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  1. My buddy and I shot there many times but not since they renovated and he lost interest. We usually went early Sunday mornings and cleared out before 11AM and more people show up. The furrows in the grass starting 5yds from the benches and holes in the range divider walls makes me a bit nervous. After visiting the local club here in JAX and them wanting nearly $300 to rejoin with a new "administration fee" which doubles the price, I am considering driving back over. I had transportation issues and tried to rejoin right after the first this year and since I didnt rejoin in 2019, even with less than 365 days, they wanted another fee. I didnt get any benefit from the first time they charged it so it stuck in my craw to pay it a second time. You basically have to shoot 15 times to break even. Ridiculous. If yall happen to be at the range one early Sunday and you see an older guy with a goatee and unloading rifles from a white over brown GMC Yukon 4X4 say hello. Sometimes I may have a teenage grandson or two with me but not often. i am putting a .450 Bushmaster together so I will need to break it in. I have a couple more that need higher round counts as well. Building and not shooting them is kinda dumb but I keep doing it. BRD is a Biotch! Hope to run into you at the range! I will PM you if I am planning a trip over. Steve H.
  2. hlhneast

    Online source for shim kit

    On another note, Primary Arms just listed these on sale. It includes Rocksett, a thread locker for the muzzle device. https://www.primaryarms.com/surefire-muzzle-device-replacement-shim-kit-5.56 Totally trustworthy online seller. Get on their mailing lists for some great deals.
  3. hlhneast


    Wow, it doesnt look like an Evil Black Rifle at all! Its taken all the scary out of it. Whats the point, lol! A nice looking weapon for sure. I wish someone would develop a stock for the AR like these. I guess its a piston rifle? DI definitely demands a straight stock for the buffer tube.
  4. Dang, you fellers are living basically where our hunt camp is in Old Town, Where are yall shooting, the club in Fort White?
  5. hlhneast

    7.62x39 thoughts?

    Ive never had any issue with ASC so it surprises me the X39's are faulty. I am not sure if my Grendel mags are ASC or C Products but no issues with them and they should be the same as the X39s. My Grendel is for hunting only so I have short mags only. The issue may lie in the 30rders. Just like ammo, your rifle may not like the ASCs but it also sounds like they are producing some defective products.
  6. hlhneast

    BCA Ambi Upper. Exactly what I've wanted.

    IIRC my BCA side charge bolt has the hole for a charge knob already in it. I dont remember if its tapped. So far, the rifle has been reliable but I havent shot it a lot to give any long term reports. I think y ou will be happy with it. Keep us posted.
  7. hlhneast

    Noob Flash Hider Question

    Welcome to the forum. The warnings of BRD are valid. I bought my first black rifle in 2016 and now own ten. It is decidedly worse when you start building them. The ultimate customization of the AR makes it a passion hard to ignore. I am building a .450 Bushmaster now for the wallop of the larger slug in a semi auto configuration. I always wanted a 45/70 so the Bushy is a good compromise. There are plenty of knowledgeable people here to help with any questions you may have. Ask away with no fear of judgement or ridicule, this forum is the friendliest one on the 'net,
  8. You da man! No apologies necessary. I hope you get a break soon, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy or something like that.
  9. hlhneast

    Online source for shim kit

    Ebay is always a good source for items like that. There is one seller who specializes on all things muzzle device. Sorry I cant remember who it is but Ive bought shim kits, thread protectors and crush washers from him.
  10. hlhneast

    Still Buying Ammo ???

    Havent bought much in the last two years except for stuff for the new build of the month. I am looking for .450 Bushmaster now, wondering if I am gonna go with SGAmmo or buy some locally. I caught a good deal two years ago on 5.56 and haven shot much of it. Buying more 5.56/.223 is really tempting because of the lower prices on 1K lots I am seeing. Its hard to justify buying more when you already have plenty. I could probly put in a few more rounds of .45ACP now Ive built my AR45. That one is fun to shoot!
  11. hlhneast

    Global Cooling At Your House

    Unless "Global" is an air conditioner brand, I havent experienced this cooling you speak of. Hottest decade in history, we set two high temp records last week. 85* in January, I was working on my tan a little early this year, lol.
  12. Thanksfor the good review. Ive only bought one barrel from PSA and the limited amount I have shot it, it seems to be well machined and accurate.
  13. hlhneast

    Slow Slow Slow Shipping anyone else notice this ?

    The only slow shipping I experience is from Delta Team Tactical. They by far are the slowest processors. Sometimes Cali stuff seems to get lost mid country and takes a bit longer but all in all I dont have many issues. I like buying from eBay because of free shipping and the seller has feedback on the line so generally they get things out quick.
  14. hlhneast

    I think that I am losing it

    Nothing wrong with a pair!
  15. hlhneast

    What a day!

    Ice, what ice?? Only one freeze this year in NEFLA but they are thinking next week maybe another. Pretty impressive considering we set two record highs last week. RedMaples are blooming and pine pollen is in the air. Oaks are starting to bud out. I canenjoy fall colors and see new growth at the same time!