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  1. Testors Flourescent Paint works good. Not sure about solvents. I got a set of like 8 colors off Amazon for just a few bucks. Only use the orange and yellow and green tho. I just used a toothpick to apply to sights.
  2. Can't get too much closer. After all, China sold the Nuke secrets to Iran that ole Bill Clinton sold to China.
  3. I ordered a couple days after New Years and got it 2 days ago. Their shipping is as fast as anyone now for me.
  4. I am saying what worked....for me.....with a worn out A3, with a new bcg along with alot other new stuff. I never had problems in Iraq and I ran a thin film of oil on every moving metal part inside and did my best to keep sand and dust out. 15 months in that crapper and zero problems. Others that ran a drop here and there....had problems. Like I said earlier....I give the thanks to God and I leave it there.
  5. I stated from the beginning I do not know much about this particular case, but I do follow a lot of the Gov't oversteps tho. This, along with the Bundy deal, stinks of politicians and businesses cohorting to oust private families for profit. To me at face value...a lot stinks here badly.
  6. anyone who thinks the BLM is the innocent ones here also thinks the Gov't had zero to do with creating a few of these mass shooters.
  7. crap....sorry for the quote thing and my replies proofed. What I said was....if you was them, dead broke due to the BLM, facing several trumped up Fed charges, having to resort to using a court appointed lawyer.....what I read only had ONE day to prepare......would you take the generous (sarcastic) plea deal or you and your son face life in prison? What would you have done??
  8. I agree with Hans on this. I am no legal scholar by no means. I am torn as my family has served in the military since George Washington so we are very loyal to the USA. That said, we are also part Cherokee so nuff said on that. The Feds in recent years has been WAAAAY over reaching. A lot of the Bundy fiasco was pointed by and directed by then Senate Majority Leader ole one eye POS Harry Reid.
  9. I do not know the case and all that led up to this but I will say this....if you take all the pieces of the puzzle these idiots in DC are taken, doing, stealing from US Citizens.....a big chit storm is coming and who knows what the spark will be. When you have POS people in Ferguson, Baltimore, etc PAID to riot by Soros and co....they burn down buildngs, cars, terrorize the city, put businesses out of business, loot enough stuff to fill up Ebay for a month.....and O and co protects them.....you are setting up a scenario the "sleeping giant" will wake. I think the silent majority is waking up. I like the TX Gov's reply to Obama's Gun grab...."come take em" LOL I am not a part of any militia but you can bet I am one of a million that will stand his ground. Remember the oath we took....protect our country from all enemies foreign and domestic.
  10. We was around armor a lot since that was our job. The tracks on the armor would crush the sand into a friggin talcum powder-like mess that got into everything. You could step out into our motor pool area at the Fallujah base MEK and that mess would whoosh about a foot deep. Nasty. Other places that did not see the armor tracks as much was grainy sand a lot. The sand storms was evil. Anyhow, my little mind thought was a wet BCG would push sand better than a dry one even though I knew sand would stick to the CLP. When not on missions I would always keep the port dust cover closed, keep a plastic cover on my flash hider and when no mag in the well a bandana stuffed in it. Cleaning your rifle was a daily event. By the grace of God I never had any trouble with the weapon. Guys I knew had jams and misfires and I think it was because they did not run theirs wet.
  11. My ole drill sgt at Benning in 1981.....run em wet always. He was SF in Nam so we listened. LOL Fast forward to now. I keep a small can of CLP in my range bag. When I get home to to a complete breakdown and clean, I go old school still. Hoppes to clean and CLP to oil. Anything that metal touches metal and moves gets oiled period. So many of those young bucks I saw overseas used a lil dab here and there. Then they would fuss when their stuff did not work right. LOL.
  12. I have had the PSA metal rear sight on one of my AR carbines for a couple of years and use with the A2 front sight. The PSA rear was a BOOGER to get tightened on the pic rail. After tinkering I finally did get it tight and it has been there since. It works and holds the windage like you set it.
  13. I always was told....2nd and 3rd hand....that BCM and many others has the parts made for them by others. I am probably wrong....just what I have always been told. I was also told only a few companies in the US actually make BCG's, LPK's, stripped uppers and lowers and they slap a company name on it. I have a couple BCM parts and they are top notch. I have a lot of PSA stuff and it is very good. As long as it is Made in the USA, sold by a company in the USA, and as long as it does what it is supposed to do without breaking....I don't care what name is on it.
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