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  1. The last girl I asked out we went to eat and when we got to the front door we saw a sign that stated “ No concealed weapons allowed”. She looked up at me and said “We cannot eat here cuz I’m carrying” ... I thought to myself ... She’s a keeper. I was worried about carrying myself for nothing.
  2. I have not stopped laughing from that movie reference. I am glad I discovered this site. I have learned a lot from the great people here. One day I will have the confidence to build my own.
  3. I left NYC a few years ago for health and for personal reasons also. I moved to South Carolina to be closer to my Dad, who was a NYC Police Officer. I always had a fascination with firearms, shooting them and seeing how they worked etc. Now living in SC I can turn my dreams into reality. The first thing was to get a CCW permit, bought my first handgun (S&W MP Compact) and after a short while I started researching the "Black Rifle" I finally settled on buying one first rather than building one (my next project). A local sporting goods store/ hunting n fishing superstore had the Bushmaster at a super low price. I added a few accessories took it to a local range and now fell deeper in love.
  4. Never had those in my life. I smelled them once and never forgot it.
  5. It seems that as I get older ...the wiser I have become.
  6. I will never forget that term ... Yes I escaped NYC and ready to broaden my horizon.
  7. Hello Everyone ... I am new to the platform. I lived in NYC my whole life but moved to South Carolina within the last two years. Since then I now have a CCW permit and bought my first handgun. Now I have the Assault Rifle bug ...just wanted to thank everyone for all the great information so far. I think I want to buy first then build something when I learn more.
  8. Is it strange, since joining this site, that I have started buying .223 ammo even before making my first purchase. Still learning though.
  9. All of these look great. One day I would like to do the same. I have a lot to learn before that day comes
  10. I have heard of this site, Is there something I should know about them?
  11. I was asking the same question ... Just didn't want to start a war over the subject.
  12. I am in the same boat as you... The S&W is on the short list before I buy. Do you alternate between the 5.56 and the .223 or do you stick with one?
  13. I am very new to this platform but I have heard great things about the Vortex Scopes and the Company itself. I am still torn between my first AR but I am taking my time and learning from all of you. Thanks for all of the knowledge so far.
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