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  1. hlhneast

    Repurpose Job Site "Trash"

    Yesterday's progress. i mounted all but the last roof truss on the shed before the skeeters started eating me up. Tonight I will mount the last one and plumb them up and screw down 1X4 stringers to mount the metal roofing. I need to cut the 15' metal sheets up into the 5' sections I am going to use before I kill the grass where they are laying. Moving right along. I dont know if I mentioned it but there are no nails in the shed. Its all screwed together with exterior deck screws and the truss gussets are Liquid Nailed as well.
  2. hlhneast

    Thanks UPS!

    If UPS keeps on giving, I may need to move this to General discussion. Just to note, these items were saved shortly before going into the dumpster so they were not pilfered. These cases held some type of obsolete audio equipment and were left in a satellite office complex being demolished. UPS removed everything they wanted and all else was removed with a skid steer and carried out to the dumpster. As the guy was raising the bucket to drop the load in, these two cases fell out along with a third he promptly ran over and crushed. Pelican makes some tough stuff but no match for a 7,000lb skid steer. Note the road rash on the bottom case where it skidded along the concrete after it fell out of the bucket. I think these retail for about $100 each and are about the right size for maybe two semi auto pistols. One's foam insert was pretty much intact except for a 3X3 square and the other was fully scalloped out except for a half inch outside rim. No matter, I have a bunch of egg crate foam pieces from custom faucet boxes I have hoarded away over the years. Totally unrelated to the AR in any way but I also saved a Weller pistol style soldering gun from hitting the dumpster. The demo is over now so no more cool gifts for now. I will have to depend on careless handling and items fallen out from the abuse they receive.
  3. hlhneast

    Thanks UPS!

    Thanks Andy for another god source!
  4. hlhneast

    Repurpose Job Site "Trash"

    Seriously dragging my feet and its just about gotten hot again but I am goaded into finishing the shed. My buddy has been very gracious letting me store my junk in his extra two car garage since I moved out of AL and consequently the house my son owned here in FL. His MIL has been put in a home and her stuff needs a place to store so I have to move my stuff out. I refuse to rent a mini storage because they are legal pirates if you ask me and I dont want to pay the fees. Its the whole reason for this shed. This project is on the fast track and I have to get it done this week. Along with working 40 hrs still amid the CoVid craziness it decided to rain today so work was cut short today. Yesterday I built all the rafters with a friend's help and today my son and I managed to stand the prefabbed walls and set two of the rafters before the bottom fell out. I shot this pic from my back porch. Unfortunately my roof wont have the overhang I wanted because after measuring the metal I scavenged I didnt have enough to cover the 8X12 shed and have a one foot overhang. I have 4 sheets that are 30" wide and 15' long so I have to cut 5' sections to have the twelve pieces I need. The overhang will only be about 6". I still need a piece of metal to cover the peak and I plan to use some roof corner flashing thats at least 12" wide so it will drape down 6" on each side. I will probly have to seal it because of the sideways rain we get here in FL. I am glad I have to get it done because I am the worst procrastinator. I will post pics as work progresses.
  5. Not the concept by any means, its the term that bugs me. I think we should use physical distancing instead. Social distancing seems to mean separating different groups or making people outcasts. Kinda like bigotry. I am not the politically correct police by any means but I think we need to call what we are trying to accomplish what it actually is instead of a term some brainiac decided it should be called. It smacks of liberalese to me. That is all.
  6. hlhneast

