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  1. And the Wuhan lab! And he and Biden want to give China our patent rights for the vaccine!
  2. This guy loves the spotlight. A man who has never treated a patient has been coronated as the voice of the CV19 recovery. Please go away. Now he has declared another year before thing will "almost get back to normal" This man loves the spotlight and will continue peddling extended CV19 bullsh*t to stay relevant and on the interview circuit. His word has become the "guiding light" and is based on nothing more than his desire to be the center of attention. His new prediction of another year of CV19 based restrictions is totally based in his desires, not in science. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/rebeccadowns/2021/05/09/dr-fauci-i-hope-well-be-normal-by-next-mothers-day-with-some-conditions-n2589182?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&newsletterad=05/10/2021&bcid=8798fffbfb6f088992d0510d4d701063&recip=27409430
  3. Its easier for her to say "No" because she doesnt have to do work. Besides she shouldnt be a nosy beotch. Your State government at work.
  4. Aero Precision is my go to. I bought it from Arm or Ally when stuff was scarce. You might try Aero's website as well.
  5. Ive bought from them as well. Back when parts were hard to find (is it over??), I bought a couple AR308 upper receiver and it was in stock and fast shipping. Prices were a bit high but at that point it was find it where you could and pay up.
  6. Great story and glad the kids no dont have to worry so much about finances.
  7. Welcome back to the madness! You came back just in time for HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  8. I drink one big cup at the house, then another 12oz I buy at the store with a muffin. After that, I am pretty much done unless driving a long trip at night. My problem is getting rid of the by products along the way. Drink one cup, piss three times! During the summer I try to cut back because I sweat so bad and caffeine makes it worse. I love Dr Pepper and Iced tea but always choose non caffeinated drinks at lunch to cut down my sweat. I carry three tshirts to work and sweat thru the first one by 10am. I put on a dry one and hang the wet one from my pipe rack so its dry by lunch when #2 shirt is soaked. If not I have #3 to go into the lunch spot.
  9. I renewed mine last year in FL and had no issues getting my star! I brought a file folder full of stuff, the guy never asked for any type of mail to prove address, never asked for a social or W2s, just an eye check and i was out the door! Timed it right as I only sat for about ten minutes. The fastest visit 'I ever had. This February I registered my new to me Wrangler and had no appointment. It was 3:30pm and it seemed half of Duval County was there. Took an hour and a half wait, ten minutes at the desk and $400 later I had a shiny new Antique tag. My Yukon needed renewing as well but after that wallet emptying experience I decided to wait til the following week. Then promptly forgot about it until well after the expiry. My son was using the truck until he got his fixed so when I remembered two months later I called him to stop driving it. Luckily he wasnt pulled over. When I went to DMV to renew, as I was walking to the door I remembered I did not have a friggin mask. I turned around, went home and renewed online which I should have done in the first place. Three days later I got my decal in the mail.
  10. The only thing missing is some type of cooking apparatus and my mouth at the end of the conveyor!
  11. Yep and unfortunately its just one microcosm of the broader Nanny State agenda. We are too stupid to make our own decisions so the .gov has to regulate and control every aspect of our lives. The Communists knew they didnt have to attack, just sit and wait for the USA to implode. G*d D@mn Biden and the whole Liberal movement is all I have to say other than "Hold your fire til you see the whites of their eyes".
  12. 20 million+ ARs in the public's hands. Many new owners hopefully who want to keep them and hopefully they will tell their representatives.
  13. Thats all that matters really. my 30yr old Wrangler has 147,XXX on it and still runs strong. New radiator and a fresh tranny rebuild, new tires, soft top and seats. It has some needs, the windshield frame is rusty but I have the replacement in hand, just needs paint and I will take it to a glass shop to pull and reinstall the glass. I would do it but I dont wanna break it. I figure it will be cheaper in the long run to let a professional handle it. Other little things like burned out dash bulbs and I need a real antenna, the 30cal cartridge looks cool but dont pick up squat. Oh yeah, and some door windows, lol. Your GC is shaping up well and the H3 looked pretty bad azz too. One of these nice days I will remember to take a pic or two of the Wrangler before I put it back to bed. I need some before and after shots. It isnt the purtiest thing but I like it.
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