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  1. hlhneast


    With the HG fixed now with the new barrel nut and some judicious dremelling, its another item finished. I ordered Troys Squid Grips which insert into the holes of the HG for heat protection, they will be here early next week. Yhe ALG ACT came in yesterday and its installed so it will go bang now. I am waiting for the compensator (tomorrow) and it will be "complete" with the Magpul flip up BUIS. I am still looking at red dots and I will probly order one tomorrow. I will post pics after the compensator goes on. Oh and I still have to modify a buffer to 8-10oz before pulling the trigger. Paying $50+ for something I can make just goes against the grain with me. Stay tuned tomorrow evening for pics of the newest PCC on the forum. It looks sweet with the Alpha rail.
  2. hlhneast

    Troy Alpha Rail

    I performed a drop test last night when I accidentally knocked the rifle over. Still tight!
  3. hlhneast

    Troy Alpha Rail

    Glenn, the inside of my rail was not nearly as defined as you pic of the inside shows. Delta sometimes gets overruns from manufsaturers or builders. In fact one side of my rail says Troy and the other says MMC Armory. The one I have may not have made their cut of sliding right on a barrel nut so they sold it off. MMC may have also been a Troy licensee like P&S with KAC. Ive never seen any of their products or rifles out there.
  4. hlhneast

    Troy Alpha Rail

    You must be a referrin to them GA dogs. I am a 'Dog fan too. Miss. State Bulldogs that is. You know, the bottom of the SEC rankings most years? Yeah, I cant help it. I went to the Cow College a few years back. Well, many years back.
  5. hlhneast

    Troy Alpha Rail

    HA! I got the dam thing on and its tight! What I discovered was the "milspec" nut I was trying to use had a bevel at the end where the dogs would normally catch and they were sliding off or just not making contact with the barrel nut at all. Luckily I had another nut to compare. I also whipped out the trusty micrometer and found the nut was a few hundreds larger than the rail slots as well as squared off on the ends. The dremel quickly pointed out the teeth and removed the excess material. I dunno if the rail was not exactly right or it was the nut but I figured the nut was less than $10 so I would grind on it instead of the $130 rail just in case it still wouldnt attach correctly. No pic yet of the rifle as it isnt complete but its lookin pretty sweet! Stay tuned my brothers!
  6. hlhneast

    Troy Alpha Rail

    Thanks Glenn, Joel, those responses give me a little hope. I think I m doing everything right. The only thing I have not checked is the barrel nut to dog fitment. I made sure the alignment tang was properly positioned and alternately tightened incrementally several times with the same results. I am thinking the issue is with the barrel nut so I may order one from BCM or Troy directly. Bama, I am glad at least others experienced the same issues I am. The securing system leaves a lot to be desired for a rather expensive hand guard. I bought it from Delta a while back thinking it was a great deal, $60-70 less than elsewhere and included the barrel nut. Since the nut does not come with the rail normally, it may be a cheap Chinese nut they retail and may not be suited to the rail. Its now moot anyway, I ordered a different HG this morning. I may order another nut just to have it ready to try again on another project. Keep watching my AR45 thread for updates and pics. It should be done this weekend and off to the range!
  7. hlhneast


    Finally ordered the remainder of the parts needed. The Troy rail I tried to use was a flop, I could not for the life of me get the rail secured solidly to the standard barel nut. Too much frustration so I ordered a super slim Mlok handguard instead. Nothing fancy, Chinese but I had good luck with another one I bought so I figured it to be safe. I also ordered the Kaw Valley 11/16X24 pitch compensator I mentioned above. Everything I already received is assembled. Of course I will have to take the barrel nut back off to install the new one specific to the hand guard to finish the upper assembly and right now it has a BCM large latch charging handle. At some point I will change it out for an ambi. I also need to add weight to the buffer to get it closer to 10oz as suggested. The blow back bolt is not at all like a DI one except similarly shaped. Its considerably heavier as well. It does not have locking lugs which I find a little disconcerting as I do not understand the blow back system. The lower was semi assembled with parts specific to the PCC so I almost have another full LPK for another build. The ALG ACT will be in today or tomorrow. The 26rd mags I bought from Gunmagwarehouse drop free without issue. According to the directions on the lower, I may need to adjust the LRBHO feature. It is outfitted with an Ergo rubber grip and a Trinity Force 6 way aluminum minimalist type stock and buffer tube assembly. Hopefully the last couple of pieces will be in by the weekend and I will have some pics.
  8. hlhneast

    Troy Alpha Rail

    I bought an Alpha rail a while back with no real plans where it would reside so I decided to put it on my AR45. It is supposed to lock on a standard barrel nut but when I get it in position and tighten it down, it isnt solid at all. I can actually wiggle it back and forth until it comes completely off. I dont know WTH I am doing wrong. Anybody install one of these and have similar issues?
  9. hlhneast

    It starts, another "Niche" wildcat.

    Great job Glenn! Another sweet build.
  10. hlhneast

    First build

    Looks good! Do not fear the BRD, embrace it, feed it and enjoy. Eat ramens and beanie wienie to fuel the passion.
  11. hlhneast

    Please help me choose my new AR

    My S&W Sport (that I bought for hog hunting) just inflamed the BRD. It is a fine rifle with a lifetime warranty. That being said, the other three suggestions so far are good as well. Springfield and Ruger do have proprietary parts but I wouldnt worry too much about that. In the unlikely possibility something fails those rifles will go back to the manufacturer just like the Smith. It would only be detrimental if SHTF and it did break. You may not be able to get the part to fix it. Any money you save out of the $950 you should spend on ammo and range time. Neither the Sport or the PSA combo Tack suggested will be anywhere near that price. The Springfield is a bit more and the Colt is overpriced IMO for what they are now producing. Thats just me. The older models were built better but Colt has to do something to comete now in a market with many manufacturers. They have seen their share of the market drop and they have to stay competitive in the intro market. If you look at any manufacturers website they have the intro rifles priced for the first time buyer and if you look, the next steps up get pricey quick. Buy what you like and shoot the piss out of it. Find out what you may like better by shooting it and researching here and other forums. Most likely it will set off a bad case of BRD and you will build a rifle specifically what you want. We have at least one member that has many, many black rifles because he is a military rifle history buff and I think he strives to own every AR clone variant of the M16. Who knows, you may end up buying another gun safe like I did. I cant imagine having to secure 50 or more rifles. Welcome to the Forum, we are here to help with advice and to help you spend your money!
  12. hlhneast

    Is there really that big of a difference?

    It really has to do with the purpose of the firearm. Spend what you are comfortable with.
  13. hlhneast

    Custom Free Float Hand Guards

    Never said they was cheap!!
  14. Just found this site and these hand guards are bad to the bone!! I guess CNC has brought so many options to the table and these are great examples of what these machines and a little artistic ability can do. They are kinda pricey but what do you expect for custom work. They also will take your design and make what you want so the sky is the limit as long as the design will hold together. Pretty cool. https://unique-ars.com/product-category/hand-guards/page/3/
  15. Ran across these on another forum with most folks saying they cant find the blem. One guy did get one that was pretty beaten up but still functional. Free shipping if you order two or more or add enough other things to qualify. Not sure exactly how much that is. Check website for further details. I picked one up for my 733 clone. Right now its wearing an A3 upper with a detachable carry handle and I want to get rid of the screw knobs. I will trade the hardware from the detachable to the fixed. https://lmtdefense.com/parts/a2-upper-receiver Dammit. Funds diverted from my AR45 build. BRD is such a beotch. Where is the emoji that has Smiley pulling out empty pockets when you need it!