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  1. Cuda13

    Hand guard length

    Will do. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks now that sports for the kids have ended until spring.
  2. Cuda13

    Hand guard length

    This is my first build. I still need to headspace it and shoot it but it has a 18" Green Mountain with a 1x8 twist in .223 Wylde and rifle length gas. I put an SLR Sentry 7 adjustable gas block on it. The upper is a Nickel teflon from Right To Bear Arms.
  3. Cuda13

    Hand guard length

    Not sure why there was a problem. I kept getting a "You are not allowed to use this extension on this site" message. Finally got it to work I guess.
  4. Cuda13

    Hand guard length

    14" SLR on a 18" barrel
  5. Cuda13

    My First Build

    Very nice!!
  6. Cuda13

    Tell me about your Pending build

    I have a crush washer left over from my first build so I guess that is going to be the basis for my next build. Thinking about going with FDE upper and 80% lower. My first build was kind of a mid-weight so might go with something lighter weight for my wife and son to shoot.
  7. Cuda13

    First build is finally in the books

    Me too but don't try to tell that to my daughter. She had to sell these cookies by herself. That's the attitude that made her the only girl that made all stars all stars in last years Pony baseball all star tournament that included 5 different cities.
  8. Cuda13

    First build is finally in the books

    My father-in-law had aortic aneurysm surgery so we were at the hospital a lot so I had my daughter wear her vest and had cookies conspicuously on display in the various waiting rooms. Sold a bunch!!
  9. Cuda13

    Almost done with my first build

    I like the color variation.
  10. Cuda13

    First build is finally in the books

    Why yes they are. How many boxes do you need? I need them out of my front room!!
  11. Cool build. I just finished my first and posted it in the Armorer section. Looking to add more color to the next one. What your second build going to be?
  12. It's been a long road to get to this day. I started this build at the worst possible time, December of 2014. I took my time and researched parts, looked at videos, and asked questions waiting for prices to get back to a more normal level. I slowly picked up parts and have finally finished. All that's left is checking headspace and shooting it. I have a couple of crush washers left over so that might be the basis for my second build.... Here are the parts I used: Lower Spikes Punisher lower RBA build your own lower parts kit Magpul enhanced trigger guard Hiperfire EDT Magpul MIAD 1.1 pistol grip Magpul ACS-L stock RBA buffer tube assembly Rifle Taylor bullet button CMMG ambi safety Hexmag Upper Right To Bear Arms Nickel Teflon upper receiver Fortis "Hammer" charging handle Aim Surplus black nitride bcg V2 Green Mountain 18" .223 Wylde, 1:8 twist, rifle length gas SLR Rifleworks Sentry 7 adjustable gas block Ballistic advantage gas tube-black nitride SLR Rifleworks 14" Solo Lite handguard B.E. Myers 249f Flash Hider Magpul MBUS Pro front and rear sights
  13. Cuda13

    First AR build

    Great looking build!!
  14. Cuda13

    Wanted to say hello

  15. Cuda13

    M-Lok Works, Finally

    Thanks for the tip. I ended up going with Mlok on my first build and am just waiting for it to get here.