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  1. ren

    Yea, It's Monday.

    May have it been the instructor??
  2. ren

    Finally! An Entertainer I Can Get Behind!

    Awesome, folk songs for Patriots
  3. ren

    95 firebird

    V8 will not fit v6 trans, easiest option would be salvage yard engine and trans together, the subframe should accept v8 motor mounts
  4. ren

    What class of race car is this?

    Mid 60's ford gt40, designed to beat Ferrari in 24hrs le mans, mission accomplished
  5. ren

    Yea, it's Monday.

    Oh, that's some firetruck on firetruck porn there, good find
  6. ren

    RIP Matt Guitar Murphy

    RIP Matt, great talent
  7. ren

    Toy guns, what kind did y'all have

    Like others, i had a roll cap revolver and chaps and hat, then i discovered spy movies. One Christmas i was thrilled to get a mattel spy gun that looked like a transister radio, push the button and the barrel and stock popped out of opposite ends, made pow pow sounds. Then i entered my motorcycle phase and again mattel came through with a plastic motor that mounted on your bike frame and made engine sounds. Oh, the glory days.
  8. ren

    Reflect on what Memorial Day represents

    Not forgotten, now i got somethin in my eye
  9. ren

    It came from beneath the sea

    Mystery science theater 3000 with joel hodgeson, classic
  10. ren


    that one made me snort a little bit
  11. ren

    I should be hung, drawn and quartered.

    I feel for ya! Self induced pain is always the worst.
  12. ren

    How's your weather today?

    20 below, foot of snow