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  1. I have recently become interested in the 308. I bought a Savage 110 in 308 a few months back for deer/bear hunting later this year. Haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet though. Sean
  2. That turned out great! My wife wants to redo our bathrooms at some point. She would love yours. Good job! Sean
  3. Nice fish guys! If I ever learn how to post pics I will throw some up. Ever since Tapatalk went away I have no idea how. Sean
  4. True didn’t really think that far ahead. Could just use the rifle lowers for a build later on. Sean
  5. I’m sure the guys will correct me if I am wrong. But I believe u could use the lowers and put a pistol upper on it. But then to be legal u would have to pay for a $200 tax stamp and register it as an SBR. like I said I could be wrong so wait for others to chime in. Sean
  6. Sorry I typed my last message kinda goofy. I was just saying if they grandfathered them in it would be great and I would leave the pistol as it is now. However if it ends up going through, it will suck to pay for the tax stamp. But at that point I would rather pay the $200 and put a AR stock on it rather than run a bare buffer tube. Sean
  7. Yeah having them grandfathered in would be nice. I don’t really wanna pay for the tax stamp but it would be nice to have a AR stock on it instead of the pistol brace. Sean
  8. So I guess at this point your only two options if you own an AR pistol with a stabilizing brace are too either remove the brace or pay the $200 for the SBR stamp. Or am I missing something? Sean
  9. Truck is gonna be awesome when u r done! Sean
  10. Yes let’s up the corporate tax. So in turn we can all pay more for every single thing we buy. Corporations will just pass that tax down to us. Sean
  11. He pushes this crap because he owns part of one or two companies I believe that produce meat alternatives. Sean
  12. That sucks man! Hope the surgery went well and ya heal up fast. Sean
  13. Ouch! What did u have done? Not a bad price for that! Sean
  14. That is a nice looking piece! How did it shoot? How much do u think u have in it so far? Sean
  15. 4.39 here. Diesel is almost a dollar more Sean
  16. Yeah I wanted to go with the 110 based on the reviews of it being a much better gun. I also like the idea of the 3 position safety. And the bolt feels like it moves much smoother than the axis. I know the Crossfire isn’t the best scope in the world but should serve my purposes just fine. Where I typically rifle hunt shots won’t be taken from much over 100 yards. Sean
  17. Thanks man. I would post pics but since I’m not using Tapatalk anymore not sure how. I picked up some 308 hunting rounds at Cabelas to go to the range with and sight it in. Can’t wait but not sure when it will happen. Sean
  18. Ended up picking up the 110 with the Vortex on it this morning. Thanks for all the opinions guys, really appreciate it! Sean
  19. What is it you don’t like about the Axis? I kinda had it narrowed down to a Savage 110 with a Vortex Crossfire on it for $575 from Walmart or my local shop has a Ruger American for like $460 but then I gotta buy a scope to go on it. Sean
  20. you said you are a Ruger guy. Do you have any experience with the American? Sean
  21. I would have no problem buying a 30-06. The problem seems to be that they are even more scarce than the 308. It’s crazy to me that supply hasn’t made a comeback yet. My local dealer said he has had 8 Savage rifles in order for 5 months and has no idea when to expect them. What hunting rifles he does have are mostly in 6.5CM and .22 Sean
  22. Yeah I will never be in an area to take a real long shot. Maybe around 150-200 is gonna be the longest. I have been leaning towards the .308 also because it seems to be easier to find ammo also. At least around my area. I am def gonna narrow my search to the 308 and the savage 110 if the prices are about the same. I’m gonna call around to a few shops before I go buy the 110 Hunter .308 at Walmart. Sean
  23. honestly I will probably not notice a difference in how either one shoots but I wanna make sure I get the better of the two if they are the same price. Walmart has the 110 and my local gun shop has the axis. Almost the same price both with vortex scopes. Sean
  24. Do you know if the the 110 is a step up from the axis? Sean
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