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  1. Greg, Have you ever had negative results with an o-ring on a BCG? The only one I have ever needed an o-ring for is my 10.5" SBR which I run the heck out of with Wolf ammo. It did mostly OK with brass cased ammo but still hung up occasionally.
  2. Given that I'm not in any real hurry I may wait for Black Friday to see if anybody has a deal on bcg's.
  3. Bushmaster also carries A2 uppers as well. I noticed there online catalog also had A1 uppers. Those are getting really scarce! I may have to pick up a few just to squirrel back for when they go extinct. BTW, I have two Bushmaster A2 rifles and both uppers have been great. I could highly recommend going that route with no hesitation.
  4. I have several PSA bcg's also and have yet to have any issues other than the o-rings being torn, which has happened twice. I am in the process of buying some different types of o-rings to see which ones work and hold up to wear the best.
  5. Let me clarify my previous post. RRA has A2 uppers, but they are not Colt manufactured.
  6. I can't speak for everyone but I have used everyone from Colt to Model 1 Sales and have yet to have a bad one. Now, I'm sure someone has had a bad experience before but not me. If you are looking for new uppers it might be difficult to get a Colt. I am unaware of anyone else who would have had an A2 contract. Rock River Arms currently has them in stock I believe. Also, get it complete with rear sight assembly installed. A2's are a PITA!
  7. I know right! I emailed them about it on 9-24-16 and received a real BS reply. Me: Hello, I was curious about if you would be having the promotional price for adding a BCG to a barreled upper assembly again. It was an incredible value and I would like to take advantage of it again if possible. Wyatt BCM: We have no information for public release as of this date. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook for new products and product updates! Thanks for your interest and support of our products Bravo Company USA, Inc Call me old fashioned but that reply sounds very scripted.
  8. Well guys, I've decided on the BCM 20" upper, however I still am unsure of which BCG to go with. Awhile back BCM would sell the BCG for $69 if purchased with an upper. Now they change $169, which makes looking into other options such as Young Manufacturing worthwhile. Any thoughts/experience on BCG's y'all wish to share?
  9. Barry, does that BCG from LWRC have a screw on tube that attaches to the gas key? If so, I would worry about that more than a key becoming unscrewed. I've always wondered about gas key failures too. I've been working with full and semi auto rifles both professionally and personally for 23 years now and I think I have seen everything except a gas key fail. Am I just a lucky duck or is this something that doesn't happen often at all?
  10. See, that's the thing. I have it on a YHM upper and a free float YHM quad rail. My optic is an old vx-1 on a LaRue QD mount. I've used it for years as an AR accuracy testing rig. I know my torque was correct and everything is solid so I'm at a loss for the accuracy deficiency. As far as my desire to keep it "mil-spec", I fully understand that is often not the highest common denominator. However, it does allow for expedient repair given the commonality of parts.
  11. Neither Daniel Defense or LWRC offer 20" barrels so they are out. As for the bcg from LWRC, I would prefer it be mil-spec in order to be field serviceable. I have a Windham Weaponry A2 barrel already, but I haven't had the chance to really put it through its paces. It was only capable of 4+ MOA with M193 and M855. That was a little disappointing I admit.
  12. Also, the lower is a factory LMT. It appears that I have forgotten to mention that. My bad!
  13. TackleberryMCS, thanks for the reply. A definition is tough, so put it this way. Imagine you were responsible for providing your son with the rifle he was taking to Afghanistan for the next two years. It has to be in A4 configuration and it has to work, or else. That's the criteria I want to go into this rifle with. More practically however, this rifle will have a high round count, will be used in a couple of classes each year, it will likely be used as a student loaner occasionally so it needs to be as soldier proof as possible, etc. It will also be my primary SD/HD firearm. Though not related to the durability of the rifle itself, the optic will likely be an ACOG or AccuPoint, however I am also looking into some of the Leopold Mark 4 and 6 models.
  14. Hey Armory, I need some advice. I am building/looking to buy a 20" rifle barrel or complete upper for the sole purpose of being a hard use duty rifle. It doesn't need moa accuracy, minute-of-badguy is perfectly acceptable. What I need to know is is there any substantial difference between the FN built PSA uppers, BCM's uppers, or the standard gov profile Windham Weaponry A2 barrel. All will need to have the standard front sight base also. I am w aware of BCM's reputation, and that would be the only one of the three that I haven't personally fired rounds through. Are they so significantly better to warrant a purchase from them as opposed to saving a couple hundred on one of the other setups? I have the tools and experience of upper assembly if I decided to go with parts instead of complete assemblies. I consider upper receivers to be basically equal given that they are machined properly. I will be using a YHM if I go barrel only. Last part, bolt carrier groups. Can someone explain to me the difference between a $170 BCM, a $200 Young Manufacturing, and the $100 PSA premium BCG? Is one really any better than the other? This rifle will have an upper end optic on it (Trijicon, Leopold, etc) and the more I save on the rifle (without sacrificing quality) the sooner the optic gets purchased. Thanks again guys!
  15. Don't tempt me! I see a torture test in the future 😈
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