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  1. How many of y'all are running recoil spring buffers in your carbines? I am wondering about the advantages of this type of buffer system in a SHTF carbine. The spring noise of a standard system doesnt bother me nor does recoil really. My build has a mid length gas system so I am wondering if that combined with the recoil spring might cause issues. I do want low recoil and swift follow up shots so any advantage gained is a plus. I can hit MOBG (6" pie plate) with my A2 carry handle as fast as I reacquire and pull the trigger at 100, not bad but could be better. My SHTF will sport a Trij MRO and sighting will be faster so minimal recoil starts to play into speed. The recoil springs I am looking at are Armaspec's on sale from Joe Bob's. Standard and H2's are available. Ive never played around with buffer weights much except with my PCC so its kinda voodoo science to me. Any enlightenment will be greatly appreciated. Armaspec Recoil Spring Buffer
  2. I started to reply to Bush's thread on Lies, Lies, Lies but decided to post in a new thread as my reply ended up being so long. I gotta agree with Bush. There is so much information, misinformation, supposition and down right lying about SARS Covid, I dont know how the hell you tell what is going on. The only truth I know is what I have personally experienced. All during the first 18 months of the "pandemic" I didnt make a whole bunch of effort to not be infected. Deemed "essential" as a construction worker, I never slacked off as contracts had been signed and there was plenty of work. Being a profuse sweater, wearing a mask was out of the question at work as I didnt think waterboarding all day long was a good idea. Where mandated by private entities, I either wore a mask or didnt enter the business. I washed my hands after handling common surfaces pretty much when it was possible but not as a rule. The vaccines became available and I didnt rush to get in line. At 63, I wasnt on the first line anyway and I had survived well without the jab. Several friends had become infected early on, one spent three weeks in the hospital and was given a 20% survival chance at one point. Everyone infected I knew survived except for my DIL's 90 year old grand father who wasnt healthy to begin with. Some of the infected are still not 100% months after recovery. Breathing issues, fatigue and various other symptoms have persisted. I can be sick for a couple of weeks but months? No, I still have to work for a living. These lingering symptoms prompted me to go ahead and get the shot. About 6 weeks ago I got the J%J vaccine at a local grocers pharmacy. I understood it didnt give the protection of the two shot vaccines but rather than having to come back to get the second, I decided to do "one and done". 10 days ago I woke up shaking with chills and the next morning I checked my temperature. I was at 100* so I became very suspicious I may have contracted Delta. My nose stopped up and I had a bit of a wet cough, very typical of a cold. Symptoms werent severe but as a caution I self isolated and made arrangements to have a rapid antigen test three days out. The day before the test, I lost sense of taste. That pretty much convinced me and the antigen test confirmed I was Covid positive. I am not sure which SARS Covid version I managed to catch or where exactly I picked it up. My helper did not get infected even after sitting next to each other in my truck and working closely together every day. He had just gotten the first jab about a week before so that may have helped his immunity. I dont know if I contracted the Delta variant or Alpha managed to sneak around the purported 75% effective rate of the J&J. What I can say is my symptoms were extremely mild and I return to work tomorrow. I am still stuffed up and have a bit of a lingering cough but thats pretty normal when I catch a cold. That should clear up in another week or so. After the J&J and antibodies developed from infection, I should be in pretty good shape. Invisible and bullet proof just like I was 20 again. Well, lets hope so anyway. I wont tell anyone what to do with their health. The decision to get vaccinated is up to you and you should do your due diligence and research everything you can. Since these vaccines are "experimental" and for "emergency use" and all the conflicting information out there, I can understand someones hesitancy. Some side effects are appearing with all of them but are very minimal. I had heard the J&J had blood clot issues but reading about 1K people out of 2M had side effects it didnt really worry me. As I understand it, the J&J is a more traditional type vaccine so I figured it would be best for me in my situation. I never figured I would end up with it but I survived with very little issue so I consider myself lucky. Thats my experiences with this stupid virus. I hope all of yall and yours remain healthy!!
  3. Hello all! Just checking in with my buds with a heads up on some good deals. I am still subscribed to most of the suppliers even if I am not buying much. Ive basically reached a pinnacle in my building career having explored a bunch of different 2.25" cartridge chambered ARs and having my fun with them. The 5.56 will always be my fave and my choice for HD but the AR is so versatile you can do just about anything and hunt just about anything with cartridges that fit the magazine. The LEGO like nature of Eugene Stoner's design and overall simplicity is about the most fun I have had with my pants on....well, sometimes I put em together wearing drawers but thats beside the point. https://dsgarms.com/deals-and-weekly-specials#/pageSize=15&viewMode=grid&orderBy=0 Enough rambling and back to the purpose of my post. DSG Arms is a great supplier of all things AR and they dont clutter my inbox with a dozen ads each week. There are a bunch of really good prices this week and a bit of hope that we are starting to come out of the pandemic parts desert. They even have some ammo which I am sure is disappearing as I write this. A couple specific deals caught my attention. Ive been ( halfheartedly) looking for an ALG ACT FCG for almost a year. They generally run close to $70 just about everywhere but DSG has them on sale for $59. They also have Trijicon MRO's on sale for $398 w/o mount. Various caliber ammo from Fiocchi at decent pricing and P Mags galore as well. Lots of USA made builders parts. So here ya go. If your looking to spend money, DSG will be more than happy to help you knock the cobwebs off your CC, Ive bought different items from them over the years and have always gotten great service. https://dsgarms.com/weeklydeals?utm_campaign=Aug+10&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Aug 10 And if the email link wont work, try this one. It has some different deals than the email one. https://dsgarms.com/deals-and-weekly-specials#/pageSize=15&viewMode=grid&orderBy=0 Everyone stay happy and healthy!
