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  1. So this is fairly common practice then? There is no "rule" where you have to stick to one specific company? Whats the difference between an AR-15 and an A10?
  2. I was wondering, are all AR-15 parts compatible with each other? If I purchase a Lower from company A and I use an upper from company B? Can I get a stripped lower from Company A and buy a trigger kit from Company B and it work? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. That's a lot of information to process! I appreciate the guidelines! Guess I have some researching to do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Kneedraggin, I am looking to have a basic build, something I can use as a platform for later modification. I want a decent upper and lower. Not sure on where I can find a good one and who is considered "good".
  5. Thank you very much RetCop! I have spent the last few days looking over this page and the info and knowledge is incredible!
  6. Hey all! Looking for a Hobby. Always wanted to build one of these! I would like to make it look nice but also be able to use it on the range and possibly do some hunting with it. All information and advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I think I a going to like this place! A lot of very useful information! TJ is very knowledgeable.
  8. Looking to build an AR. Newbie to the AR-15 Scene. Looking to put together something nice yet simple. Something that the wife and I can enjoy shooting on the weekends. Maybe even take out hunting every once in a while. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  9. Good Evening Everyone! I am new here, rookie at these things. I am wanting to build my own AR and this looks like a good place to get pointer and input. Any and all help and guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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