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  1. I will definitely give these a look Tackleberry. Thank you for the advice.
  2. It seems like there are a lot more options than I anticipated and most of them are purpose driven. If I wanted an all purpose rifle would you still recommend a chrome lined barrel? This isn't going to be a budget build but will take me sometime to acquire the things I need. Being my first build I would rather go for a well rounded build instead of a solely purposed precision or self defense rifle. I am definitely out of my element here and that's why my questions might seem redundant or out of place.
  3. Hammurabi, I'm not looking for something to mag dump repeatedly. Yes to a sling but not sure what kind. I'm not sure about the suppressor regulations in PA I will have to look into that. I'm leaning towards a foregrip but I might not put a bipod or a foregrip on it. Free float hand guard is the better option correct? I don't want a big scope on it. And yes to a flashlight maybe even a laser.
  4. I apologize Tackleberry and I did read your post. Is there a reason the 556 NATO chamber ing is used in defense guns instead of the 223 wylde chambering. I know you said that SS barrels are used for accuracy while chrome lined is a better all purpose barrel. So why is that? Will stainless not hold up to rapid fire? Why must there be a compromise of accuracy in a self defense gun? Your right I don't know anything about the AR platform. Many bolt action rifles can achieve MOA without being SS or chrome lined. Just general questions that I don't know anything about on the AR side.
  5. Also, for a do anything rifle, what would be the best barrel length? 16 inch, 18 inch, or something else?
  6. My fault for not being more specific and I apologize for that. I'm looking for a do everything rifle if that even exists. I live in Pennsylvania so hunting with it is out of the question unless they change the laws. I really don't need a varmint gun as I own multiple small caliber bolt action rifles (223 wssm, 223 rem, 22-250, 17 centerfire, 204 ruger). I'm looking for something that will be useful for self defense but also to be able to reach out 300 yards with hopefully MOA. I do my own reloading for all my bolt guns and own the dies for 223 remington but would like the gun to be able to fire both 223 rem and 556 nato. So what would be the best route? 556 NATO chamber ing or 223 Wylde? Would chrome lined barrel be the better option and still provide MOA? Also I should say that this build is happening overnight. Although I wish it were, I'm going to have to space this over a few months so the wife doesn't get upset about the cost.
  7. Ok, so a little about me for starters. I've grown up around guns and have a decent knowledge but most of it comes from bolt action rifles. I've never used the AR-15 platform but have been looking at them for years. Initially I was just going to buy one but decided it would be a better experience to build my own. I've done some research and have decided to get a Mega stripped lower and ordered a lower parts kit without the trigger, trigger guard, etc. So the next logical step I guess is a trigger and work my way up. I've never shot a two stage trigger so I'm thinking I should go with a single stage as that's what I'm accustomed to with bench shooting. Can anyone recommend some good single stage triggers? And also I need to start looking at barrels. I looked at satern barrels but you basically have to order one from them the way you want it and I don't feel comfortable with my lack of knowledge placing an order yet. I'm looking at either a 16 or 18 inch barrel. So the big question is which one? Stainless steel or not? Chrome lined or not? Does satern even offer some of these options as their website doesn't say. Or can someone recommend some good barrels from someone else?
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