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  1. In an age before electronic communications, it is amazing how our forefathers express themselves. Their command of the written word is amazing.
  2. Best not to deal with any big box store for lumber but find a good local supplier. Prices I have found recently at the local store are about half of the boxes. It helps there are two mills in the same town. They are happy to have the business, even on smaller orders and delivery is prompt. Most of my lumber purchases are done for my cabin but if I do order anything, I may be forced to look elsewhere if the supply dries up or prices skyrocket.
  3. Isnt the whole deal about free speech, no matter how crazy as long as it does not provoke violence? I know some white supremacist groups would do this but 1A would allow them to preach their tenets short of inciting violence. I would think Matze would especially understand this.
  4. Dont know about the post you look for but I like "If you can smell a fart thru your mask, it wont protect you from CV19."
  5. This woman is clueless or scares shatless to say anything. You would think she would have a pretty good grasp of what the administration's objectives are. Yeah she is new to this position but certainly not new to media. The "I'll circle back" just makes her look stupid. She wouldnt make a pimple on Sarah Huckabee Sanders butt.
  6. Yep, why even start an account to bash because you didnt find 10mm info at a site basically dedicate to the black rifle. Yes, we have a 10mm section for those who have interest but it isnt the focus of most here. Oh thats right, youve been banned on almost every other site not related to what you look for. Hopefully you will do better on a 10mm or reloading site but somehow I doubt it. You wont be missed.
  7. You could have gotten a date in San Fran. Consider yourself lucky!
  8. So many examples of not understanding either the timing of activity or the actual physical properties of an exotic species willingly brought in an released`. Two in the South that come to mind are kudzu, a broadleaf runner vine like plant that was thought to help prevent erosion. Introduced in the South in the early 1900's to control erosion after denuding the hills by deforestation only to find the plant is a runner with limited root structure. It looks lush and covers quite a large area but does nothing to retain soli. Its almost impossible to get rid of once established. The other is the infamous Love Bug. Introduced to help control mosquitos, for some reason the timing of life cycles didnt mesh. Once lovebugs only had a once a year cycle to put up with, now I see the start of a third early cycle depending on the temperature. September was the worst, then they started popping up in May and now it looks like March is becoming the third cycle. I first remember these in 1976 in Louisiana, they are now spread along the whole Gulf Coast. Invasive species are introduced by many different means. Hogs were brought by the Spanish and released early in their conquest days. Fire ants came into Mobile with bananas. Anacondas, pythons, iguanas, Asian carp, hydrilla, lamprey, accidentally or intentionally, on and on. Leave the organisms where they belong
  9. I would definitely have to use a snake stick. My reflexes aint what they used to be and the snakes always seem to draw pretty good blood. Being on blood thinners doesnt help. I would be better off just shooting the damn things and getting paid by the state. They can do whatever they want with it, I dont want any python accessories for my wardrobe.
  10. I guess you have to be on the "Notify Me" list and be sitting by your email with your CC number preloaded. I know some WallyWorld and probly most LGs's have their favorite people they call when a shipment arrives. Us common folks may never know til its all gone.
  11. Hey no argument from me John, I havent a clue. I hate snakes and have no interest in harvesting them. Troy and company can catch any and all of them without competition from me. The website to start with is MyFWC.com and this link. https://myfwc.com/wildlifehabitats/nonnatives/python/
  12. My buddies have had issues with Hornaday recently. I dont recall which kinds other than they both were .270 rounds. Blown primers with spray back and case expansion enough to jam a Remy 783 bolt until you muscle the bolt back. No issues with other manufacturers. It may be some minor things but could develop into something else. I have several boxes of .different 223 ammo and havent experienced anything unusual. Anyone else had any issues with Hornaday? Sorry about the hijack but I am curious.
  13. Ive thought about this as well. My screen name is ancient history for me from the very beginning of my personal computer experience. It means something to me but is nonsensical to anyone else. Not that it matters all that much but I might want something that does make sense to others. Ive used "Hlhneast" on many sign ins and it started with my original email address. The first part is my last name without vowels and last part is geographical location. I was hoping my brother might adopt Hlhnwest but it didnt happen. Ive thought of many other good ones since. I may change or may not as its been 5 years as Hlhneast now here.
  14. Oh, your assuming anyone cares if your around? LOL. just kidding! Set yourself up and I cant resist. I hope your project sorts itself out and kudos for trying to develop a new aspect to the science of lasers. So much promise in them. I am waiting for laser weapons but I will probly be dust before a practical hand help weapon is developed.
  15. Thats a sleek looking chopper. I hope it comes to fruition with the Biden administration's proposed cuts to the military budgets. You know how important it is to give illegals benefits rather than protect the country from threats. Gotta pay for them somehow.
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