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  1. Niceeee ... Got me itching to build a 2nd sooner than later lol
  2. Oh yeah I was happy when it shot the second round lol did you finish your second build August?
  3. Finally found the time to hit the range and everything worked out perfectly. The ar cycled correctly and shoots pretty accurately without being sighted in. Shot about 150 rounds at about 25 yards indoor with no hiccup. Hopefully weather permits to go outdoor next weekend. X-army: thanks I was hesitant on the green at first but I love it now. forgot who the first gas tube was from but it was most likely error on part that it happened. Want to say thanks again to everyone that helped me out
  4. Got the new gas tube by wmd in yesterday.. Looks like it'll do the trick. The difference in size between the two is noticeable just by holding them next to each other. Thanks Tackleberrymcs and towtruck. Update on results once I can take it to the range.
  5. Thanks August it's all good I'm new to this too. Always good to have people to learn from. Post up pics of the build once you're done.
  6. Update: I disassembled the upper.. Pulled the barrel, gas block, and tube. The bcg slides in the barrel fine without the gas tube but with the tube in it gets stuck. What I noticed is there's a bulge at the end of the tube that won't let the bcg slide effortlessly thru and gets stuck at the tip. For all the builders have y'all noticed the bulge at the end of the gas tube??
  7. AnonymousD and Tackleberrymcs - yep it was cleaned and oiled prior to going to the range. Imma have to take another look at the gas tube alignment and try to re-oil all the spots and see how that do. Thanks for the advice guys August - thanks hope I can figure it out soon
  8. Thanks 2 meke.. Saw a couple custom rifles with the pistol grip and I fell in love with it lol
  9. I said last time I was done but this time I finally got the time to really finish it with the new trigger that was on back order for months. Started in December, technically 90% finished in January and now 100% completed: Loved how it came out. Wasn't expecting to like the od green but it grew on me. Parts list: -Aero upper/lower od green -Black hole weaponry 16" mid length gas 0.75 gas profile -low profile 0.750 gas block -mid length gas tube -Midwest industry handguard gen 2 ss 12" free float with castle nut -Stagg lpk (trigger and grip replaced) -Mft Minimalist buttstock -Spikes t2 Buffer -spikes dust cover -Larue mbt 2stage trigger -Yankee hill phantom flash? muzzle -Fail zero bcg -Bcm charging handle (med latch) -Vortex strike fire 2 Red dot -Pearce 1911 mod grip -Generic 1911 skull grip inserts -strike industry forward assist -hexmags and magpul magazines So I finally got to test my baby the other day.I was very anxious for it to run flawless but instead I was disappointed.. First shot went fine and that was it. For some reason the bolt carrier was unable to lock back into place and kept getting stuck. The range folks said it could be the barrel being out of spec after they had tried different bolt carriers. (Pics of the bcg being stuck is below) So my question is: are there options to getting the barrel worked on to make it be in spec? I ask this because I had bought the barrel from a 3rd party seller and that was back in December ( saw it on sale) so I'm unsure if there's any warranty. Or should I go with a new mid length gas barrel? Any advice or answers would be greatly appreciated.
  10. So I finally finished the ar.. Had a couple sleepless nights trying to fit the barrel in the upper because of the tight fitment but I was able to get that resolved. Went with the yhm comp like newbe and the vortex strike fire 2 red dot.. Just patiently waiting to go to the range to test out this baby of mine and to sight it in.. Pics coming hopefully soon lol
  11. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope everyone is having a good start on their new year Went ahead and got the bhw 16"... Tackleberrymcs : thanks im gonna give the larue a try Hansthehobbit : gonna have tokeep that in mind Newbe : thanks for the links... Which flash/comp are you using if you don't mind me asking
  12. Thanks for the advice and the warm welcome...forgot to mention build almost complete minus the barrel, hand guard and sights Will post pics once I'm completely finish Newbe and glshooter- the bhw barrel sounds good.. Found a 16" for a good price but it's carbine length Cuda13 - thanks gonna go thru them for the lpk on my next build Mattd65636 - it's mainly gonna be a defense but gonna be used for hunting etc Hzhardy - saw the voodoo barrels but not much reviews.. How do you like it? Tackleberrymcs - I was looking into bcm products and I like what they offer.. How do you like the trigger setup? I see a To of people recommend the rra nm trigger plus it's on sale which is a plus Gshayd - thanks for the breakdown of parts gonna take a look into the bcm products Question to all.. 16" barrel carbine? Any positive or negative to that? Or would a mid length gas be better? I found a bhw 16" carbine for a Good price and I'm hesitant on it because I read 16" carbine won't be as smooth compared to a midlength
  13. Hey I'm the new guy! I'm pretty new to the ar platform and recently decided to build an ar15 instead of buying. I've been reading up and watching lot of reviews of products and came down to this list: Upper and lower: aero precision gen 2 Bcg: fail zero Charging handle: bcm Lpk: staggs with trigger kit Trigger: upgrade in the future Buffer: spikes 6 position mil spec with t2 buffer Grip: pearce 1911 style mod Stock: magpul ctr? (Still debating) Hand guard: thinking about the kmr Barrel: ????? (Trying to go with 16") Gas block and tube: depends on the barrel Muzzle break/flash/comp: ..... Sights: holosun... Ok so I have a couple of questions... What 16" 5.53 mid-length barrel do you all recommend or highly recommend? And iif I was to go the route of the 14.5" , would adding a 2" comp, flash or muzzle break be sufficient enough to be considered a 16" overall barrel without having to pin/Fuse?? Them together? Let me what y'all think...Thanks in advance
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