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    Facebook Censorship Alive and well.....

    I did it the other day and got my Marketplace ban taken down. I listed my Corvette on FBMP and I went back that night to check for responses. A message pops up suspicious activity with my account has been detected, change your password which I did. Next time I check another pop up says I am banned from using MP. There was a button to ask for review which I did. Two days later I get a response from my review, some chick says Nope, still banned and gives me a link to their policy. I read thru the rules and for the life of me cant figure out how I violated any of them. Just standard no bad or offensive language, nothing illegal, regular stuff. Her email had a reply function so I wrote stating in no way I could have violated any of their policies with the two ads I have posted in my history on FB. I mention the password change in it as well. Next day I get a response from a guy saying they were sorry I had experienced difficulties with my account and my privileges have been restored. So check your messages and it may have a response from FB and have your review option and dont give up if you get a generic response referring you to the rules. I think I was banned for being a Conservative and certainly was initially denied return initially because of it. After biotching the second time maybe they see why and recant in case I have a lawyer.
  2. hlhneast

    Changing Face of Construction

    Non English speaking workers have been part of construction for a very long time but it has traditionally been an all male workforce. The last couple of jobs I have been on have had all female hispanic crews hanging and finishing sheet rock and insulating walls. Ive even seen them infiltrating the electrical trade. Mamacita isnt staying at la casa anymore, she is out there trying to grab a piece of the American pie like her boyfriend/husband. These ladies are pretty much untalented, much worse than their male counterparts. Some of them, especially the electrical are helpers and are the English speaking translators and the ride providers. The electrical foreman was complaining because he wanted to get rid of this dead wood but it takes out 5 other workers who ride with her. Pretty cunning way to get paid. The companies that use theses ladies offer "X" amount to do "X" amount of work and being inexperienced they pick up these contracts for cheap pricing The job I am working now has a company out of Atlanta brokering the work basically and keeping profits for themselves. Just about anyone can put insulation in walls but sheet rock hanging and finishing is a bit more technical and needs some talent if it is to look good. On my last warehouse I watched several girls attempting to finish an entranceway for over a month trying to make it acceptable. It was the main entrance and not huge but had high ceiilings and open glass front showing up the defects. These girls are on contract so it doesnt matter to the broker how long it takes them. They are getting a harsh lesson and hopefully it will send them back to the kitchen making box lunches to sell to the hispanic workers on the job. They would probly make more money that way. I thank my stars I dont have long to retirement, the construction industry is going down the tubes quickly. It may have started many years ago as just cheap general laborers but now more and more are infiltrating the trades Non technical trades maybe but I dont think I would want a building wired by people who dont speak English. Now we are seeing inexperienced ladies in the mix and its just another step down in the descent to the poop level in the cesspool construction is becoming.
  3. hlhneast

    Changing Face of Construction

    Maybe friend is too strong a word, John. I said it for the lack of a better word. We were good friends I thought til he screwed me over on a Jeep YJ deal I had invested a lot of my time in. His daughter is smart, she will figure it out and hopefully gets a Masters and a job far, far away. The Masters and a teaching position is about her best bet. And take the advice here.
  4. Primary Arms has the 30rd Gen 2 non window mags on sale for $9.99. If you spend $100, they have a coupon code, 12off100, for the next two days for $12 off. Other bigger discounts for bigger purchases. Heres the link to the Gen 2's. https://www.primaryarms.com/magpul-pmag-30-ar15-m4-gen-m2-moe-5.56-nato-magazine-black-polymer?trk_msg=LJM80J5U629459VM91JNSF44EK&trk_contact=0NHI34TI852DMLFTB6FBO1UC4S&trk_sid=SCIP08NBTBFR53G08NOBN9KS0G&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=SLOT_10&utm_campaign=19_07_AD25_Coupon_Sale_resend They also have ToolCraft Nitride BCG's on sale for $69.99 and you can use the coupon code with the sale items. Buy a BCG and three mags and save $12. I would hate to think you would have to find something to make up the $0.04 shortfall to get the discount. Just about pay the shipping I would think. https://www.primaryarms.com/toolcraft-556-nato-complete-m16-bolt-carrier-group-nitride?trk_msg=LJM80J5U629459VM91JNSF44EK&trk_contact=0NHI34TI852DMLFTB6FBO1UC4S&trk_sid=SCIP08NBTBFR53G08NOBN9KS0G&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=SLOT_2&utm_campaign=19_07_AD25_Coupon_Sale_resend After seeing the nitride bolt from Kobelup's disaster thread, I may not buy any more NiB unless I just wanna pretty a rifle up.
  5. This article really hits the nail on the head. Its easy to see the truth in it everywhere today. " A society's first line of defense is not the law or the criminal justice system but customs, traditions and moral values..... Police and laws can never replace these restraints on personal conduct. At best, the police and criminal justice system are the last desperate line of defense for a civilized society." https://townhall.com/columnists/walterewilliams/2019/07/17/things-havent-always-been-this-way-n2550074?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&newsletterad=07/17/2019&bcid=8798fffbfb6f088992d0510d4d701063&recip=27409430 Society and acceptable behavior is crumbling before our eyes. I fear for my grand children and maybe their children and the world they will inherit.
  6. hlhneast

