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  1. X3 about Primary Arms!
  2. starbuster

    Another newbie, first build

    Also check out Primary Arms for scopes and red dots. Good source!
  3. starbuster

    Magazine capacty vs function

    I use Lancer mags. No problems. I also called and talked to them about storing mags fully loaded and they answered no problem.
  4. starbuster

    Best way to check headspace?

    My gunsmith/shop is Double Tap in Bend, Oregon. Will check guns for safety issues free. And yes I give him business.
  5. starbuster

    looking for good 2 stage trigger

    Rock River is GTG
  6. starbuster

    New and a bit Overwhelmed

    My 1st AR15 was from Rock River. Their tactical elite model. Lots of features built right in. And it shoots everything and it shoots straight. They also have the basic models for much less. After having that for awhile I had the "Black Rifle Fever" , read alot on the forums and reviews on major suppliers PSA, Joe Bobs, Primary Arms, BCM, Spikes, Rainier Arms, AIM, etc. on different parts and I built 1 over a few months picking up parts from here and there My first build and I love it!
  7. On my new build I soaked the BCG in 2 cycle oil overnight just to feel good.
  8. starbuster

    New Guy, New Build

    With an Aero lower I would suggest an Aero or Surplus Ammo upper to be sure of match. My first build I bought an Aero upper and it didn't fit my Rock River lower or a Spikes lower at my gunsmith shop. So I got a Surplus Ammo lower ( made by Aero )and the match is perfect.
  9. starbuster

    New to AR platform from Indiana

    PSA is a very good source. Get on their mailing list to receive special offers.
  10. MLOC for me, cleaner, not as busy. Like others said as long as it works for you that's what is good for you.
  11. starbuster

    My first build is coming together

    It's easy to catch the fever. I just finished my 1st build (very happy) and yes I was thinking about next time I'll get...............
  12. starbuster

    help me pick handguards!!!

    I just went with an ALG 15" MLOC. Love it!
  13. starbuster

    Best way to check headspace?

    Just finished my 1st build and took it to local gunsmith who checked it for free. Just drop by your local gunsmith on your way to the market and have it checked. No tools to purchase, no worry about headspace. Simple