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  1. Full-Metal-Japanese

    Save $ ! Join NRA thru 02/29

    Yeah. But paying for renewals of my visa to stay for just a short amount of time doesn't make sense especially when I have bought these guns I have now. Many Japanese have immigrated here after the tsunami. I am one of the thousands. And there is an NRA in Japan. If you wanna look it up. it's: http://www.riflesports.jp/
  2. Full-Metal-Japanese

    San Francisco park reopens with new outdoor urinal

    I would take a dump in it just to piss off the morons who thought that was a good idea.
  3. Full-Metal-Japanese

    What do you do with your stock gun cases? Hide them?

    Luckily for me I have a shop seperate from my house with two large garage doors and plenty of storage space. But even then, yeah, they do take up space. I have both soft and hard cases. I really like Voo Doo Tactical's soft cases. I got one in the ACU digital camo. I have an AR 308 in it with my Howa 1500 sniper bolt-action in 308. I do like how it has the divider in them and lots of storage for ammo, pistols and other goodies.
  4. Full-Metal-Japanese

    Because....Merica! Warning! Pic HEAVY!

    minds will be blown.
  5. Full-Metal-Japanese

    Because....Merica! Warning! Pic HEAVY!

    Japanese Rising Sun Confederate flag. Call it weird, dumb, a sacrilege...or even cool. I made this is in Photoshop and I want to find someone to make it for me. I have 47 stars each representing the 47 prefectures in Japan.
  6. Full-Metal-Japanese

    The chair is against the wall

  7. Full-Metal-Japanese

    Who can identify this plane???

    It's so weird that these are what everybody used back in those days. Pearl Harbor had to of been terrifying. Time's the sound of that Zero by a few hundred. The sound alone would raise the hair up off your scalp. My Grandpa was in the second wave. He said he couldn't stop the tremors and shaking even afterwards. I can't imagine what that was like.
  8. Full-Metal-Japanese

    Tax refund toys?

    Getting a custom glass case for displaying my Type 96 Light Machine Gun. Yes, it still fires, and that is a scope you see. It's pretty useless. It was later removed when the Type 99 LMG came out. It was my grandpa's and he had to shipped to the US before the Japanese export ban in the 1950s of firearms after WWII where him and my grandma lived for a short time. My aunt and uncle said since I am the only family member stateside, I was given it. I had it appraised at $25,000. It was used during the battle of Iwo Jima. It came with two extra barrels and 4 magazines. I have a lot of WWII relics, all pacific theater.
  9. Full-Metal-Japanese

    Who can identify this plane???

    And the wings do fold like they had on the elevators from aircraft carriers. the canopy opens as you can see from the previous photo. and retractable landing gear. I'm a big WWII buff.
  10. Full-Metal-Japanese

    Who can identify this plane???

    This is a Corsair model from BBi in 1:18 scale that's discontinued. I have the original box and everything. I paid only $60.00 This goes for well over 200.00 dollars now. This was flown by Gregory Boyington the Black Sheep Squadron. He died the year I was born. I always loved these planes, the "bent wing bird" they called it and the Japanese called it Whistling Death. I also have the 1:18 tan colored zero from the same company still in the box. It is a large model. The wingspan is 28" tip to tip and the fuselage is 21" long
  11. Full-Metal-Japanese

    A Major Problem With Colorado's Marijuana Economy Emerged

    I am the only family member living in the United States. My parents are both deceased, so in my teens my Aunt and Uncle took me into their home and finished raising me. I do remember my parents telling me, that if I ever chose to come back here they said 'Do not fall in the footsteps of the other minority groups. Stay away from the blacks.' <----Yes, they really said this. Many Japanese are still racist. There are no laws against hate crimes and anything is open season, including hate speech. They don't care who they offend and political correctness does not exist there. Japan isn't democratic like it used to be and they're not pacifist any longer. My family would kill me if I ever dated a black man. Only option was whites. Even still they didn't like that, but they learned to deal with it and they accepted ''him" who is now my fiance. I think this is what they meant. Being young and impressionable, I had my fair share of foolery, I always had mostly white friends. Not really any asian friends. The Asians here are all guilty liberal white-washed know-nothing...idiots! I mean, that's what I gathered.
  12. Full-Metal-Japanese

    Who can identify this plane???

    They were made from a very thin armor of duralumin alloy. But it didn't take much to shoot them down once the US later in the War had their Hellcats and Corsairs get up behind them. Just a short burst and they went down. My grandpa was an ace at 22. Our family carries on the tradition my older brother flies now too. He has for 15 years. Mitsubishi F-2 I believe.
  13. Full-Metal-Japanese

    Who can identify this plane???

    There was an old covered concrete area where abandoned Zeros were found in Okinawa in the 1980s. I need to find the pictures to post them sometime. One of them was the Zero still in tact my grandpaflew. Tail number and everything matching. Picture of my grandma was still on the instrument panel. My grandma says his plane is on display in Japan at the Yushukan museum. It is still operable after it's restoration. My grandpa got to see it fly one more time, before he passed away in 2011 at 93. One of very few Zeros that are still flown.
  14. Full-Metal-Japanese

    Save $ ! Join NRA thru 02/29

    Should I join the NRA? This government is going gouge me at approximately 3,700 dollars to gain citizenship. Not exactly cheap. But I've spent more on guns, so I guess I can't complain too much. It's legit or no way. I would have to renounce my Japanese citizenship. Which I will begin the process this summer. It's big decision. Have to balance and weigh the options. And I like guns and living here. So, the answer is simple.
  15. Full-Metal-Japanese

    Save $ ! Join NRA thru 02/29

    I will probably join after I gain my US citizenship. Which isn't til the end of this year. Then I will vote for the first time. I have mixed opinions about "voting" though. I don't really like any of the people who are running. One. Maybe.