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  1. I got my Russian 1953 Tula in April 2015 for $475, I have never considered selling it. My firearms will go to the grandkids when I'm gone, I'm hoping they will hang on to them but that's their decision to make.
  2. Dannyboy53

    Official Photo Test Thread

  3. Dannyboy53

    Official Photo Test Thread

  4. Hi Steve, I understand, I can't justify that sort of cost at a range....I'm on retirement! This range is ideal for me, it's only 36 miles from my house and there is no charge! I usually go during the week as there are less folks there. So if you see this ugly old fart...DON'T SHOOT...it's me! If things were to ever change where the state starts charging to shoot here or it gets closed down, we live in the country (near Bell in Gilchrist Co) and can shoot on our land. We'll get together and burn some powder! Danny
  5. It's closed down...for sale!
  6. I realize this is an old post but.... Swedish Mauser Stripper Clips https://www.libertytreecollectors.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=6336
  7. Dannyboy53

    1911 picture thread

    It isn't a pretty piece, nothing fancy but for about six years this Rock Island Armory .45ACP 1911 has served me well. It goes every where I go and I am absolutely confident in it's accuracy and functioning. I'm left handed so I installed an ambidextrous safety, the "minor fitting" consisted of maybe a dozen light strokes with a file. I replaced the original smooth wood grips with traditional checkered grips. I didn't like the feel of the smooth wood, it would slip in my hand on hot days.
  8. No Sir, in a state owned range just outside of Lake City named Lewis D. Whitaker Osceola Shooting Range. A really nice range that recently had some improvements. https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/osceola/recarea/?recid=75123
  9. Dannyboy53

    Swedish M96 6.5x55mm Mauser

    Thank you newbe!
  10. Dannyboy53

    Swedish M96 6.5x55mm Mauser

    Thanks Sir!
  11. Dannyboy53

    Swedish M96 6.5x55mm Mauser

    Thanks Retcop!
  12. Dannyboy53

    Jailed a new one today

    You have one of the best there is towtruck. I lost a 586 4" in a house fire in 1988, it was the sweetest shooting revolver I had. You did good, you're gonna love that little beauty!
  13. Dannyboy53

    Swedish M96 6.5x55mm Mauser

    Thank you!
  14. Although I am a left handed shooter and try to steer clear of bolt guns I could not resist this one when it became available. It is the rifle in my gun cabinet of which I am most proud. It's all matching, wood & steel, and in great condition. These rifle/caliber combinations have a much deserved reputation as some of the most accurate of all military surplus rifles. It has very low recoil and the bolt and trigger pull is very smooth. My wife has taken several White Tail with our Savage .270 but she now prefers shooting this one as it is much easier on the shoulder! For anyone considering one of these, I highly recommend them. The Swedes were very particular in building and maintaining these rifles and it shows. They kept a mini record of the bore condition on a brass disc attached to the stock displaying the wear of the lands/grooves. When the bore reached an unacceptable level of wear the barrel was replaced. In addition, a rectangular brass plate (sometimes a decal) was affixed beside the disc to show the hold-over a soldier needed to use in firing the new ammunition adopted after 1941. These plates & discs were mounted upside down so that with the rifle shouldered, a right-handed soldier could flip the rifle out slightly and look down to take a reading with out moving the weapon very far from his shoulder.
  15. Dannyboy53

    Made it out of Florida with my gun collection

    Lucky you, one more close call with a hurricane and I'm outta here and back to north Arkansas! My wife was born/raised in this area, not me...I have no use for the heat, bugs and sand.