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  1. John, we hear what you are saying, how many posts now have you expressed the same conclusions and convictions? Heres an idea, instead of just posting here, every time you type your views here, put them in a letter or email to your Congressmen and the President. Tell them you are willing to stay home or vote Democrat because of their views. If everyone will do this every time they get pissed, maybe the Swamp will get the message. Make enough noise and swing public opinion even if you arent part of the community who is screaming. If 1/10th of the population can get LGBTQ protection laws passed, we have to keep in their face expressing our views. I would also be very careful on the wording used in posting here, surely Big Brother keeps an eye on any pro 2A forum. What you express could be construed by the wrong people as fomenting rebellion against the government. While these words may be heart felt, we as your brothers understand how you feel and are pretty much in your camp. I would hate for you to be placed under closer scrutiny or deemed a "danger to society" and subject to new Red Flag Laws. All I am saying is hold tenets close to your heart but not put them in the public purview. With the proposed increase of 4A violation via social media monitoring these comments may bring unwarranted attention or even worse a visit from law enforcement to confiscate your firearms. I would be careful being totally honest about what actions you are willing to take here and in writings to Washington. Your wording could be construed by the wrong people as fomenting rebellion against the Government. We all know while it is heart felt and actionable when necessary, you could be lumped into the "Danger to Society" category and be subjected to new Red Flag Laws. We are all brothers and share the same love for country and our 2A rights but lets keep comments about rebellion out of public purview lest we cause our own grief.
  2. hlhneast

    Tick, tock Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    The Libs will have a meltdown because they want to do away with the Constitution and make this country a socialist state. I think the very definition of "constitutionalist" cant help but be conservative because they interpret the document as written, not warp it with a political point of view. No change in the make up of the court is warranted because these Justices are doing what the job calls for. Any changes in the SCOTUS should come from the people but unfortunately the Congress does have the power and have done so in the past. The number hasnt changed since 1869. We must regain control of both Houses and retain the Presidency to prevent this happening. If not it will be a long fight for Congressional approval if Trump remains President. Pelosi acts like she can add Leftist Justices and automatically they are on the bench. Congress will have another reason to not do anything while they sit around and argue about nominees the President puts forth. Ms. Pelosi, Leave the Court alone and stop trying to legislate an advantage.
  3. hlhneast

    Oh crap...

    There was a time that view would have scared the shat out of me but in my old age I lead a much slower, simpler and legal lifestyle. Not very exciting but the view is much better from my front window without bars covering it.
  4. hlhneast

    The Reward for Opening one's Country to Immigrants

    I believe European countries have invited immigrants in for menial low paid labor. Sound familiar? What they have ended up with is undesirables who have no intention of assimilating into their host country. Some my have escaped persecution in their home countries and are thankful for a better opportunity but others are disillusioned and unhappy with their new home and the life they find themselves in. This disillusionment foments subversive behavior. They see "infidels" leading good lives, lives they are unable to obtain because of prejudice as well as learning and language skills. It makes them easy targets for evil people making promises of 72 virgins in a land of milk and honey or however the fable unfolds. This will be the same tragedy that will unfold in the USA if we allow unchecked immigration and open borders. While most are moving up from the South looking for a better life, no telling what other vermin may sneak across with bad intentions. Already we see drugs coming across its only a matter of time before something much worse makes it here unless the border is secured.
  5. These deer are in your yard??
  6. hlhneast


    This is so true John. I cant imagine how we would look to the world with a doddering old senile President. Uncle Joe needs to be put out to pasture and let old timers disease take the rest of what is left of his brain.
  7. This happens way too much. We constantly see previously deported criminals being charged with heinous crimes. Incarcerating these types instead of deporting would usually solve the problem in prison with the bastige being offed by fellow inmates. Sanctuary areas must be brought to the rule of law and order and must be forced to stop releasing dangerous illegals back into the populace without notifying ICE. Lib left wing policies have to be met with jailing the officials who break the law.
  8. Thank you sir. The possibility of having an approval in 4-6 weeks instead of 6-8 months makes it a whole lot more palatable. Having $200 hanging out waiting for some .gov stooge to stamp your application just rubs me the wrong way.
  9. hlhneast

    First Annual Gatfishing Tournament

    I would definitely follow the report to LE rule. I would think most of the recovered weapons would have been tossed to get rid of the evidence. You may end up solving a crime or reuniting a weapon with the owner.
  10. hlhneast

    Ok, THIS is a neat idea.

    I would love to see more about the mechaicals as well. Is it all in gearing or is walking generating power of some kind? If gearing, how hard is it to get started? The stopping without crashing thing would be really important too. Pretty cool!
  11. hlhneast

    PSA Prices

    It could be prices are rising with aluminum tariffs if any raw stock comes from countries included. Also as with any company when a new product is introduced it may have a higher price until market demand is established and prices drop after its determined what the market will bear or inventory isnt moving out fast enough. PSA uses different suppliers as well. I dont think they actually manufacture anything but I may be wrong. If they changed suppliers using better quality materials it may reflect increases. Most likely items you've noticed increases on will go on sale at the lower prices soon enough. I havent resubscribed to their emailings because they are too tempting at times, lol.
  12. Of course their sisters, wives and aunties will be in danger as well.
  13. hlhneast

    Mechanical Broadheads

    I got a good deal on Rage Hypodermics, bought three plus the practice head for $18. I discovered I threw away the old clothes I had piled up so I cleaned out my Tshirt drawer, old work T's and some older than my grandson I havent worn for years. Its made a nice dense target that should hold up. I used two of the poly bags initially and have three left over so I am good for a while. I read somewhere that bolts can be a big part of accuracy. The few shots I have taken so far with the Carbon Express economy shafts are yielding good results. Is it worth the extra money to buy some precision shafts? The inserts on the ones I have are not fixed so I need to keep an eye on nock and head rotation. Can these be glued to the shaft? Ive used JB Weld in the past on arrows, would it be a good adhesive for the bolts? I hope to get out a shoot some more this weekend. Its only supposed to be in the low 90's....woo hoo???
  14. Can you locate the Efile for SBRs? I looked at the ATF website and maybe I am overlooking it.