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  1. Thank you all for the responses. Its a great help to have others to "back you up" with their experience.
  2. I purchased an SR556 AR platform several months ago. I then purchased a 1000 rounds of PMC XP193 55 gr FMJ BT ammo. I reload for my M1A so I figured i would a good supply of brass as well as some good plinking ammo to start out. i have not experienced any problems whatsoever. Today, I purchased 400 rounds of PMC 223 Remington 55 gr FMJ BT ammo. I put it in the closet. Earlier this evening, I started reloading some PMC brass to take to the range and start working up a load.The C.O.A.L. listed in the manual is listed at 2.260". I measured the XP193 ammo and it measured 2.250". The 223 Remington ammo measured 2.224". Now for the questions....1) Why such a difference in the 223 Remington ammo from the manual and the XP193 ammo? 2) Will shooting the 223 Remington ammo harm my firearm? I would sincerely appreciate comments and solutions. Also, has anyone else experienced this?
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