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  1. hlhneast

    LR .308 Build

    Man I really like this lower from Aero. At $200 its quite expensive but only $10 more than the regular M5 lower. With some careful color infill, it will be outstanding! Aero Precision Liberty Edition Lower Receiver
  2. hlhneast

    De Blasio Called 'Atrocious' by Former NYPD Commissioner

    Sad thing is he will probly be re-elected. I visited NYC about ten years ago and I didnt lose anything there so I have no need to EVER go back. I cannot fathom why people want to live in among that many other people. Living under Liberal rule is another thing I cannot live with. I do live in a city but its not all that big and it aint on an island either. I have the benefit of getting the hell out of Dodge when I want. I truly feel sorry for New Yorkers but they reap what they sow.
  3. Unfortunately, this is the current trend in Democratically controlled cities Since the death of George Floyd and the Marxist uprisings, 600 people have died in 6 of these cities in the last six weeks. Murder is no stranger to these cities but with their Lib Mayors and politburo defunding the police, violence is increasing exponentially. https://townhall.com/columnists/kevinmccullough/2020/07/05/six-weeks-six-cities-600-murders-n2571887?utm_source=thdailypm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl_pm&newsletterad=&bcid=8798fffbfb6f088992d0510d4d701063&recip=27409430
  4. He represents how stupid his generation is and how little they actually know about American history. Too busy trying to invent reasons to be mad while ignoring the advancements America has made.
  5. hlhneast

    A ‘Mini-Switzerland’: South Dakota

    So I need to take my $67.86 fortune and stash it in a trust in SD?
  6. I bet their momma's told them that too! "Dont play in the road, you will get hit by a car!!"
  7. hlhneast

    LR .308 Build

    Thanks brother, I looked at those and may buy one yet. I wish Magpul made a BEV type block for the bigger platform. Ive used the shat out of mine and its perfect for the 15 platform. Most of the LR308 polymer blocks do not have good reviews and none have the barrel engagement feature for upper work. Ive removed some frickin stubborn barrel nuts with it and its held up well. Come on Magpul! Get with the program!!
  8. hlhneast

    My trigger went binary

    Exactly what I am thinking. Sounds to me one of the FCG pin holes are just off enough with the Anderson FCG to cause the issue. Is the 6.5 an 80% as well? I have an Anderson FCG with JP springs with no issues.
  9. hlhneast

    LR .308 Build

    Thanks. I am seriously conideing Toolcraft as well. I have a couple 5.56's that are excellent products. I have made a but of progress on the procurement. I bought an Areo blem upper after reading the reviews. I also picked an ambi CH and safety lever, a brand I hadnt heard of but those things arent critical and I cant see paying $70 for a safety lever because it has somebody's famous name on it. I also bought a Guntec M-lok slim hand guard and an Aero LPK. Still upin the air are the stock, BCG. I have a 308 buffer spring but not sure if its a rifle spring or carbine in my parts box. I have a beat up A2 surplus stock I may buy a few pieces for. I am waiting for BCP to get some lower receivers into production but if I buy everythng else nd they stil havent done any I will most ikely go with an Aero. I didnt think about it but I guess I am going to need an LR308 vice block. Any suggestions there? I guess I should clarify the upper i bought was a high top. i learned there were two varieties after the fact while shopping for hand guards..
  10. hlhneast

    Puzzling issue

    A 9mm blow back bolt will not be mil spec but a mil spec CH should work I would look at how the CH contacts the BCG with your red one and a regular CH and go from there. Maybe the end of the CH where it catches the carrier may be a bit longer causing a bind. The whole assembly should just slide together with minimal effort.
  11. hlhneast

    Where's Ol' Remus?

    Does sound like I missed out. When was the last time he posted? Ive been a member for four years I think and never seen a post fro him. Did he post all around or have a favorite Forum he generally sicked with?
  12. hlhneast

    Spare parts to have around

    What like after breakfast on any given day Perfessor? Many companies sell "Ooops kits" that have extra springs and detents. The only thing I ever had break on any of my ARs was a mag release and it was MIM. I think which means Molded in Manufacture. The best parts are machined not molded. Many no name branded LPK's are cheaply made so try to stick with a brand name like CMMG, Areo Precision or Anderson. Its good to have an extra whole LPK around for the odd and end that may break. Having a bolt or complete BCG is another good idea. Other than that, just watch as you clean your weapon for excessive wear and replace those. Extra parts are good in an emergency but just be aware extra parts will lead to more rifles. All it takes is an extra spring or a detents and all reasonable thought goes out the window. I just replaced a RH upper receiver for a LH for a buddy and guess what?? Another rifle in the works. IT doesnt seem to stop. Just ask the Professor how many he has and built over the years and you will get a better understanding what an addicting hobby this can be. Fess up James! I After buying my first AR in 2016 I now own four 5.56/.223s including an A2 and a 733 military clones, a .300 Black out, a 6.5 Grendel, a .450 Bushmaster and a .45ACP pistol cartridge carbine (PCC).
  13. hlhneast

    Sling attachments

    Ha! I didnt quite go that far but all my rifles are wearing one of them now. You cant beat the price and quality. The seller runs out frequently but demand keeps him procuring more so wait a bit and he will have more,
  14. hlhneast

    BCM M-LOK Handguard

    I will give you the same advice I give all new AR owners who buy a somewhat proprietary rifle. The Saint is pretty much mil spec but a few things are different and that isnt a bad thing at all. The Saint is a fine riufle in its own roght and Springfield makes some great products all around. Basically shoot and enjoy what you have in its form. I mean get out there and shoot it a lot at the range and ask questions of other shooters who may have a set up you like. Start building a rifle in your mind and find out an approximate cost. Building is a great way to tailor a rifle to your wants and needs more so that buying off the shelf. You can also save money. The saying is "Two rifles are one and one rifle is none". Theory is if your first malfunctions, you have a back up. Most parts from the Saint will fit your other rifle(s) as long as you build one totally mil spec. Building is easy s long as you have minimal mechanical skills. Mil spec in these times means you can buy parts from different suppliers and they fit. There re a lot of really good parts out there if you shop around and do your research. This hobby is really addicting so welcome to the madness. Good luck!