the -buck in the test. I also need a bolt and was thinking about the one from Maxim. I think Greg likes the Young Manufacturing one for $105 but Lilja uses the Maxim for $75
  3. I sent you a PM with a tracking number. Dallas is not far from Mobile; it should be in your hands by the end of the week. Once it's built, please let us know how it shoots. I bought it with the express purpose of shooting the new Wolf steel case 100 grain 6.5 Grendel. My plans changed after having hip replacement surgery; all my projects are on hold, including Project Feather.
  4. https://andersonmanufacturing.com/product/16-6-5-grendel-barrel/ 16" Grendel barrel , 1:8 twist , Carbine length gas , M4 profile. This barrel needs a type 2 Grendel bolt (0.135 depth). The condition is NEW in original package. It has never been shot, never been mounted. That said, it does have a few light scratches in the parkerizing; it was like that when I got it. I know the link says $97.08 but it is out of stock everywhere and I pay for the shipping to any of the lower 48 states. Please message me for my PayPal address.
  5. Very tempting indeed ! All my extra money is going to repair my shop roof. Rotted wood collapsed and alot of my tools got messed up. Had to put my lightweight rifle project on hold. That 20" Grendel could have been fun.
  6. You got a giggle from me with that one !
  7. Your getting there Longie . Since Mickey D dug this post up from the thread cemetery , I'll reply also. I'm in the process of building the lightest AR-15 on the planet. I'm at 3lb 2oz so the work continues. It was nice to see Augie's posts in this thread. He liked my Camo-Toe remark. Has it really been 4 months since he died ? Why do I still miss him ?
  8. tidenation ? Are you a fan of the Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama ? If you are, then, ROLL TIDE ! If not, then, welcome to AR15Armory ! Before you choose which barrel & bolt carrier group to buy you should choose which caliber you want. 308 is the cheapest to shoot but .243 is also a great cartridge. 7mm-08 is a great long range caliber but 6.5 Creedmore may be even better.
  9. adair_usmc , what magazine is that ?
  10. No first hand experience but from what I read : A barrel wears in three places. Rifling wears the slowest, the muzzle and crown wear a little faster. The chamber, in particular, throat erosion wears the most. As a 4150 CMV barrel wears, the accuracy slowly gets worse. As a 416 SS barrel wears, the accuracy stays good until it reaches a point and then the accuracy goes downhill fast. Is this what you read HA ?
  11. squalor


    Way to go Joel ! It's not just the amount, it's the content too.
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