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  1. I pray DJT is re-elected and on Nov 4th he deploys some meaningful riot control. It is truthfully a rebellion against the government. After the mob went to Wheeler's home, it is obvious they have nothing on their agenda other than to bring down all things government. Hopefully, the Lib wallets (Soros) will snap shut and these "employees" will find themselves with out a job and go back to their sorry lives wherever that is.
  2. Thank you Tulsi! Probly doesnt have a chance but a Democrat voice calling for reform is rare and should be applauded.
  3. My Lib cuz in NY was posting all the Republican quotes from 2016 when Obama tried to place Merrick on the Court. McConnell and Senate Republicans siccessfully blocked it and trump nominated Gorsuch. I posted back "And ploiticians never go back on their word?" Cant wait for his response.
  4. +1 on the 870 with the 18" slug barrel. Love my Remy, it was my uncle's. My aunt gave it to me after he passed. She said " I want you to have this ol shotgun, Mac would have wanted for you to have it". When she said "ol shotgun" I was thinking maybe an old rabbit eared double barrel or similar and was surprised at the 870. She told me some of his friends bought it for him for his birthday. It had been shot a few times and when I broke it completely down it still had factory grease in it so I know he didnt use it much. He was a kinda single shot crack barrel or double barrel kind of guy. If I run out of buck shot, I have plenty of 5.56 ammo and weapons if the riot shows up at my door. Highly unlikely in the 'hood where I live.
  5. It amazes me how much bravery it takes for a 33yr old to attack an 84yr old. They always attack the weak so they dont get hurt while acting so bad. In FL and I am sure other areas, punishment is much more severe for crimes against the old and infirm. This guy indeed deserves the noose.
  6. This pisses me off more than anything as a regular citizen. I had to drive from Jacksonville to St Augustine for almost a year when I-95 was only four lane. Drivers would not sacrifice that one mile an hour and indeed take 10 miles to pass each other while I look at the clock ticking away from my start time on the job. Or scrunched in pain because I drank one too many cups of coffee. Got to include RV drivers too. Not so much in the passing lane but the one causing the truck to pass them. Thank God now I-95 is six lane and trucks not allowed in the left lane.
  7. In these anti LEO times, y'all are wise to vary location. Even tho your group may be mostly retired, a crazy at any time could appear. Best to choose locations that have multiple exit points as well. No back rooms with no exits. Many will stand and fight but if things get ugly, retreat is always an option. As for the new org with dues I would seriously question why its necessary, what they plan to do with the money and who controls the purse strings. Embezzlement would be my concern.
  8. I cant imagine trying to see that without magnification, much less actualy carving it out. Of course I dont have any talent for carving either. I am lucky to get a point on my flat carpenter pencils at work, lol.
  9. If your building an upper make sure you get a receiver the ejection port has been hogged out or you have to do it yourself. Aero Precision offers an XL version that is done already. The normal door still works. I went with .450 Bushmaster because CDNN had 16" Bushmaster barrels on sale for $99.99. Took 5 rounds to zero the scope and the punched holes in the paper plate were impressive. I also put a Kaw Valley Precision Magnum sound forwarder on the tip and promptly shot the first 2 rounds without hearing protection! No ill effects so I finished zeroing the scope. Truly amazing so I bought another for my LR308 project as well. I have a regular one on my .45ACP PCC. I definitely endorse them. Good luck with your project!
  10. Just some fantasy entertainment for the dullards who's mental ability reflects their college educa....indoctrination..
  11. I saw this guy again today walking down the street doing the same stupid shat. Is there some law that makes this behavior illegal or is it his 1A right to act like he is shooting people? He at least needs to be evaluated by some mental health professionals. I would hate to think if this guy ever comes into possession of a firearm what might happen.
  12. The whole problem is finding the actual facts. So much has been based on faulty information and we need to stop living in fear like Basement Joe.
  13. Yet the narrative continues to this day. The Dems have already started the 2020 accusations. I heard today on the radio Russia tried to hack the actual election equipment in 2016. Tried maybe but its just another continuation of the myth Russia elected DJT in 2016. Russian meddling white supremasist mysongenist liar kill Social Security kill health care climate arsonist Ukraine collusion On and on. They will never stop throwing shat at the wall and sowing seeds of distrust against the President. A lesser man would have caved long ago. That alone should tell people this is the strongest pro American President in decades and we will be better off four years from now if he is re-elected.
  14. A recent thread talked about the surge in demand and manufacturers ramping up with new equipment and more employees to meet the public's needs. Aero Precision is expanding with new equipment at least. Many products, especially LR308 parts are now available after being OOS for some time. Hopefully other manufacturers will follow suit but with all the issues with doing anything long term can be speculative. The purchase of expensive milling machines doesnt necessarily equate to new jobs. The machines only work as fast as it can and loading and unloading is about the only thing humans are involved with on a daily basis. Its a solid positive indicator at least one major manufacturer sees the future in expansion. https://vimeo.com/458280334?trk_msg=CH0CVM14GB64PD7CU7O057IMEG&trk_contact=0NHI34TI852DMLFTB6FBO1UC4S&trk_sid=8BVE227HGQUQMAA5RE3EPC6D30&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=VIEW+VIDEO&utm_campaign=Non-Campaign+-+Manufacturing+Video+09.17.20
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