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  1. Thanks for the input--since I am using open sights and that/old eyes shorten the possibilities, I decided to go with heavy. Have all the stuff to do more-or-less hot 200 XTP's as soon as I sort out the "new" Dillon for the first time.
  2. Just about to get into reloading for 10mm and am looking for opinions as to which school of velocity-vs-weight might be best for the 10mm. I tried both directions with 44mag--180gr XTP's and lots of WW296/H110 and 300gr XTP's and not-as-much of the same powder. Something to be said for each of those--but settled on the 180gr going fast because of the much-flatter trajectory up to 100yds. Also, was devastating on deer at close/moderate range. I typically settle on a load and don't load anything else. Costs more, but I always shoot the real thing/don't load "plinking" ammo at all. After killing a bunch of deer with the 44mag proper and also killing several more using saboted 240gr XTP's in my muzzle-loader--and seeing how they expand/stay together, especially at higher velocities--I am very much stuck on that bullet. 155gr and 200gr weights "bookend" the 10mm XTP line and both seem more interesting than the 180's. My 10mm is a RIA 6" and is carried daily out on our property for "eventualities" of any kind. That might range from an "attack deer" to a coyote to a black bear--and individuals here CAN go in the 600# + neighborhood--but of course most are MUCH smaller. I've opted to not use any kind of optics, so let's say 100yd max--maybe a bit less for "game" and maybe a bit more for Wylie. I'm interested in hearing opinions, especially those backed up with personal experience--but I reserve the right to ignore true wisdom and just screw up on my own Which is the "winning" school of thought in this caliber/situation--speed or weight?
  3. Wow JPE3--TOTALLY unexpected...
  4. Well, seems I am on the way toward doing some reloading for the 10mm. I've noted that 800x has been discussed positively but that it "meters" poorly and that at least some people don't use it for that reason. That said, I've never really used/trusted automatic powder dispensers and typically, once I find my most-favorite load, I make a "dipper" of exactly the right size--then scoop up the right amount and go on my merry way. This worked very well with H110 and 185gr XTP's in my 44mag. Is there a reason it wouldn't work well with 800x in the 10mm? And no, I don't typically load a thousand rounds at a setting--I have a manual turret press, not a progressive and I enjoy my time loading--a bit of extra time spent is time well spent, not wasted.
  5. I can answer for me. There are bear and that might create a need, though it is unlikely of course. There are also coyotes and wood chucks. And of course 2-legged varmints. I wanted something that would shoot flatter and hit harder than my 45acp 1911 but more of less take up the same amount of space in the small of my back wile I am walking, cutting wood, or whatever. My Super RedHawk fit that bill with 180gr bullets but you had to carry it in a across-the-chest holster--and that was no good for work days. The 45 isn't enough and really neither is my wife's 357. Thus the 10mm longslide
  6. Great looking piece--besides, what is money anyway--you can't eat it and you can't drink it and you can't shoot it.
  7. I have a photo of my first attempt at grouping my 6" Pro Ultra Match. Four-shot string under 2" at 50yards and three of the four were under 1". SweartoGod. Shot from a rest--but that was a rolled up jacket on the rear rack of the 4 wheeler--not like it was a Ransome Rest or anything. Amazed and I see this as a real bargain. Bought from Bud's at about 300 under list.
  8. Hmmm. Now I'm envisioning a pair of modified vice-grip clamps Like these: http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTYwMFgxNjAw/z/tW4AAOSwrklVfyyW/$_35.JPG?set_id=880000500For http://www.toolbuddy.co.uk/ekmps/shops/toolbuddy/images/irwin-vise-grip-locking-clamp-sheet-metal-200mm-a8r-1698-p.jpg
  9. I believe it. I ran into the same thing--West Virginia, not too far from Winchester, is the closest "stocking dealer" to Richmond. I wanted to hold the high-capacity version of what I bought to see if I liked it or if it felt too fat. Anyway, I knew what a 1911 single-stack feels like so I went with that. Our next gun show is the 27th-28th at the "Meadow Events" or whatever they call the state fair area at Doswell.
