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  1. TSgtRet

    Chumlee.... No Longer Chumming it up...

    The guy gets some fame, and some money and gets stupid! Get to be a celebrity and start thinking they're above the law. He had it made and threw it right out the door.
  2. TSgtRet

    Germany is gone!

    Once again, the left and Obama think the American people are stupid. Islam is not a "religion of peace", not hard to figure out when you open your eyes and watch what's happening to Europe and especially Germany.
  3. TSgtRet

    What are you spending your tax return on?

    First time in over ten years I'm getting money back. Guess I should have retired sooner. most of my return will be going towards bills. Hopefully I'll have some left to stock up on some 5.56 ammo.
  4. Social Security and Medicare wouldn't be in trouble if the Fed would keep their hands out of the pot! They've taken billions from both funds and then complain that Both programs are going broke. Our government has a nasty habit of spending money they don't have. Deficit spending has got to stop!
  5. TSgtRet

    Protestors shut down Trump event

    What he said! This kind of crap will back fire on them. The left thinks everyone is stupid, they will find out that a lot of us are better informed than they think we are.
  6. If working hard for the things you have is "white privilege", then I guess I'm guilty. After 22 years in both the Army and Air Force I've had many friends who were black, and they educated themselves, worked hard and were very successful. And none of them ever complained about my white privilege. It seems to me based of life experience that those who wish to educated themselves and work hard no matter what color t hey are, don't complain about any ones success in life. But those who feel they are owed something are usually the ones that complain about white privilege.
  7. TSgtRet

    Germany is gone!

    If Europe as a whole doesn't soon get control, they will cease to exist. Our so called "leaders" in Washington hopefully are watching the events in Europe very closely and are learning from what is happening there, if not we will soon be in major trouble ourselves.
  8. If Ronald Reagan was still President not only would North Korea not be so noisy, but Iran would also be under control and ISIS would not be the threat that they currently are. Every time we have a weak President these little thug dictators always act up. When we have a strong President like Reagan they know to behave or they'll be punished. We better pray that we don't end up with Hillary as POTUS because if she gets in it will be all over!
  9. TSgtRet

    Nancy Reagan Passes Away At 94

    RIP Nancy, a classy First Lady.
  10. TSgtRet

    AXTS Raptor Ambi Charging Handle

    I finally received the Raptor Charging handle and it is a vast improvement over the standard charging handle. Looks like I made a good decision to purchase it.
  11. TSgtRet

    Actor George Kennedy Dies At 91

    RIP George. He was a very good actor who played characters in a lot of movies. He will be missed.
  12. TSgtRet

    AXTS Raptor Ambi Charging Handle

    Thanks for the replies.
  13. Just ordered one last night.All reviews I read were very good, who has one on their AR?
  14. TSgtRet

    Again. School shooting being reported in OHIO

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if this is part of Obama's master plan to change America.
  15. What an idiot! Boy did he show her once he got up from his first beating, didn't he.