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  1. hlhneast

    Deer season

    Congrats! I still have two weekends left but probly will only get to hunt one of them since the tranny dropped out of the Tahoe. No harvest as yet, I have seen my share of does and nubbin bucks, about the same as last year. Had I been better prepared with a borrowed crossbow during archery I would have taken at least one. Truthfully if I was depending on my hunting skill and luck I would have starved years ago, lol. I just enjoy getting out to the woods and seeing game, enjoying time with buddies and telling lies.
  2. hlhneast

    Banning private gun sales.

    Yeah. Both sides stink.
  3. hlhneast

    My card hurts.

    Spend it in a day and pay for it the rest of the year! This year I am not spending a bunch. Typically I give my son (his wife actually) a lump sum of Santa money to buy the grand kids Christmas. They have been in a financial slump for the last few years and if it wasnt for Papa, the tree would be pretty bear. When my son was making good money, they would spend a couple hundred on each kid and I warned them if anything happened to that gravy train the kids would be very disappointed. This year Papa will not be contributing much as I have needs myself for the money I get for a Xmas bonus. Papa needs a new ride so every dime is going into a down payment. Thankfully the kids are a lot older now and I think they understand more of how the family finances are. I grew up very poor and Xmas wasnt a big time of anticipation of gifts and I understood what was going on so it was just another day. Hopefully they will understand.
  4. hlhneast

    pro athletes lose money from Trump tax cuts.

    Good. Most of these jokers make way too much for their contributions to society. Many pro athletes do nothing to help their communities while racking in large amounts of money, money that comes from the community they play in. Typical Libtard "Let the Gov't help them" but do not open their pocket attitude. If they cared so much about social justice and change they should put some of those millions they make back into the community and really help someone instead of making a spectacle out of disrespect.
  5. hlhneast

    21 years go

    For the longest time I had a remnant of a thorn in the bottom of my foot. I actually stepped on a tree limb from the Osage Orange tree, more commonly known as a Bois D'Arc (Bo Dock} or Horse Apple tree. These things are nasty, armored with two inch long thorns. I dug around initially and thought I got it all but apparently the very end broke off and stayed in my foot. I didnt notice until months later when a hard cap formed over the thorn and was putting pressure on the thorn and irritating me. The cap continued to form over the next couple of years and I would pop it out and I was GTG for a few more months until it would start putting pressure on the thorn again. It took several years to work it all out. I have had any number of wood splinters and metal shavings invade me but mostly I either dug them out or they finally formed a puss pocket and I forced the offending substance to pop out. It is amazing what the body will tolerate and not really cause issues.
  6. hlhneast

    Training vs. Experience.....By Greg Ellifritz

    These types of threads are great for someone like myself who doesmt have any real world experience in a fighting scenario like a LEO may have. No military training either. I am one of those static range guys but I do dry fire on occasion. These threads motivate me more to do the right thing and get out more. I hope they motivate more individuals like myself. Its easy to find a lot of excuses to not train and I use them all. This is a dangerous attitude to take. Will I be able to defend myself with the weapon I am carrying? I hope so but I need to know so. Thanks guys for raising my awareness and the motivation to get out and do the right thing.
  7. hlhneast

    Saw this on another forum, had to share.

    You really dont know how close you are. A trucker I knew was hauling some type of produce and his truck was parked next to a field loading up. He saw a potty at the end and decided to take a piss. He opened the door and it was overflowing with sh*t. Where did workers relieve themselves then? They have to be pumped every now and then.
  8. I hope Maiko is chewing on some Al Queda Azz in doggie heaven. These dogs were used extensively in the island hopping during WW2 and many gave their lives for their handlers and the soldiers they served. American dog owners "volunteered" many of these pups for service knowing they would never see them again. Some could not be returned because they were trained too intensely and some who had this training reverted to the house dog they were before they served. Amazing stories.
  9. hlhneast

    Christmas list

    A waffle iron.
  10. hlhneast

    Oregon and magic mushrooms

    The problem with any hallucinogenic that is not produced with any standards is you do not know how much of the drug you may be ingesting. Back in my high school days these mushrooms were popular with the druggies and were boiled into a tea flavored with KoolAid of some type. These guys would go harvest a hundred shrooms and boil them down to a gallon and drink a big cup without any idea what the effects would be. One guy from my high school blew a three way stop, narrowly missed gas pumps at the store and ran into the building next door. Luckily no serious injuries except some brain cells. I cant see any State legalizing these things. Hopefully the farmer will scare off anyone trespassing to harvest any with a shotgun.
  11. hlhneast

    It’s monday & Springfields don’t float.

    Dang Lyle, my butt would have been so puckered I dont think I could have gotten my wallet out to pay the man! Glad you got your heater back. It was still cheaper than buying a new one.
  12. hlhneast


    Checking the FWC website I cant find anything about magazine limits but daily harvest is 15 birds with Unlimited possession limit. Snow Geese are lumped in with ":Light Geese" with two other varieties and has a slightly different season than Canadians. I also looked at the brochure from the Lower Suwannee Wildlife Refuge and the only mention to any waterfowl is the Refuge follows the State regs. You have to be super careful down there tho, they will still have tweaks like no lead shot. They also have separate Wildlife Officers, more than the State would have in the area. A few phone calls would be in order to be in compliance. Ive not seen any huge flocks here like in any of those vids. Looks like the Mississippi Flyway is where most of these birds migrate. I can see where they pose a huge agricultural problem in numbers like those. I would like to bag one just to see how they taste. Somebody cook one and give us a kitchen/grill report.
  13. hlhneast

    Dear Santa:

    MMmmmmm bacon!
  14. hlhneast

    Dear Santa:

  15. hlhneast

    And somehow, just like that, without even noticing

    Wow Red! Thanks for serving the USA and all of us!! While others might not give you a second look, I will meet your gaze and nod my appreciation if your in uniform or have indications of service. I love to bring a bit of joy into an octogenarian Vet by shaking their hand and saying thank you. Not saying your 80 or anything!!