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  1. LawDawg1911


  2. LawDawg1911

    Apex enhanced trigger for Sig P320

    I got mine back within a month. The boy hasn’t sent his off yet, but he’s still in college, so I’ll cut him some slack. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. LawDawg1911

    Apex enhanced trigger for Sig P320

    Where’s my manners... I also did a stippling job on the new frame, really makes the gun stick to the hands. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I usually don't monkey around with swapping out pistol parts, but with the 320 being so modular, it's kind of hard not to. I first replaced the standard frame module (medium) on my P320 compact with the smaller frame, then I started looking at flat triggers. The Apex enhanced is marketed as potentially reducing trigger pull by 18%. I picked one up from Midway for about $44 and am very pleased. I don't have a way to test the trigger pull, but it doesn't seem to have changed the poundage very much, if at all. after test firing a dozen rounds out of it, I have to say I'm very happy with it. It does make the trigger pull feel more natural and more of a straight back pull than the OEM trigger. I can still positively locate where the slack in the trigger stops right before the "break". Normally I wouldn't mess with the trigger in an EDC pistol, but all in all I think I've become a fan of flat triggers over conventional.
  5. LawDawg1911

    13" Troy Alpha Rail

    Will ya'll stop posting on sale items please, I'm starting to grab my debit card...
  6. LawDawg1911

    Decent Nitride BCG Deal @ PSA

    Here we go again...
  7. LawDawg1911

    Gas issue

    I'd be curious to know which BCG you have, the full auto BCG or the AR. I know there's a small weight difference between the two. The heavier full auto, from my reading, is suppose to slow down the cyclic rate some. If it's an AR BCG, could it not be heavy enough with the longer gas tube to cycle correctly. If the rifle works fine suppressed I'm wondering if the over-pressure could be overcoming the lighter BCG weight and letting it cycle? or vice versa? I don't know, kind of spit-balling here. I agree with TT that it sounds like a gas issue, but I wonder if it could be something else that is mimicking a gas issue. But I've also been rightly accused that I over think stuff sometimes
  8. LawDawg1911

    Gas issue

    Same here TT.
  9. LawDawg1911

    Gas issue

    What about a lighter buffer? I know typically you don't want to monkey around with the buffer weight, but if his gas block is on correctly, it may work. The only other thing that I can possibly think of is he used the wrong size gas block for the build. I know .750 is pretty much the standard for a 5.56/223, but it could happen.
  10. LawDawg1911

    The Armory is in mourning.

    I just now saw this. There's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said. Terrible news and prayers for the family.
  11. LawDawg1911

    New Build

    There is never "The last one". Nice looking rifle by the way.
  12. LawDawg1911

    Now I'm worried

    We'll be thinking about your son. And I don't think that the next time you speak to him it would worry him if you told him and his crew to be careful and keep their heads on a swivel. No matter how long you do a job, it's still good for someone to remind you of the basics from time to time.
  13. LawDawg1911

    Skelletonized upper?

    I would say that as long as the upper is 7075 aluminum you're GTG. That's the biggest thing to look for in a receiver, whether it's an upper or lower. Everything else is just personal preference.
  14. LawDawg1911

    Anderson Lowers $39.99

    Found some really good deals at Magnum Targets. bought 6, 8" pie plates for $60. If you can weld they have the plates and tubing for a dueling tree for around $100.
  15. LawDawg1911

    Anderson Lowers $39.99

    I'm trying to squirrel away money to add more steel targets to the back yard range, otherwise that would be tempting. And by squirrel away I mean hide it from the wife.