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  1. I guess since I quoted your whole post I was needing to be committed to the Florida State Hospital. Not this boy. My boys are raised up so no need to have one around.
  2. Oh hell no. I made pledge when I got rid of the last one I would never ask another nut job to marry me, LOL I dunno where we got our wires crossed but that aint happening here
  3. And I was seriously tempted by this as well. Please give a review when you get some lead down range. I bought a .22mag bolt rifle for hogs during small game at a Nat'l Refuge in Dixie Co. The Federal Wardens are pretty strict on rimfire and #4 or smaller shot in your possession. To the point of checking every shell not only in your firearm but in your vehicle as well. I have a two cylinder western style revolver that keeps the mag wheel in it. I also have a .CMMG 22LR conversion kit for my A2 clone or whichever one I want to stick it in. It only makes sense to have a .22mag upper, right? LOL!!!
  4. Red dots are pretty simple point and shoot optics. If you havent bought one yet, try and get one thats 2MOA so the dot doesnt cover your target. Most RDS are very low power, generally meant for CQB. I have one on my .450 Bushmaster because its a close quarter weapon and I rarely have shots more than 100yds in the FLAswamps. We also have some big pigs that need 250gr lead poisoning. I also have a high quality big objective MRO for my self defense SHTF rifle. This is good advice with any optic. If you know someone with a shooters vice its extremely simple. I bought a Caldwell Lead Sled used off FB Marketplace for half the new price
  5. THIS. I dont have near 200 mags (maybe I have 20?) nor do I have the rifles the Professor has. Have enough for the rifles you have and I see no reason to have a bunch of mags and one or two rifles. As stated, the guys here frown on anyone taking advantage of panics created by possible bans by jacking prices of stock they may have. If you feel the need to buy up a bunch, go ahead but if they just sit in the safe its money you could have spent elsewhere. Ask yourself "Do I want to carry around 50 loaded mags in my range or bug out bag?? I have a magazine carry box that stores 12-15 mags I keep loaded and take to the range and rarely shoot them empty. I have a few more in the safe still in plastic. Unless someone puts mags on sale cheap, I dont see myself buying more.
  6. Welcome to the Forum. PSA has a good rep as well as the S&W. I think Ruger has a few proprietary parts but may be wrong. ATI I have no experience with. The AR15 platform is extremely simple. Eugene Stoner was brilliant and designed a fine weapon any 18yr old recruit can take care of and shoot well. After I bought my first AR, a S&W Sport, I started building them. Watch a YouTube or I think Brownells has a tutorial on assembly. If you have minimal mechanical skills, you can assemble an AR15. The reason building is a good option is you can buy better quality parts a little at a time. You dont have to lay out a bunch of money right off the rip. The members here are willing to help you choose parts and if you happen to run into issues. There really are only a couple of specialty tools needed, an armorers wrench ($20 and up) and a good vice block (Magpul makes a good one for $50-60 probly now) Most other things you should have if you do any mechanic work. Screwdrivers, allen wrenches, crescent wrench and a bench vice. There are other little specialty tools making the job easier and most are inexpensive. Check out those videos and see if its something you feel like you can do. We are willing to help and spend your money! I dont pop on here much but you can send me a PM anytime if you have questions. I think I get email notifications still when someone does. Good luck!
  7. I was severely tempted by BCA recently with a complete .450 Bushy rifle I think was less than $400. I built one on a Bushmaster 20" barrel and at less than 100yds is amazingly accurate so I thought "WTH' lets get a second Bushy" I am shooting 250gr ballistic tips and am well pleased with the results from my set up. I was curious about BCA's accuracy with a heavier pill but not really needing two Bushy's, I decided to pass. If your building a .308, I would definitely spend a few more bucks on a better quality barrel so you can reach out reliably.
  8. I was heading to FL from MS with a couple of friends and had to make a stop outside of Bainbridge GA. It was an undeveloped area with a decent road off the highway. We all got out, did our business, piled back in and started back towards the highway only to get blue lighted. The officer was nice enough, asked us what our business was back in the "Industrial Park" I snickered inwardly as there was nothing there. I told the truth, that we had to pee and added "If you want the evidence, its back in the road there" He kinda smiled and said he understood but maybe we didnt need to stop where we did. He told us the sole business in the Industrial Park, a tractor dealership, had been broken into a couple of times and thats why he stopped to investigate. I thank my stars every day for Southern humor and common sense. We have a few butt heads who shouldnt be LEO's but for the most part, they are all fine fellers and do good every day. I am glad he had better things to do than collect evidence and take us in, lol.
  9. We may not see how the government is using back door methods to track lawful gun owners but luckily we have good people who are watching out for us. Now, we have to bcome active in distributing this knowledge to as many folks as we can. Visa has now started to code firearm purchases as that instead of "General Merchandise". This becomes a back door gun registry the Federal government can use to find all firearm owners. It is under the idea of tracking purchases that may lead to mass shootings or illegal resales. A fine idea but anyone who decides to buy a .22LR to protect his pecan tree from robber squirrels is now in a government data base. With recent politicizing of the DOJ and FBI, how long do you think it will take the fed from using this information in violation of 2A?? This article from Townhall exposes how using a credit card to purchase a firearm will now land you on a list easily abused by the government to confiscate your guns. Paranoid? Maybe. "Just because your paranoid doesnt mean they are not out to get you." One of my favorite sayings. Back Door Gun Registry Possible?
