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  1. hlhneast

    Hey redbarron06

    Happy birthday Red!
  2. hlhneast

    OK : Who are our Floridian residents ???

    Many times we have stopped in at the regional office in Lake City FL to ask specific questions not in any of FWC's literature. Your best bet is to contact them via email: https://flfwc.mycusthelp.com/WEBAPP/_rs/(S(ylrezxufqourxe0kbauwwhl1))/RequestOpenCI.aspx?sSessionID=&rqst=3 Or contact one of their offices by phone. Make sure you get the person's name for CYA. https://myfwc.com/contact/fwc-office/regional-offices/ Stopping in a regional office is handy for us as we most times drive right by the Lake City office on our way to the woods. The ladies there are great and the powers that be are there as well to answer tech questions if the ladies dont know. Ive always understood it as any centerfire cartridge for deer but hogs have no restriction. They are legal year round on private land and can be hunted during small game where rimfire and shot smaller than #4s. must be used. You do not need a hunting license to hunt hogs either even on some management areas. As always, if hunting public management areas, read the specific brochure as regulations can vary considerably from one to another. Season dates, legal game, bag limits and more may be different from area to area, district to district, region to region and from public to private to Federal lands. If hunting Federal land even more rules and season dates may apply. Federal enforcement officers are no nonsense, make absolute sure you are in compliance. Good luck if your coming for a hunt here, Deer are much smaller bodywise because of low protien foods available and no reason to store fat. They are still plenty tasty!! Also new to the 2019/2020 deer season is the Harvest Report. You must record your kill at the time of harvest via a phone app or fill out a Reporting Form and call it in within 24 hours. I refuse to have the app because of the GPS access and where I hunt has no ATT coverage
  3. hlhneast

    Glock Reveal 9:00 am

    Mmm Hmm. My thoughts exactly. A fine weapon no doubt but aesthetics, not so much. Ive thought about buying a .45 since my AR45 uses the Glock mags but just cant make leap. The pistols are plain fugly to me.
  4. hlhneast


    Sorry I cant help but you have a jewel in a sea of Chinese junk. A good American made vice is now well north of $400 the last time I looked. I hope you can find what you need. FaceBook Marketplace is a good source for old stuff like that. I recently bought eight used pipe wrenches, three 24-, one 18", two 14" and two 12"s for $90. Five were Rigid and one Ace Hardware made in America and three chinese. The American made ones were worth close to $400 new. I wire wheeled them and repainted the handles and pressed them right into service. While the Chinese ones worked, the MiUSA were much better. Point being the older made in America are the jewels you want to keep. Three for me and I randomly gave the other 5 to my apprentices.and will stay in service for years ti come. Well maybe not the steel 24" one that out weighed the kid who got it.
  5. hlhneast

    We are screwed.

    Well when SHTF, that will be one less mouth to worry about. Kids today are so protected and parents provide every need they have they are clueless on any real world process. Their education in public schools and colleges is worthless. Plus as you know, some just have no aptitude for anything mechanical. Its why kids who choose trades over a college degree will always be in demand. They are truly the smart ones. Many companies like mine support apprenticeship programs were a kid fresh out of high school can learn a trade at no expense, have his wages set by these programs graduate after four years with a nationally registered ticket and make more money than their college "educated friends. They will not have $100K in student loans and will live a better lifestyle. Yes, they will most likely come home dirty and tired most days with money in the bank. The kid Tow describes, while not maybe a shovel operator, has another skill an educated person would have to pay for. No education necessary, just an eye for detail and a desire to do the best he can. He would be welcome in my gorilla camp any time. The white boy without the skill to open a can better be able to bring something to the greater good or he's outside the fence.
  6. hlhneast

