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  1. hlhneast

    Trijicon MRO

    Now that is some customer service. Makes me feel better about my recent purchase of an MRO. Hope I never need it but glad to know they are willing to help as fully as they indicated for you.
  2. hlhneast

    Dayum Post Office

    My only issue is packages coming from Cali. Its like the mule cant climb the Rockies. When I buy something off the 'Bay I check to see if its a Cali shipper and its enough to kill a deal unless they are the only one offering the item. I expect 4-5 days delivery but when it takes 7 or more, someone is slacking.
  3. hlhneast

    Killed this sucker today

    If it "handed" me anything I would worry!
  4. hlhneast

    New magazine

    Yeah thanks Greg. Ive used sticks, pencils, whatever. I hand carved a piece of wood to go under the spring on a ten round .303 mag once to limit it. That was a strange time where they limited bolt mags but not semi autos. They have since come to their senses and swapped that around.
  5. hlhneast

    A2 Clone Builders

    Pretty sweet! The optics dont help the weight factor but nice to have. Tack sold me a gen-u-ine FN A2 carry handle upper, bcg and charge handle a year or two back and proceeded to empty my wallet on some fine products from White Oak Armament and Windham Weaponry. It was pricey but he steered me correctly into a great A2 build. Getting together with him on the BCP A2 lower project made it even sweeter when I got to swap out my PSA lower for my SAFE SEMI BURST.
  6. hlhneast

    Finishing a lower

    Sounds like you got a great deal with a smith who is an honest man .
  7. hlhneast

    Mil-Spec trigger shoe swap?

    OK Perfessor, youve finally made a convert of me. At $80, I will give it a try on your suggestions.
  8. hlhneast

    Who's lower to get?

    I used a couple Aero lowers and have had no issues with them. I would put them in a first quality affordable class at their typical stripped price point around $50. Very nice, deep anodizing and excellent machining. When on sale, they are excellent values. Quite happy with them. I now only buy BCP's because of local availability and no transfer fee. First quality BCP stripped Multicals are $89.99, blems as mentioned $40 cheaper. The A2 engraved lowers are a bit pricey at $114, up from $89.99 of the first run. Still very affordable for the quality and added features. Ive bought three A2/A4's, maybe three multicals and two blems. Very happy with them all. A great company with fantastic customer service. After I alerted BCP to a minor engraving issue pointed out by another purchaser with the first run, BCP went into full damage control offering $10 discounts per lower or free replacement, Only about 5 of the 40+ were returned and consequently snapped up by others who already bought one, including Tack. They gave me a $20 credit on the first two even after I had no intention to ask because the issue was almost unnoticeable and I didnt want to lose the XXX001 and XXX002 serial numbers. Super CS for sure. The popularity made the next two runs possible. Interest is good enough for BCP to consider making a few for In Stock items..I think there are about 15 more blems left 8-10 A2s and the Multicals are almost always available. You cant go wrong with your Spike, BCM, or other higher priced stripped lowers. With Aero and BCP out there I see no need to spend the extra dough unless you really like the engraving humor of the Spikes. , .
  9. hlhneast

    New magazine

    Hey FW do you think you can mod a follower program to print one which limits a 7rd Bushy mag to 5 rounds? I would be glad to send you my mag and 6 rounds to play with if you are willing.
  10. hlhneast

    Finishing a lower

    I like it as well. The gun shops around here are quite proud of their services too. $50 IIRC to do a slick side upper. I did have to go back to the same shop who I bought my already Cera'd lower for $75. It was an OD green and I wanted to make sure the upper and lower matched as there are several different greens. I am definitely doing Duracoat on the next one, maybe fancy camo.
  11. hlhneast

    New magazine

    I like C-Products stuff. I have .223 and Grendel mags and all function flawlessly. I need a Bushy 5rd for hunting and I will go with C-P. Thanks for your review, I appreciate it muchly, sir!
  12. hlhneast

    ELD Performance barrels?

    Me too. I am very curious about DTT's barrels offered under different brand names. I wonder if they actually are produced by different companies or just have different names as a marketing ploy. Prices are in line with BCA. After the good luck with my Stoner/ BCA stainless Black Out barrel, I would like to stick with them as well.
  13. hlhneast

    A2 Clone Builders

    Uh huh. I know you have an affinity for the shorter barrels but you really need a 20" A2. I think its a law somewhere.
  14. hlhneast

    New build in the works

    Just about all of my non A2 uppers are Aero's. You cant beat the quality and price especially when on sale. They match the BCP lowers perfectly whether from the project or the multicals they offer. I still have one in the safe somewhere I bought for a ridiculously low price.
  15. hlhneast

    A2 Clone Builders

    This is true. In my case I was replacing already installed hardware so it wasnt an issue. The detent and spring is included with the LPK so you are GTG. Glad its coming together for you. Are you reconfiguring your present stock or building new weapons?