  10. May be the case. I've been thinking about it and not finished sorting it out.
  11. And of course I just ordered a 22# spring per their advice--bet when I change that over it is going to be fun
  12. So the sun was shining and I needed a "lunch break" so I grabbed a couple of boxes of ammo to see if this thing would actually go "bang." Could only find 100yd rifle targets in my stash, so these old eyes were a bit handicapped in even seeing the little 1" red-bull at any distance :( Impressions? 10mm? Not as "snappy" as I had heard from some folk--even with the self-defense loads. I must admit that the weight of the Pro Match, including the longer barrel, may have helped with that. I'd have no trouble shooting a bunch of rounds in one range trip, I just didn't have time today. RIA Pro Match? Visually, it is a work-horse kind of pistol. I don't know what they call it, but the finish is basically a military-style parkerizing. Not particularly "pretty" but has the form/function thing going for it. Since I am not fond of the light-colored wood grips that come on these, I had thought to get some pretty grips of some kind or even schrimshaw some of the fake-ivory ones I saw--but after seeing it, I thought that pretty grips wouldn't look right to me, so I decided to go with some Hogue wrap-arounds with finger grooves. They are not in yet. After stapling up my targets, I started with some Armscor FMJ 180's. Out of that box of ammo, I had one failure to go into battery when releasing the slide at the beginning of a string and one failure to eject. I suspect the magazine in the first case and don't have a clue on the latter. There were no repeats to either failure. I followed with some hotter self-defense 180 JHP's and there were no issues with them. There are a few brass-marks on the outside of the slide at the rear of the ejection port. I understand that will probably cease after break in. The sights were WAY off from the factory, One of the first three 25yd shots missed the 18" by 20" or so rifle target (up and to the left) and the other two were barely on the paper. It took a lot of cranking to get far right enough. AND it was not possible to get low enough as I ran out of adjustment at about 4" high at both 25 and 50yds. I could get out the file, but since I don't yet know what load I will ultimately use, I think I will just allow for it at this point (I'm thinking to go with heavier bullets--which could potentially put it on the money.) I wanted to see how that 4" high at 50yds looked at 100yds, but didn't have time. Accuracy? Scary. Especially since my shots were from a standing rest (and the rest itself was the back rack of my four-wheeler, off of a rolled-up jacket.) Not sure if I can upload pics as a newbie, but I did take a picture of the best 50yd 4-shot string and it was too good to be true--even with one flier. Under 2" center-to-center. Three of the four were clover-leafed at about 3/4" so I think my old eyes WILL be able to use those three-dot sights. Full-magazine or double-tap strings off-hand are no issue. Again, probably the weight of the pistol/long barrel, but follow-ups are pretty danged quick. When I un-boxed this thing, I thought the sharpness of the checkering on and the shape of the mainspring housing might be an issue and I was right. A long range session would require a change in that part or the wearing of some light-weight shooting gloves. The heel of my right hand is fairly red right now after less than 100rds, though the skin isn't broken. I gave up my dedicated deer revolver to buy this pistol for every-day carry on the place--as there is no convenient way to carry a 9.5" Super Redhawk that's wearing a red-dot. This will carry as easily as my 45acp and I suspect it will kill anything that needs killing, as far out as necessary. I plan to do some 100yd practice after break-in to see what that feels like, but I never killed a deer past 50yds with the RedHawk anyway and I could do that with the RIA today. I used the "make an offer" button at Bud's and got this thing for under $900 and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
  13. Hehe--I live where the "range" is a berm pushed up on the back of the property BTW, look for a range report in a few minutes on the Pro Match.
  14. I wanted more barrel and we open carry in Virginia. I normally carry a 5" 45acp but decided it wasn't enough for eventualities out on the place and i bought the longslide RIA 10mm (pro match) and it APPEARS to be everything I wanted. Unfortunately it was raining today and killed my plans to wring it out. :( I WILL post a report once I get to the range.
  15. Perfect, thanks! They did send me a video, but unfortunately I couldn't open it with any player. The BIG issue is getting it back together given the strength of the spring and the fact that it is not contained in any way while you are trying to compress it. I did manage to do it but it wasn't easy and I will know to wear some gloves next time.
  16. Thanks--that is what I assumed. I'd just have liked for the company to get their owner's manual and their video right. Still waiting for a reply to my query to Armscor
  17. Welp--it showed up today and all is good. Looks and feels nice. I DO think that the bottom the the back strap is going to be "a handful" given the recoil of 10mm and the sharpness of the checkering. One issue--disassembly. The manual and video shows using a paper clip to keep recoil spring compressed for removing guide rod. NO HOLE in my guide rod. BUT it has a screw slot/screw in the front end of the guide rod. Armscor tech person said that has to be unscrewed. She didn't say if that was under tension or compressed?!?!?! Inquiring minds and all that.
  18. Manual and video both show a hole in guide rod to hold the spring compressed using an opened/shaped paperclip. No such hole in my guiderod--but there is a flat screw slot in the front end of the guide rod. The Armscor support person said that gets unscrewed. She wasn't really clear as to whether that was done under tension or with the spring compressed or what. As stiff as the spring is, I can barely compress it--and I have strong hands. Anyone with this experience? Clearly the screw is supposed to take the place of the hole/paperclip process, but I am unsure how that goes. Of course there is no mention of same in manual--in fact the Pro Match/bull barrel model isn't in there at all.
  19. Sorry for double post--see other/later version for more info
  20. So UPS bailed on the delivery today. Its just a little frozen water...
  21. I plan to stick around--though I am too busy to hang out all the time. Unfortunately I have too many full-time-jobs (2@24/7) and too many hobbies. I KNOW I will have questions along the way. Right now I just want to get the thing here and range-tested/sighted in.
  22. gshayd-- I must ask where you got those grips--I saw the picture earlier, I love em. Rabbi
  23. Bought my first 1911 about 6 years ago and fell in love. Carry it (open) all the time "out on the place" but wanted a bit more power (and distance) for "eventualities" and after researching a while, decided that the 10mm was the best compromise between portability and power. Wanted a longslide and as you know there are not too many out there--and some are way more than I want to pay for an everyday carry. So I had a conversation with a local gunshop and talked to someone who knows the Owner of Armscor and he highly recommended the Pro series. I wanted to see the HC model in person, as I liked the idea of more ammo--but the closest dealer is about 3 hours away and I decided not to order one without holding it and seeing how it felt. Decided on this one. Don't yet have it in hand, but wondering whatcha think. http://armscor.com/firearms/pro-series/pro-match-ultra-6-10mm/ Rabbi
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