  10. We have Navy Federal CU's here in JAX with the heavy naval presence. Many different financial organizations are submitting to back door attacks on 2A. WE all need to stay informed to these attacks, be vociferous and not do business with companies who act against the 2A in any manner. I am going to post this link in a new thread to let everyone be better informed of the different ways the government is attacking our rights as lawful American firearm owners. Visa Backdoor Gun Registry
  11. Some efforts have been made to prevent the illegal actions implemented because of Covid. John stated earlier the RNC has to have a stable of lawyers working every day to clean up the rest. Dem controlled States are not worth investing in unless the actions violate the US Constitution. Dem rules being overturned by Dem judges? No I dont think so. Any State with Republican Legislatures at least have a glimmer of hope. I am, or try to be, an optimist. Even with falling gas prices, food will not drop as we saw in 2008-09. Wages will not keep pace with inflation. Dems fuzzy math, like Biden claiming 0% inflation because one number cancels out the rest of the economy. Americans are not stupid.....well, most are not and as long as we struggle to feed our families because of bad policy from the Lib Dems being shoved down our throat, the need for change is at the front of American's minds. Lets hope they pull the lever for change, not for party affiliation.
  12. We pretty much see eye to eye as I am sure most folks here do. The fear of the Ruling class should come from the why more than the how. The how comes after too much why as it it did in 1774. Washington had worked by give and take. Joe Manchin is a recent example, caving on the IRA to get concessions on natural gas. His son is the chairman of the WV Natl Gas Commission. No, he isnt directly tied to it but its Hunter Bidenesque. I vote for your crap law and you vote for mine at some later date. I think its why term limits need to be imposed as our forefathers wanted. They wanted a Representitive to serve a couple of terms and GO HOME to their jobs. The House is the People's House, elected directly by the people, and originally Senators were appointed by the State Legislatures. I dont know which is the better method. Our only hope is we the people can vote out these waffling RINO's and rid ourselves of enough block voting Dems to gain control. More and more Americans are realizing their representation does not reflect their views. Some of the primaries do seem to indicate this. Some States and districts are foregone Dem so we need to concentrate on winnable areas. The Dems have deep war chests so give what you can and volunteer where you are needed. And pray.
  13. I as well, John. I see the Dems trying the same tricks as 2020. Several States have made efforts to thwart these illegal actions but you are right. Its time for Republicans to take the gloves off. The time is now to stop nefarious efforts and reverse the moves made under the guise of the pandemic. Mass mailing of ballots and unmonitored drop boxes have to be eliminated. Fair polling watchers must be allowed to keep an eye on each ballot. Any activity behind closed doors or after hours should be stopped immediately. It may be hard to determine what are illegal operations but using the courts at every turn as the Dems do should at least put them on notice the shenanigans of 2020 will not be tolerated in '22 and '24. We need an army of lawyers willing to take immediate action before the elections, not after. Trump faces an uphill battle if he decides to run. Lord knows the Dem record is enough to convince voters this country is being led in the wrong direction. Fuel prices may be easing but food prices are not. Actions by the government and the FBI have soured many peoples trust. The MSM accused Trump of trying to be a dictator but you only need to look at all the Executive Orders from President Brandon to see who really is the one, or the puppeteers,trying to lead from the throne. Its time for Republicans to wake up and be proactive if they want to change the direction of the country.
  14. I finally tried soaking the cover in hot water from the tap. Its most likely between 120*-140* The water heater is new and they come from the factory set at 120* but not sure if my roommate turned it up. It softened the cover a little bit but still wasnt pliable enough I thought. I heated up water on the stove not quite to 212* boiling point. It was a little more flexible but man, what a PITA to get it on. My old fingers didnt help matters as the cover doesnt have any points to grip on it to pull it into position. I finally grabbed a butter knife to ease the cover over the adjustment knobs. I would not recommend this if you can find some type of non metal tool to prevent scratching the optic. I dunno if I did but I sure as hell aint taking this cover off to see. I will cut it off if I ever change my mind. Other than the PITA installing it, I can see the advantage of having the protective cover, matching the FDE of my carbine was my main objective. I think Trijicon makes the MRO in FDE but I bought this on sale and hadnt planned on using it on an FDE rifle, not that it matters really. Ive bought almost all FDE parts for this rifle, the barrel and receivers are black.......For now, lol. The Tango Down covers come with attached lens covers that nest together out of the way. All the adjustment knobs are accessible. All in all, I think its a good product. The one I bought may not have been made recently and age will stiffen most flexible plastics. Kinda pricey for a piece of plastic but it protects an expensive optic. I am happy with it and recommend it if you want to add protection. It will go on my SHTF carbine so I want to be sure it can survive a hard usage when and if.
  15. DOJ needs the additional 80K new agents a lot more than the IRS, thats for damn sure.
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