    Things Haven't Always Been This Way

    Ive heard with the previous generation of country folks it was common place for kids to hunt on the way to and from school. It was a a way to feed the family. The kids would stand their rifles in the corner at school and pick them up on the way out. They were not touched by any children during the day. Now kids bring guns to school and shoot their teachers and fellow students. Its a shame society has degenerated to this level. I blame city living and no longer having to hunt to feed the family. The fatherless home is also to blame as the article states. Without positive male influence, so many children are not receiving the guidance they need. As a whole we are a gunless society altho it seems more and more people realize they need weapons for defense, not for food procurement. There arent many shotguns over the fireplace or standing up in the corner at many houses either. This absence of weapons and fathers combines to fuel an unsupervised curiosity about firearms First person shooter video games remove the reality of consequences when all you do is hit the reset button when you die.
  7. hlhneast

    Magpul Gen 2 Black Mags $9.99

    You and your crew are not helping/
  8. If anyone is interested JSE has quite a few their own branded and other .45 uppers on sale. The one in the link is a pretty good deal at $315 for a basic no frills upper. Once you look at this link, you can search other .45s for more sale uppers. Even a fancy one is only $350. I have a bunch more in my set up. https://www.jsesurplus.com/JSE1645ACPGlockCompatibleStainlessSteel.578X28Threadedw/A2FHand.aspx My .45 is a blast to shoot and I am sure other calibers are just as fun. With a 29 round mag, rock and roll baby!
  9. hlhneast

    Magpul Gen 2 Black Mags $9.99

    Yep. Blame me for spreading the BRD. I have quite a few 30rd mags still in the plastic so I dont need anymore but..... With the TC BCG so cheap, its very tempting. I still havent bought a bolt carrier for my .450B project and who doesnt need a spare 5.56 bolt in their spares pack? Nobody, lol!! I have some spare ducats from a full week and no out going billing this week except for putting back for a trip to the hunting camp the following week. Some how I managed to not spend all my vacation money from the Smoky trip. Sounds like I am justifying.... Will the brown truck roll up to my house next week? We will see. Now where is that email from Primary?
  10. hlhneast

    AR 15 10mm Pistol

    Yeah really any large amount of fire out the end is pretty much wasted powder. Pistol length barreled AR's arent for me but to each his own. You will have a blast with it for sure. If the 8oz doesnt work out and you want to try a 10oz, let me know, I have one we can work a deal on. Your 8oz will probly do fine, its possible with a shorter length you may need a 10oz but I aint no expert Good luck with it and keep us posted..
  11. hlhneast

    Water and guns

    Keep usposted brother. It would be really cool if you get some neat stuff from them!
  12. hlhneast

    Water and guns

    Maybe you could do a commercial for them for some free shat. Its a helluva testimonial for Aimpoint. I hope my Trij would hold up as well. I would write and tell em about how great their product did in adverse conditions.
  13. hlhneast

    Changing Face of Construction

    Tech schools are cheap and Trump has mentioned we need more trades education in the US. In fact some are learn while you learn. I will be the newest teacher of the newest plumbers apprentices this fall. Their fees are paid by their builders association affiliated employer. Its a four year school and once they graduate, the school is pretty much recognized across the nation. They can get a job anywhere with great pay as Journeyman Plumbers. There arent many fresh out of high school, most are early twenties and realizing schooling is the way to the big money quicker than OJT. This training wasnt available where I started and I was already qualified time in the field to take the exam here in FL. It was an eye opener for an OJT guy, took me three times to pass. Once I figured out WTH was being asked for, all testing since scored high 80's out of 100 including my Masters. I could have saved a bunch of time if I went to a school. So many kids come out of 4 years in college with enormous debt and an eductaion not worth the sheep skin their degree is written on. Liberal arts, sociology, anthropology and many others arent in high demand. Mostly for more liberal arts, sociology and anthropology teachers if there is an opening somewhere a wide assed person at the podium already is. A friends daughter got her 4 year degree in anthropology and shes working at Dollar General as a cashier. Luckily she went on scholarship and the family was well off enough to not accumulate debt but honestly 4 years wasted. She was smart enough to be an engineer but wanted to study human nature I guess. She sees a bunch of human nature at the counter at DG for sure You go on, girl! Most likely votes Democrat too. I am just guessing there, lol. Matt, your absolutely spot on. Maybe our parents wondered about us too but I feel sorry for the kids coming of age. They still live at home because their worthless education cant get them the dream job they thought was waiting at the end of the rainbow. Maybe they could trade their participation trophies and their sheepskin in for a tent and slot at the homeless camp when their parents kick them to the curb.
  14. hlhneast

