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  1. Dannyboy53

    Swedish M96 6.5x55mm Mauser

    Thanks Sir!
  2. Dannyboy53

    Swedish M96 6.5x55mm Mauser

    Thanks Retcop!
  3. Dannyboy53

    Jailed a new one today

    You have one of the best there is towtruck. I lost a 586 4" in a house fire in 1988, it was the sweetest shooting revolver I had. You did good, you're gonna love that little beauty!
  4. Dannyboy53

    Swedish M96 6.5x55mm Mauser

    Thank you!
  5. Although I am a left handed shooter and try to steer clear of bolt guns I could not resist this one when it became available. It is the rifle in my gun cabinet of which I am most proud. It's all matching, wood & steel, and in great condition. These rifle/caliber combinations have a much deserved reputation as some of the most accurate of all military surplus rifles. It has very low recoil and the bolt and trigger pull is very smooth. My wife has taken several White Tail with our Savage .270 but she now prefers shooting this one as it is much easier on the shoulder! For anyone considering one of these, I highly recommend them. The Swedes were very particular in building and maintaining these rifles and it shows. They kept a mini record of the bore condition on a brass disc attached to the stock displaying the wear of the lands/grooves. When the bore reached an unacceptable level of wear the barrel was replaced. In addition, a rectangular brass plate (sometimes a decal) was affixed beside the disc to show the hold-over a soldier needed to use in firing the new ammunition adopted after 1941. These plates & discs were mounted upside down so that with the rifle shouldered, a right-handed soldier could flip the rifle out slightly and look down to take a reading with out moving the weapon very far from his shoulder.
  6. Dannyboy53

    Made it out of Florida with my gun collection

    Lucky you, one more close call with a hurricane and I'm outta here and back to north Arkansas! My wife was born/raised in this area, not me...I have no use for the heat, bugs and sand.
  7. Dannyboy53

    Not you!

    I wish I knew what happened! I could see it from my end but I deleted and posted it again.
  8. Dannyboy53


    I don't know what has happened, the photo was visible on my end but I re-posted it!
  9. Dannyboy53

    7.62x39 thoughts?

    We ordered our M4 7.62x39 carbines from PSA about 4-5 years ago and they came with the "enhanced" firing pin installed. In our stash we have Barnaul, Red Army Standard and Wolf black box and neither have ever failed to fire.
  10. Dannyboy53

    7.62x39 thoughts?

    Some folks here in north Florida are hunting deer and hogs with the SKS carbines. A few have told me they are using the heavier (154 gr) soft point bullets with good results but I don't know what ranges they have fired at. I wouldn't hesitate to shoot out to 150-200 yards
  11. Dannyboy53

    USFS/FWC Range in Lake City, FL

    I'm not gonna make it tomorrow. Our youngest Grandson had to go in the hospital tonight and I'm keeping his older brother. Sorry for such short notice. The wife drove our daughter to the hospital so me and the Grandson get to trash the place.
  12. Dannyboy53

    USFS/FWC Range in Lake City, FL

    Will do my friend, probably next Tuesday or Wednesday weather permitting! Long range forecast is calling for rain...we'll see!