    Wal-Mart Going Full Retard

    I did a Wally run a couple weeks ago because I was completely out of toiletries and shampoo. I went about 30 mins after opening and did find an eight roll pack of TP and a four roll paper towel but was all gone about 15 mins later. I buy canned, dry and processed stuff there, maybe a little produce but generally shy away from their meat as I find it to be low quality. I have two chain grocers much closer to me, one, the South's chain, Winn Dixie and Florida's chain, Publix. Publix is higher priced generally but products are better. An employee is wiping carts down before they hand it over to you. Stock is spotty, meat seems to be rotating, trying to keep up with demand. I honestly believe with take out only and Stay at Home orders, there are huge amounts of folks buying food to prepare at home and thats why there are so many shortages. Other than toilet paper which I guess I will never understand. A Wally trip for me is once or twice a month at best but with the popularity of the chain I am ok with whatever they decide is necessary to keep shoppers safe. As long as it doesnt look like an Italian roundy round traffic circle and you cant get off to get a can of green beans. Hopefully in a month or two some sense of normalcy will return. Maybe the "new normal" will include some things we are being told to do like hand washing more and keeping respectful physical distancing from others. Honestly, people seem to be more polite in the aisles, but its nervous kinda smiles and chuckling over snarky comments. We will survive this as a country but so many small businesses will not. The stimulus hopefully will save some of them, the ones who had good business and were profitable going in. Any who were struggling before will go the way of the dinosaur. As food service reopens, shortages should cease as well. Good things will come from this like cyber learning for the kids, families cooped together hopefully will come together instead of tearing each others throats out and maybe those working parents will learn a lot about the kids they dont spend nearly enough time with. Our health care will learn a lot about pandemic type contagions, sequencing, diagnosing, containing, developing immunizations and treating the disease. I also hope, to the bottom of my heart, the government will not f*uck this country up beyond recognition. Pray for the sick, pray for our health care workers and first responders and pray for our leaders and this country.
  7. hlhneast


    I agree with ya James. I hope the upper shoots well for ya War Eagle. The lifetime warranty is a plus, do not modify the upper in any way so you dont void the warranty. Get out and shoot the piss out of it and make sure it will perform as you want it to. If you get the itch to buy something, post up a link and we will give you honest reviews and hopefully save you some heart aches in the future. Good luck!
  8. hlhneast

    My First AR-15 Build

    If your Anderson LPK has the chrome FCG (trigger) group, buy a JP Enterprises FCG spring kit or a ALG purple trigger spring to lighten the pull. Really makes a nice smooth trigger out of competitively priced components.
  9. hlhneast

    HR 5717 Gun Violence Prevention Act of 2020

    The Dems are pros at porking a bill up during a crisis. The Beotch pelosi derailed a stimulus bill to add all kinds of pork spending and advancement of the far Left Green Dreams. She should be beaten with a big stick. She then says they need to have an additional stimulus bill because she thinks American families didnt get all they need. Well thats OK as long as you dont add in all the crap Mitch McConnell managed to delete from the first one. I believe the reason she wants a second bill ids not for families but for the pork. She then has the audacity to say she wants a committee to watch andmake sure all the stimulus money is spent correctly.....What? You add in all this extra crap (money) in the first bill and want to act all I'm for the country now. Yeah Nancy, make sure the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts gets all their 25 million you porked in. The woman has no soul. I pray, I pray, we win back the House in November.
  10. hlhneast

    HR 5717 Gun Violence Prevention Act of 2020

    Your not shocked about this tho, right?
  11. hlhneast

    Now is the Time

    I watch prices pretty close for parts and built uppers/lowers and even fully assembled rifles. I see prices creeping up across the board because demand has increased so much with the virus scare/end of the world scenarios. I am probly not saying anything you may not be already thinking but before it gets too crazy with large price increases and out of stocks, if you have been considering any new purchases, now is the time. I have not yet done anything in the AR10 platform so while prices are still decent, I am at least going to buy an upper/lower set and maybe a bolt and barrel to have the major components. Stay healthy everyone!
  12. hlhneast

    ROAD TRIP!!!

    Stay safe and thanks for protecting our border.
  13. Jacksonville's mayor just issued a "Safer at Home Order" . All non essential businesses closed. The list of essential businesses is longer than the Non essential. Crazy.
  14. hlhneast

    Thanks UPS!

    I will check Ace first and if not go with McMasters. I only need 10!
  15. hlhneast

    18" or 14.5" SPR

    I would leave the 18" as well. Pin and weld of a can is definitely something I would not do, too much time and money invested to then limit it in any way. If you do decide to pin and weld, HzHardy is the man to talk with. Homer is an excellent 'smith and has a permanent pinning method that can be reversed without a huge amount of damage or loss of equipment. It involves drilling and tapping the pin hole for two allen screws , one on top of the other. Bottom screw permanently attaches the device to barrel and the second is run down on top and welded making removal of the device impossible without a mill. If you want to take the can off, the top screw is milled off and the bottom one then can be unscrewed and the device removed. You lose some metal off the can but you save the device. This is mostly used for flash hiders and the loss of the muzzle device isnt too big a deal but the loss of a can is unacceptable. This method depends a lot on how much metal is available at the threads and other factors, thats why using aa 'smith who has experience in pin and weld. Good luck and keep us posted.