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  1. DVST8R

    Wanted to say hello

    Welcome from NC
  2. DVST8R

    new guy

  3. DVST8R

    New to forum

  4. DVST8R

    Hello, fom coastal SC

    Hello neighbor from the coast of North Carolina.
  5. DVST8R

    Good Morning!

    Good mornin from NC
  6. DVST8R

    I know just who to thank

    Sorry to hear of your lay off, hope it picks up soon.
  7. DVST8R

    New Guy fron NC

    Thanks for the welcoming,
  8. DVST8R

    Thank you Lady Gaga

    thats what I was worried about
  9. DVST8R

    She's finally ready for the range

    Very nice
  10. DVST8R

    Thank you Lady Gaga

    I was pleasantly surprised. I was skeptical when I heard she was doing it . Played well Lady Gaga
  11. DVST8R

    Venison Stew

    Gonna give this a try
  12. DVST8R

    Super Bowl - What's on the menu?

    Beer , wings n meatballs. Heavy on the Texas Pete.
  13. DVST8R

    Are you going to watch the Super Bowl

    Pulling for the home team but wouldn't mind seeing Payton get that ring. Neither team is my favorite but I like me both.