    Coblat kinetics

    Show off! James, have you ever heard of this barrel company? It kinda looks like they are hybrid barrels and they will definitely expensive.
  7. I asked this question in my .450 Bushy thread and havent received any new input so I thought I would separate the subject out from that thread. It may be no one knows either but curiosity moves me to ask again. I see CDNN now advertising quite a few Bushmaster branded products. The barrel I am interested in is chrome lined and I am thinking its pretty typical of a Bushy barrel. But since it is priced at $100, it makes me wonder who might actually be manufacturing the barrel. Anyone know if Bushmaster is going the way of Sig and branching out to generate more revenue and name recognition? Since the company sold out, the Bushy name has taken a hit especially since Windham has entered the market. I certainly trust Windham now more than Bushmaster to provide a good product and buy from them. My A2 clone has a Windham A2 barrel kit and its a fine shooter. But it was not BCA or another comparably priced company's from that price range. Anyone know any scoop on the new Bushy offerings? Lon, anything from the industry? Maybe a distributor offering these products for your stores? Inquiring minds (or at least one) wanna know.
  8. hlhneast

    Coblat kinetics

    Lord have mercy, those rifles are expensive. Most folks here probly dont have the budxget for such rifles. Hell, its more than I paid for my truck! Anyway, the advertised specs sound good but even on the website there are few reviews of their products so the company may be pretty new or the niche these rifles fit is very small. Looks like the components are pretty much all proprietary. Not in the sense they arent mil spec but almost all made in house Ive never heard of the barrel company which means nothing but the website intimates its the cats meow tack driver. I would hope your DDs meow as well considering the prices of them. There are many factors tha`t contribute to accuracy but I do not believe cost is near the top. If it makes you happy investing that much money and shooting a` Cobalt by all means, go for it. If you do, we expect range reports and pictures. Welcome to the board.
  9. hlhneast

    Cancer sucks

    Hoping the best for your brother and all of your family. I will keep yall in my thoughts and praters.
  10. hlhneast

    Yay! Monday again!

    Truly a forked up situation. You got forked when you ran over it, the tire guy will fork you when he fixes your tire and you will be really forked if you have to buy a new tire. So, head home after being forked over by the tire guy, pop the top on a cold one and have a better forkin day!
  11. I am the same way, John. Trust but verify as Mr Reagan said. I look at their eyes. If they dont look directly into mine I am wary right off the bat. Body language is indeed one of the best indicators. The problem is the truly sociopath. They believe the bull spouting from their mouth and with no morals they exhibit no signs of dishonesty. Now with the internet and no actual toe to toe its even harder to make the right decision.
  12. Well they sure fooled me. I wasnt raised to be deceitful so I can be taken advantage of. Pepper, with your LEO background, you definitely have seen the worst of human behavior, more than your average citizen. I think the human race is basically good but the bad ones get the press. I chose this forum over the others to call home because I think the folks here are 99.9999999% all good people, people I would trust and enjoy interacting with. I thank you for your compliments but I have to believe there are more good than bad people out there. How else do crooks make their money?? Got to be gullible trusting people who can be taken advantage of. Only life exposure can teach those hard lessons to file away and keep you from being taken advantage of too many times. I still make mistakes at times but I hope I never lose faith.
  13. hlhneast

    Stripped uppers

    I think thats the biggest complaint with side chargers. Glenn will tell ya he changes the charge knob on most of his but thats mostly the grip pattern rather than larger sizes IIRC. You have to balance ease of operation with the larger size hanging up on clothing or otherwise being in the way. My Rem 7400 just had a little curved handle, basically just enough to get a finger on. I dont remember if it was non reciprocating or not. I think its better to have a non reciprocating action with less chance of the CH catching on anything. Especially some flesh.
  14. I hate it when I give someone the benefit of the doubt and end up being wrong. Always looking for the best in people gets me in trouble too much. Thanks Pepper for doing the digging and exposing the sham.
  15. hlhneast

    midway usa sale on rise triggers

    Jump quick and you can save a few more pennies with Primary Arms. $83.85. https://www.primaryarms.com/SaleName+24-Hour-Deal?trk_msg=8OI2E9PPFV541A3B3I84J4OVI8&trk_contact=0NHI34TI852DMLFTB6FBO1UC4S&trk_sid=V85SNFBV2JTN1R10IAHPOOPAR8&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=BANNER_1&utm_campaign=19_12_AD08_24hr