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  1. I got YKK zippers on my pants.
  2. Much of the movie was filmed here in Arizona. Phoenix, Mesa and Gilbert. The big road attack scene was filmed on the freeway just east of where I live. I recognize the road side landscape very well in the movie. The road signs and posts are the same, except that the film crew temporary replaced the AZ road signs with ones with Saudi writing to be more authentic and real. They even built an almost exact replica of a Saudi City out here in the desert that they weren't able to film because of security problems in Saudi Arabia with Al Queda being around along with the Muslim religion against having pictures taken. If you have the DVD, check out the bonus features. It will show you alot of the scenes being filmed here.
  3. Arizona needs more people like Maricopa Co Sheriff Joe Arpaio in power because he is one the the few that actually gets that illegal immigrants are ILLEGAL and made his department to have the power to arrest and detain illegal immigrants and get them to Immigration. He is leading the way with getting his deputies the power of enforcing the laws as they are supposed to be able to do and not give into political correctness. Maybe someone should explain that illegal immigrants are like people who sneak into a movie theater without buying a ticket. A person without a movie ticket is, at the least, denied entry and told to leave the movie theater. What is so hard to related that to illegal immigration and explain that a person without proper documentation is like a person without a movie ticket and denied entry into the country and at the least get kicked out. If some high school kid at a ticket booth has the power to tell someone they can't enter a movie theater wiithout a ticket, then explain why our government and law enforcement doesn't have the power to tell someone they can't enter the U.S. without proper documentation and immigration status? Do we need to give jobs to a bunch of high schoolers in ticket booths at the U.S. border denying people entry?
  4. ah okay. I searched if it was posted here before but didn't find your post
  5. Achmed the dead terrorist http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4y-waHLz-TU
  6. The WHOLE Constitution is based on INDIVIDUAL rights of U.S. citizens. Why they keep asking if the second admendment listed is all of a sudden NOT an individal right as if there is some fine print saying that the 2nd admendment is not an individual right. Why don't we just ask if our forefathers meant that the 1st admendment was an indiviual right or not. Maybe the right to free speech and religion was based on the times when the Constitution was written and not today. Is the whole Constitution more obsolete than a Commadore 64? Am I allowed to even type this? (Provided that it is within the Armory rules)
  7. YUP!! The whole Department of Homeland Security is a joke, to be exact.
  8. Dust_Devil

    New Truck

    What ever happened to women driving a simple sedan or sports car? Why do we need all these trucks and SUVs on the roads?
  9. I have a regular XBox and it's obviously obsolete as I can't even find games for it in the store anymore. I'm not a regular video gamer at the least. I just like playing video games occasionally and don't really complete them as would a serious gamer. I am more into quick one session, one level games or racing games But each newer system will have a game that I really like. Guitar Hero, for example, which I can't even get unless I buy a Xbox 360 or PS3 and then there will be games that I like that are exclusive only for either XBox or Playstation and I have to decide what system to spend my money on. Lots of decision and money to spend for playing only once in awhile.
  10. .....BECAUSE THEY ARE!! Nothing wrong with telling people the truth, if they like it or not. Disney's 'Small World' ride to get supersized retrofit The Associated Press Friday, November 9, 2007 ANAHEIM, California: Disneyland will shutter the popular "It's a Small World" attraction for a supersized retrofit next year, but insists the upgrade has nothing to do with the expanding girth of park patrons. Disneyland plans to close down the 41-year-old flume ride in January to give it a much-needed facelift — and deal with the delicate problem of bottoming-out boats. Heavier-than-anticipated loads have been causing the boats to come to a standstill in two different spots near the Canadian Mounties and the Scandinavian geese, said Al Lutz, a longtime Disney watcher whose Web site MiceAge.com first reported the refurbishment plans. Lutz said he's been on the ride when several guests were asked to get off to lighten the load. "They've even built a platform next to that (Mounties) curve because they've had so many problems," he said. But Disneyland, which plans to add an inch (2.5 centimeters) of depth to the water and construct lighter boats, said overweight tourists are not to blame. The boats get stuck because "layers and layers" of fiberglass have built up where maintenance teams have patched and re-patched problem areas, Disneyland Resort spokesman Bob Tucker said. "The only thing that's true is that we are going down in January and it's for 10 months and it's to replace the flumes," he said. In recent years, Disneyland has redesigned many of its costumes and started stocking them in larger sizes to accommodate ever-expanding waistlines. Adult men and women are about 25 pounds (11 kilograms) heavier than they were in 1960, and 65 percent are considered overweight, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.
  11. To me, wearing an old army jacket, vest or cammies with a bunch of medals whether you earned them or not is not proper and not in uniform. If you aren't in the military anymore, don't dress up in some half-ass part military/part civilian clothing with medals and ribbons to show off that you were in the military. It wouldn't be the way you would represent yourself if you were in the military and it should't be the way you should now that you are out looking to be recognized or to get a free drink.
  12. While some criminal charges against people today may be more extreme than they were in the past, people today are actually committing more serious crimes today. In the past, you could probaby trust a teen with a shotgun. Today, too many teens are mentally-freaking insane or poorly raised and will shoot up a school. In the past it wasn't comon that a teacher had sex with a 13 year old student. Today, it's like a trend where adults have sex with kids. These days, give a guy a big pick-up and a forklift and he'll steal the first ATM machine that isn't being watched. Point of my post.... MORE PEOPLE TODAY ARE CRIMINALLY INSANE MINDED ARROGANT freaktards and that includes all people of all races, religions, social status and income levels. It's almost required to have SWAT out for the types of people today.
  13. I remember all the JC Penney catalogs around the house when I was a kid. The fashion then is probably silly to us now, but then what fashion isn't considered silly after decades have gone by? I can't even stand the ghetto and body art/piercing fashion that is popular now. If I look hard enough for some old family photos, I can probably find myself wearing some plaid colored pants when I was a kid or wearing my shirt color outside my jacket C'mon. Who here wasn't wearing the parachute pants, muscle shirts and multi-zippered clothes back in the 80s? And the woman...yeah, they were trying to look like either Madonna with the mesh tops or Pat Benatar with leg warmers and tights.
  14. Sure you should have a right to kill yourself slowly with a cigarette. But do you have the right to throw your cigarette away on the sidewalk, into the street or into the nice landscaping? Do you have the right to cause the costs of maintenence to clean up all those cigarette butts? Do you have the right to flick your lit cigarette out of your car to the driver behind you? Do you have the right to throw your cigarette at the NO SMOKING sign? Do you have the right to toss your cigarette next to the cigarette can, instead of inside it? Do you have the right to believe that a cigarette is something you have to right to have anytime and anyplace like it is more important than anything else without the care of the effects on others? It has come to a point where smokers have abused their priviledge of smoking and have shown total disregard for anything and anyone else because if their addiction, indoors or outdoors. Add that to people wanting to walk around in a healthier environment without having to have smoke in their face or the smell of cigarette smoke embedded in their clothing and you have all kinds of reasons why people look to get smoking banned or heavily taxed enough to force people to quit.
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