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  1. Oh I have my doubts but look how well they protected him during the election. As long as they can keep him from drooling at the State of the Unions, the puppetmasters can keep pulling the strings. They are playing the long game and if Uncle Creepy can physically make it, I believe they will do everything they can for as long as they can. Ms. Kommie will be a puppet just as Biden and Obama are. She will do the Global Socialists bidding in exchange for the status of the Presidency.
  2. I dont know whats with the site but I tried to slide you a few bucks but it got stuck in the processing mode. I gave up and closed out after 5 minutes of "hour glassing'. I will check later and see if it came out of my account andf will try again if it didnt work this time. I get nervous when I submit a payment and it doesnt take immediately. Hope you get the help you need my brother!
  3. San Fran will soon be only homeless and poor people who cannot move away. Just another typical Liberal shithole.
  4. I am surprised he didnt break a hip. I really wonder how long it will take Nancy to dust off the 25th and hand the reins to Kommie-ala. My pet theory is they will prop him up for two years thinking America will love her so much they will (or fraud her) into two full terms, a total of ten years as allowed by the Constitution. By 2024, thiscountry will be so FUBARed by Socialist programs I hope the voters will revolt. If the fraud in our elections isnt cleaned out, we will face ten years of disaster.
  5. I am shocked, shocked I tell you!
  6. As a "new" member, I say "Welcome back!!"
  7. In Florida, you shoot a couple of .33 pistol rounds into a ballistic barrel and your done. No range time, no target, no scores. Pretty wimpy, anyone can squeeze a trigger. Our CWP is good for six years, you walk in, they run your record to see if there are any changes and if you come back clean, they snap a new pic and you walk out.
  8. I am amazed at the hypocrisy the Left has shown and the media never bringing any of it to national attention. The Left is emboldened because NO ONE IS EVER PUNISHED!! The judicial system is biased, the FBI is biased, crimes are swept under the rug at every turn. Conservatives are the only ones punished for the slightest infraction and an election skewed to put a criminal in the White House. Its absolutely insane. This country is going down the tubes fast and our enemies are salivating at the prospect of pushing their agendas worldwide with not a peep from the US.
  9. I think I read or heard there are about 20 million AR's in the public's hands. The $200 registration fee would be a windfall for the govt if most actually are registered. Registration is the first step to confiscation. An Australian type ban would be the ultimate objective. I am not sure how big the firearms manufacturing industry is in Australia but in the US its a massive business. A firearm ban has so many deep ramifications to the economy and many peoples lives I dont see it as workable realistically. That doesnt mean the Left wouldnt try it. How many are employed in firearm related businesses from manufacturing to the small gun shop? How much tax money from the sales taxes to Pitman-Robertson would dry up? income taxes from the now unemployed workers? i hope they think long and hard about the money instead of some unrealistic dream of reducing gun violence.
  10. If the guy was CV19 positive maybe. The world has gone crazy.
  11. I think you are being too nice Zeph. Police running around arresting people not wearing masks. Thats a good use of the troopers time and the tax payers money.
  12. They are really stretching the Holocaust to include George Floyd, I dont care how they spin it. This inclusion lessens the message and the 6 million lives lost.
  13. Kinda like the NSA doesnt have any emails, texts, phone calls, social media etc stored somewhere. I need to buy some 80%ers.
  14. If we have to register and pay $200 for our ARs and fully auto fees are the same, we should be able to convert to select fire.
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