  4. Just wanted to say howdy to my brothers. My new to me Jeep Wrangler has been taking my time, money and focus away from my rifles. Lack of expendable ammo, difficultly locating parts for one build and the onslaught of summer heat dampens my drive to do a whole lot. But I am still around and I am going to take my most favorite M16-A2 clone to the woods this weekend and crank off a few rounds of my limited ammo stock. At my last visit a month or two ago I posted about my Wrangler and James "Professor Tack" said he was selling a few rifles to fund his Cherokee build up. One hobby finances another and with the uncertainty of the new administration's love of the Executive Order to nullify the 2nd Amendment, I decided to reduce my inventory and help a few other like minded folks enjoy some of my hard work. With prices of AR's going thru the roof as well, its kinda like having an ounce of gold you bought two years ago for $1200, now almost doubles in value. I am not one to take advantage of any panic so my pricing isnt outrageous but I will add a bit because of supply and demand. I have my favorites that will be passed on to my grandsons but I built several rifles "just because" My A2 was built in close collaboration with James as he helped me empty my wallet!. I bought the genuine FN carry handle upper and BCG from him and it sits on top of the serial number 0001 Black Creek Precision A2 engraved lower we worked together to bring to the hobby. While my grand son's may not fully appreciate all aspects of this weapon but I certainly do. I am forever grateful to James for all the help he brought to the build. A few other rifles will stay with me as well. The 733 clone is a keeper. My last two builds will stay as well. Still unfinished (lack of parts availability) is my go to SHTF FN barreled 16" carbine and my LR308 still sits in pieces as well. I need to find the last couple of things I need and get off my arse and finish these rifles before the parts rust. I have no valid reasons other than diverted attention and money. I hope everyone is doing well and I will drop by from time to time to check up on yall. Take care my brothers!
  5. And the Wuhan lab! And he and Biden want to give China our patent rights for the vaccine!
  6. This guy loves the spotlight. A man who has never treated a patient has been coronated as the voice of the CV19 recovery. Please go away. Now he has declared another year before thing will "almost get back to normal" This man loves the spotlight and will continue peddling extended CV19 bullsh*t to stay relevant and on the interview circuit. His word has become the "guiding light" and is based on nothing more than his desire to be the center of attention. His new prediction of another year of CV19 based restrictions is totally based in his desires, not in science. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/rebeccadowns/2021/05/09/dr-fauci-i-hope-well-be-normal-by-next-mothers-day-with-some-conditions-n2589182?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&newsletterad=05/10/2021&bcid=8798fffbfb6f088992d0510d4d701063&recip=27409430
  7. Its easier for her to say "No" because she doesnt have to do work. Besides she shouldnt be a nosy beotch. Your State government at work.
  8. Aero Precision is my go to. I bought it from Arm or Ally when stuff was scarce. You might try Aero's website as well.
  9. Ive bought from them as well. Back when parts were hard to find (is it over??), I bought a couple AR308 upper receiver and it was in stock and fast shipping. Prices were a bit high but at that point it was find it where you could and pay up.
  10. Great story and glad the kids no dont have to worry so much about finances.
  11. Welcome back to the madness! You came back just in time for HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  12. I drink one big cup at the house, then another 12oz I buy at the store with a muffin. After that, I am pretty much done unless driving a long trip at night. My problem is getting rid of the by products along the way. Drink one cup, piss three times! During the summer I try to cut back because I sweat so bad and caffeine makes it worse. I love Dr Pepper and Iced tea but always choose non caffeinated drinks at lunch to cut down my sweat. I carry three tshirts to work and sweat thru the first one by 10am. I put on a dry one and hang the wet one from my pipe rack so its dry by lunch when #2 shirt is soaked. If not I have #3 to go into the lunch spot.
  13. I renewed mine last year in FL and had no issues getting my star! I brought a file folder full of stuff, the guy never asked for any type of mail to prove address, never asked for a social or W2s, just an eye check and i was out the door! Timed it right as I only sat for about ten minutes. The fastest visit 'I ever had. This February I registered my new to me Wrangler and had no appointment. It was 3:30pm and it seemed half of Duval County was there. Took an hour and a half wait, ten minutes at the desk and $400 later I had a shiny new Antique tag. My Yukon needed renewing as well but after that wallet emptying experience I decided to wait til the following week. Then promptly forgot about it until well after the expiry. My son was using the truck until he got his fixed so when I remembered two months later I called him to stop driving it. Luckily he wasnt pulled over. When I went to DMV to renew, as I was walking to the door I remembered I did not have a friggin mask. I turned around, went home and renewed online which I should have done in the first place. Three days later I got my decal in the mail.
  14. The only thing missing is some type of cooking apparatus and my mouth at the end of the conveyor!
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