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  1. I recently purchased a Rock Island 1911 A2 (high capacity 16+1 10MM) RIA # 52009. On Occasion when the shell gets ejected it dings the slide. Any suggestions to maybe prevent this from happening? I was using Sig Elite ammo, which I find to be sub-standard. I ran Oath Tango through it no problem!
  2. Sig ammo is crap. My RIA 52009 1911A2 is a freaking beast!
  3. As a final note on the problems with my new Sig, it was an ammo issue! Sig said they had no reported issues with the batch. I did however buy Sig from a different source and used other rounds, zero failures in about 1000 rounds. Now I am waiting on my RIA #52009 high capacity 10MM 16+1, I am getting serious wood for this thing! Getting PBR to make me some upped loads of Golden Saber 180gr. JHP. I am also getting Reed to make me some 220gr FMJ! I'll probably try some Underwood 220gr. as well. Thanks to all for your help, you're the best!
  4. I was looking at the Glock or the Rock for a high cap 10MM, I would assume from this conversation that you would go with the Rock.
  5. Two failures in 144 rounds at the range today and one yesterday in the first mag after getting it back from the factory. Being it is a new gun and they worked on it I thought I would have ZERO problems with it. I love the thing it shoots straight and great but the reliability is a true concern. What would you do if it was yours? I emailed them to ask what Sig's official position was on it and I will not be getting a reply back until Monday because he is out of the office. For the price I paid I was hoping for more.......I don't want to lose $200-$300 on a purchase because I have to sell it, shipping, commissions and all that add up. PS I saw a Colt Delta Elite 10MM for $50 less than what I paid for the Sig.
  6. I am looking at purchasing a Baretta .45. Does anyone have a recommendation for or against this purchase?
  7. I am also checking on the price of a Baretta PX4 Storm SD Type F supposed to be the best .45 they have ever made. Any opinions on this weapon? FYI I am getting a great price on it from a personal friend, so I figure I may as well go top of the line for the manufacturer
  8. As a follow up to my issue, Sig went above and beyond in the repair of the firearm! The ejector and feed ramp were the culprits. Imagine that a problem with feeding and ejecting and the thing still worked a majority of the time! They also refinished the slide and upgraded both front and rear sights! Along with other stuff! Got to say I was impressed with the service I received and the turnaround time for repairs! If it has no issues when it comes back (tomorrow) I will be extremely pleased with the purchase, even if it did not go as smoothly as we would have liked. Thanks guys as it turns out Sig is all that and a bag of chips too ;)
  9. Here is an excerpt from his reply after I thanked him for his help. It pretty much speaks volumes on Sig! To be honest, you went out and spent a lot of money on a firearm and didn’t have the experience both you expect and we expect. We stand behind out products 100% and we will make sure we get this issue and any other issues taken care of for you.
  10. I got the call tag 14 minutes after I hung up with him. That's pretty good stuff right there!
  11. As a follow up I contacted Sig this AM and spoke with Kyle. Awesome customer service. He didn't hesitate adding me to their service database and told me that I would be receiving a call tag to ship the firearm back to them for repair. I asked how long, he said 3-4 weeks. I asked him in real world, not holding him to any time frame, what was his experience, he said he would stick to that time frame currently. Everyone is good when things are going right, it's what they do when things don't go right that separates the good from the bad. To this point their customer service gets an A+ rating, I was extremely pleased and felt like they really did care that this happened. One thing I forgot to mention is that the manufacture date on the firearm was Nov. 29th 2015, The Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend ;) True story.
  12. I'm a Washington Redskins fan, so I call mine "Riggo" in honor of #44 John Riggins. My only ding is that it doesn't work as advertised. Usually you get what you pay for. Sometimes things just don't work out right, and you're the exception that proves the rule. I'm going to give them the opportunity to make it right, I'm certain they will, their reputation is at stake.
  13. Point taken gshayd. You are correct. I'm sure they'll make it right, I just have to wait until Monday to call them and I'll be sure to let them know that you're pissed!
  14. I searched for an email for customer service and all I have ever seen is a phone number. If you have an email address, I would certainly take it. I'm like my wife's uncle Chuck when it comes to stuff like this. He bought a new Jaguar, drove it into New York city and it died. He told them to come and get it. If it was a Glock or a RIA I may have been more understanding about the issue. I paid almost twice what those pieces cost and got, IMHO, a substandard firearm. I know it is probably just a one in a million thing, but if I have to use it I don't want to risk my life on that one. I clean and maintain my guns probably to a level which some of you would consider "anal". I don't want failure when my life may depend on it. You are all probably right it is a rarity, however, I hate when that happens to me
  15. IKR! I am going to cal Sig and see if there is something that can't be done. I have heard nothing but good things about Sig, and from those who actually own and depend on them. I actually went to the Sig forum and posted this in the armorer section. I was hoping to get rid of the Glock, apparently I will have it a few more days at least. I don't have these problems with my 1944 Walther P38.
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