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  1. Don't have to be perfect, just careful.
  2. Been riding over 50 yrs, cop for 31. Although the dot may be blue, it does not case a blue light. Legal in most jurisdictions, and an attitude violation in others. Like most legal issues, clear as mud.
  3. Been there done that. The mountains (almost everywhere) suck big time. I lived back up in the mountains and within 8 years or so, there were so many a holes from both east and west coast that it was no longer a good place to live. Moved to the middle of nowhere in the mid-west, perfect. Guess the great plains don't attract a holes like the mountains.
  4. I've used and 06 for a little while, since about 1965. I see no need to change. With proper bullet selection I can load for any situation.
  5. I've run an I Mac for years. Never again. Apple won't help at all with old (5-6yrs) 'puters and tell me that I now have to drive 3 hours one was to get my A Mac worked on. From now on, I'll buy throw away Windows machines.
  6. My RCBS has lasted over 20 years, last week while pulling a 5.56, the jaws stripped. Not bad service life.
  7. Are there burrs in the flash hole of most brass, yes. Is it necessary to remove it, in my opinion no. When I was shooting X-course, I got very anal about my brass and loads. While checking load performance at 600 yards, shooting a Bushmaster match lower with a Compass Lake match upper, I noticed that loads that did not have the flash hole de-burred and did not have the powder charges hand weighed (this ammo I called "practice"), still put all 22 rounds (2 sighters and 20 shots for record) into a 3 1/2 inch group. That was 3 1/2" group at 600 yards with iron sights, shot prone with a sling, not off of some bench rest. Now I don't know about you, but as for me, a roughly 1/2 moa group at 600 yards is quite acceptable. Spend less time loading and more time on the range. Works for me.
  8. I like coil spring for knives, a coal fire, but gas will do in a pinch. Never seen an electric forge.
  9. chetc, you don't mention what distances you will be shooting. If you are talking 500 to 1,000 yards, check with Compass Lake Engineering. they built an x-course upper for me that shoots 3 1/2" groups at 600 yards prone out of a sling. Just a thought.
  10. I have a PSA budget upper that I picked up used. Using my utility loads, nothing special for this upper, it will shoot sub 1/2 MOA at 200 yards. Not the most accurate rifle I have, but definitely not bad. These groups were bore sighted & getting on paper at 200 yards, (disregard the two 30 cal holes). The group on the left measures .656" center to center and the group on the right measures 1.19". I may be a bit picky, but I'll take that.
  11. Luke, I'm older than you and I prefer iron sights. I simply had my optometrist make a pair of shooting glasses. Non-shooting eye ground for normal distance. Shooting eye ground for a 39" focal plane. Measure from shooting eye to front sight. If shooting rifle and pistol, average the two measurements. ( yours may vary a bit ) Since I started using this set up many years ago, I can shoot iron better than when I was in my 20's. Check around, I'm sure you'll find an optometrist willing to take on this project. Good luck.
  12. Why not just call Fulton? While you are talking to them see if they will extend the return period due to your circumstances.
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