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  1. Wow, inclusion even back then. The lead gadget man was black too. Kincheloe
  2. I am forever amazed at gun owners who have no real understanding of the versatility of the AR15 platform.
  3. Ron Desantis protects the rights of citizens in Florida and should be an example for law makers across the nation.
  4. I turned 65 in February but as yet to hang it up after finding out I had to go to 66+8months for full beni's. Dont know if its worth the extra $200 to keep beating on this old body. I have a camphouse near the Gulf I need to finish the inside on so plenty of chores to do. As you found out, there are plenty of things to do that dont involve a paycheck, lol.
  5. I did the .45ACP PCC for a bit but was frustrated with last few round jams. It was a blast to shoot but knowing the last couple rounds were useless bothered me. If I get another .45 somewhere down the line it will probly be a fully assembled carbine/pistol with a warranty. I most likely will build another short barrel .300BO with the hopes of maybe surpressing it. These days and times, I will wait and see what happens with ATF, SCOTUS and the stupid f*cker running the country. Keep us posted when you put yours together, I am curious.
  6. Thanks Joel, I appreciate the reply. The two are similar for sure except for materials and price. PSA has the Sylvan for $150 so it piqued my interest. Ive never reall been a fan of the pistol form factor. I had an SB brace on a 733 clone but decided to change to a 4 position stock to look more like the original and use a pinned 5" flash arrestor to make it legal. If I do decide to buy the Sylvan I may build a short barrel .300 BO pistol, maybe suppress it at a later date. Any option is possible I guess.
  7. Any you fellers running this adapter? Ive always been intrigued by the concept but the steel version has been too expensive just to try out. I am building a SHTF 16" carbine I may use it on or God forbid I have to build a pistol to take full advantage of the folding capability. Who needs another AR???
  8. I agree with Tack. I pick and choose all of my parts for quality and durability. While my builds may not be quite the same level as the $2K rifles, I am confident it will perform as well at half the price. There are many top quality part builders and researching and shopping for them is almost as enjoyable as building.
  9. Line her up in front of the Squad and see how far an FMJ will really go. Follow up if necessary.
  10. And why not? Florida is moving forward to being the free-est of the free states under the leadership of Ron DeSantis. Gov. DeSantis is a Jacksonville, FL hometown boy and makes me proud every day. This bill will hit his desk shortly and his signature will ensure our rights under the US Constitution. FL already has a Statute allowing open carry for citizens going to and from and during hunting and fishing. I take advantage of it every time I head to the woods. In rural Red Dixie County, FL, I barely get a look of my 1911 hanging from my belt when I go into a store or restaurant. Just in case, I have the Statute number written on my holster. Ive never been questioned nor asked to remove it. Gov. DeSantis would make an excellent President. Apparently DJT worries about the competition in 2024 because of his childish sniping. Dont get me wrong, I will support DJT in 2024 if he has the nomination but seeing the turmoil of the last 6 years, I feel the man needs to step aside for someone who may not cause the amount of negativity he attracts. We need to continue DJT's policies with someone who is bulletproof and electable. Is Gov DeSantis the one? I dont know. I know I would prefer him to finish his term here but no matter what his plans are, I will support him.
  11. Very good news! As soon as I saw this topic and three pages of replies, I was worried about you my friend. Glad your feeling better and wishing better health for you and the Mrs. I dont check in a whole lot anymore either, nor do I check emails much. As I approach the golden 65 this month, distractions of "Old Timers Disease" and just too damn tired, I dont turn on the laptop as often except for my teaching duties and paying bills. What a boring life, lol. Take care my friend and know your Forum brothers worry about you and all our community members.
  12. Word. The Professor knows his stuff. I always make sure any optic mounts to the upper receiver only. There are scope mounts that extend over the handguard but only mount to the receiver. All the red dots I have used always mount to the receiver. No matter how well you mount your handguard, it will move slightly over time and with expanion from heat. The eye relief on most red dots is excellent so you should have no issue doing so. As long as the red dot is on the kill zone, complete precision on shoulder positioning isnt super important. Muscle memory should put the stock damn close every time you shoulder the weapon. Practice, practice, practice. After you feel you are proficient with aiming from the shoulder, practice bringing it up every time, dot on target, squeeze off your round. Handguards are meant for mounting accessories only like lights and lasers or sling attachment points. Limit the accessories to the purpose of your rifle and dont get caught up in a bunch of "cool" looking stuff. My SHTF only has a light and a back up front fixed flip up sight in case my MRO fails for some reason. The only thing I anticipate is a battery failure because Trijicon makes some of the best stuff out there. You pay up for it but you can count on it. My .450 Bushy has a Primary Arms SLx 25 and its a good optic as well. Perfect for my hunting application and affordable. Good luck choosing what you need. Match the optic to what you anticipate using the rifle for.
  13. Red dots are pretty simple point and shoot optics. If you havent bought one yet, try and get one thats 2MOA so the dot doesnt cover your target. Most RDS are very low power, generally meant for CQB. I have one on my .450 Bushmaster because its a close quarter weapon and I rarely have shots more than 100yds in the FLAswamps. We also have some big pigs that need 250gr lead poisoning. I also have a high quality big objective MRO for my self defense SHTF rifle. This is good advice with any optic. If you know someone with a shooters vice its extremely simple. I bought a Caldwell Lead Sled used off FB Marketplace for half the new price
  14. THIS. I dont have near 200 mags (maybe I have 20?) nor do I have the rifles the Professor has. Have enough for the rifles you have and I see no reason to have a bunch of mags and one or two rifles. As stated, the guys here frown on anyone taking advantage of panics created by possible bans by jacking prices of stock they may have. If you feel the need to buy up a bunch, go ahead but if they just sit in the safe its money you could have spent elsewhere. Ask yourself "Do I want to carry around 50 loaded mags in my range or bug out bag?? I have a magazine carry box that stores 12-15 mags I keep loaded and take to the range and rarely shoot them empty. I have a few more in the safe still in plastic. Unless someone puts mags on sale cheap, I dont see myself buying more.
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