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  1. Bet my next paycheck if he were the victim of the home invasion he wouldn't think it was unfair.
  2. LawDawg1911

    300 blackout or 223 for 7.5 pistol build

    Full disclosure, I don't have a 300 (yet), but from everything I know, unless you're going to suppress it you might be wasting a lower (or at the least not allowing the pistol to live up to it's potential). The 300 is designed to be shot suppressed. I also agree with Longhair, I wouldn't want to deer hunt with the 5.56, even though technically it will kill a deer. The slightest of bad shots may lead to a deer you can't recover. Like you've stated earlier, you do lose yardage on a rifle's effective range with shorter barrels, but it's not as bad as you'd think. If I recall correctly, with a 10.5"-11" barrel, you'll go from an effective range of [roughly] 500 yards to around 300 yards. A 7.5" barrel I believe you're in the 150-200 yard effective range. I'll stress that I'm pulling these numbers from memory, so I might not be telling the God's honest truth, but I'm in the ball park. So if you're hunting in an area that 100 yards will be the furthest you'll shoot, I think you'd be okay. What I don't know is what kind of effect the shorter barrel will have on the terminal velocity, and if that will be enough to cleanly kill a deer. Fortunately for you, I'll bet my next paycheck Tackleberry can tell you.
  3. LawDawg1911

    Is there really that big of a difference?

    Lot of good opinions. Just to clarify, I'm not currently looking for parts for a current build. I just felt like getting a conversation started, and I'm pretty sure the 9mm v 45ACP debate is worn out . I also make sure I use a good LPK and BCG, as those to me are the parts doing the heavy lifting. A few have commented about BCA, and I've been skeptical about using them in the past, even though they're based in my home town. But I did bite the bullet on my 7.62x39 rifle a few months ago, and for a barrel that's under a $100 it's in that minute of bad-guy tolerance I mentioned. My pistol build I bit the bullet again and purchased one of their 7.5" barrels and an upper and lower, and I have to admit, the upper and lower has a tighter fit than any of the other 3 ARs that I've build to date. Will the barrels have the longevity as say an Odin Works or other type manufacturer? Who knows. There's too many good opinions to quote, but I think Tack made a comment about warranties from some of the "high end" companies. Honestly I never thought about how well a company covers their product. Obviously if it's broke when I get it in the mail, they'd better make it right, but I never thought of it in the same light as I would a complete gun from a brick and mortar gun store, vehicle or appliance. Maybe that's stupidity on my part. There are some parts that are so cheap that it strikes me as too good to be true, and I stay away from those. I'd also say for any potential new gun builder to be weary when looking at some sites like ebay or amazon, because some parts are actually for airsoft rifles. These parts look and feel so much like the real thing they can fool you. It's only until your're putting a rifle together that you figure it out. I did that on my first build (a lesson you only have to learn once). Anyway, keep 'em coming. Again, too many good comments to "like", but I always enjoy hearing everyone's opinions.
  4. So I’m sitting in my shop watching it rain, and I began pondering something, so I figured I’d throw it out here for debate. Those of us who build our own AR rifles know that there’s a hoard of parts we can get, ranging from cheap crap that you’ll regret buying to high end gear. But when it comes to parts like handrails, gas blocks and tubes, even barrels if your intent is to build a rifle not for 1/4 MOA at competitions, but for one that’s 1/4 minute of bad guy. Is there really that big of a difference in say, an aim sport Handguard I can get for around $50 and one from Yankee Hill, Aero, or any of the other $200 plus handrails? Is it just preference, is it a “I’m going all out, nothing but the best” build that you want to do, is it budget based or does it really help with the accuracy of the rifle because the high end parts are more along the lines of match grade. What makes you guys buy the parts you do over another? I respect anyone’s decision on how they choose to build their rifle, and I know everyone here feels the same (other than the occasional warning about a crappy part), that’s why I like coming to this site as opposed to others. Like I said, I’m bored at the moment and thought I’d throw this out there for some friendly debate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. LawDawg1911

    Leather Holster Owie.........

    I've heard of glock leg, glock butt is something new
  6. LawDawg1911

    Another groaner...

  7. LawDawg1911

    New guy building a rifle 2.0

    You ain't the only one brother
  8. LawDawg1911

    Hey hlhneast

    happy birthday hl
  9. LawDawg1911

    Yup, it's Monday again.

    I want to meet the guy who stood still and videoed that. I'd-a been high stepping about the time it started heading my way.
  10. LawDawg1911

    Raptor-SD Ambidextrous Charging Handle

    I'm curious to see if you get it in a timely manner. I've had trouble getting things from optics planet, and so has a friend of mine. So bad in fact both of us cancelled our orders from them. Hope your luck with them is better than mine.
  11. LawDawg1911

    It's a groaner...

    oh boy...
  12. LawDawg1911

    One more "Last" Build...what should it be?

    Outstanding. It's in 5.56 I assume?
  13. LawDawg1911

    Thinking for yourself

    I know...but I do not like green eggs and ham
  14. LawDawg1911

    One for FleshWound, but it ain't monday...