    Water and guns

    Man, I am so sorry for your bad luck. Hopefully you will get everything put back to normal quickly as possible. I am glad you posted the pics of the BCG's, looks like the nitride faired better than the NiB and that surprises me and others I am sure. Keep us posted. Good luck!
  15. hlhneast

    Sigh. Monday.

    The bar needs some serious upgrades. New mugs, trays and possibly servers. Its hard to see what started the spill but a talented server could have salvaged part of it seems to me.
  16. hlhneast

    Rained Out

    They are served in a boat, whats a little water??
  17. hlhneast

    Oh lawd

    I dont think I could put up with all of that bullshat. It would become a furry football. What kind of dog is it? Ive never owned a dog that needed trips to the groomer. Your a better man than me my friend.
  18. hlhneast

    Momma Bear at Cades Cove

    People are really stupid. You dont need me to tell ya that. Bears are the biggest cause of traffic stoppage on Cades Cove Loop. If traffic comes to a halt, you can pretty much expect to see a bear. People go nuts when they see them, expect them to be cute and cuddly, not wild and claw you to death. Just like the parent who smears peanut butter on their kids head and tells them to walk over to the bear because they think it would be cute to have a pic of the bear licking their kid. Chlorine for the gene pool but the kid wouldnt deserve getting killed. Cades Cove is a beautiful place, the animals think humans are just another animal, even the bears. No hunting for over 80 years so no threat. This may have worked in this guys favor. That and the fact her cubs were running ahead. All she wanted to do was scare the guy away from her children and since he moved away quickly, threat was over. She went to catch up. Had he gotten between them, it could have been a lot worse. He is lucky.
  19. Ya know thats funny as I almost included the Clintons in my last post. The difference is I believe the Clinton's had bad intentions from day one.
  20. I dunno T, he would have had to have some ethics at the beginning or he would have never risen to where he is. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" as the saying goes. He's been at the NRA a very long time. At this point we pretty much all agree.he needs to go. If the Board will stand with the membership maybe he can be forced out. Money talks and if enough members do not renew in protest as I am contemplating, hopefully it can happen.
  21. hlhneast

    Very disrespectful

    Yes, kudos to this young lady for sticking to her faith. I might think some of her prospective team mates were of that persuasion. I may be wrong but.....
  22. WLP has had a long association with the NRA. The toxicity surrounding him today indicates the need for him to step down. The longer he hangs on, the more it is apparent he is there for the money and the spotlight, not for representing our 2A rights.
  23. SometimesI will do something on Saturdays like go grocery shopping which I did yesterday. I also washed (am washing) clothes for next week. Took some short naps and half watched some Apollo 11 quest for the moon stuff I had already seen. Exciting, huh? After sweating my cajones off for 5 days, I generally shy away from doing much outside on the weekend. Even then its day break to about 10am. At that point my shirt is soaked so I am ready to call it unless I am doing something that has to be done. Rarely does this happen so most of the weekend is spent recuperating for the next 5 day run. Its hell to be old and still have to work for a living!
  24. hlhneast

    Very disrespectful

    Athletes need to keep the flag, the Pledge, and the National Anthem out of their little protests of whatever. Wrong time and wrong place. Community activism and protests should be the outlet for any feelings of wrongdoing. How about spending some of those exorbitant salaries and do some good for the places you think have been violated? Open your wallet as well as well as your mouth. It is this Nation that has given them the opportunity to become "stars" and given them the platform to protest from. If it was the old Soviet Union, they would have been shot. If they feel there is a problem, they should voice their beliefs but lets not disrespect the symbols of the nation which allows you to speak freely about it.
  25. hlhneast

    Weird WX

    Just normal weather for FL. During the summer convection currents bring moisture off the Atlantic inland where it heats up and rises. The clouds then move back toward the ocean and can bring short violent and very spotty thunderstorms just about every afternoon. The first year I lived in Jacksonville you could just about set your watch to the 4pm thunderstorms. It may be raining like hell where you are at and your looking across the street and its bright sunshine just like you describe. After 35 years, its just another summer day.