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  1. Thanks Joel. That one looks good. Kind of expensive, but I guess you get what you pay for with American Defense. Denny
  2. Are there any QR mounts compatible with a Vortex Spitfire 1x red dot Thanks Denny
  3. No problem everyone, I seen them advertised and couldn't find any reviews and was just wondering. For my first build I want to build a 300 blackout but want to buy parts a little at a time. Just shopping, and investigating my best options for this build. Saving money is usually a good thing but for this build I want the best parts I can get within reason. I never heard of Ghost Firearms and was just wondering. Of course I'd never heard of Black Hole Industries before last year so this is all new to me. I have my S&W M&P sport II which I think is a great entry AR and it will serve me good as a 223 but I'm a firm believer in bigger is better. Perhaps a 458 SOCOM sometime in the future. :>) Denny
  4. I take it as a NO as to building with a Ghost Firearms upperThanks Denny
  5. My plan is to build a 300AAC Blackout carbine and wanted to buy parts a little at a time. Seeing how I haven't the tools for assembly I thought I'd get a complete assembled upper. Denny
  6. Anyone use their uppers on a build yet? Denny
  7. One last question Tackleberry, it shows that these mounts are for the H&K type clips, will they also work with paraclips? Thanks Denny
  8. Never mind, I found the MCTAR TS-1 Thanks again Tackleberry Denny
  9. Thanks Tackleberry, that's exactly what I was looking for. what do ya recommend for the rear? Denny
  10. Thanks TackleberryMCS The only problem is my sling has the clips, not the quick detach ends on it. Denny
  11. Well I'm back with more questions. I bought myself a S&W M&P sport 2, then I put a Leapers UTG Pro Quad rail (drop in not free float) then added a Vortex Spitfire (love it) added a ambi receiver end plate (works great for one point) and a Magpul Ms3 Gen 2 single/double point sling. I know I'm long winded. The problem is when using the stock sling mounts. rear on bottom of butt stock it wants to snag on my pocket when aiming. Also the front mount behind the bayonet lug seems awkward to hook up for shoulder carry, and was wondering what would be a good alternative. Thanks Denny
  12. Finally made it to the range and sighted it in. Simple to adjust and was shooting at 50 yds and having a blast. After about 100 rounds I realized that I didn't have the illumination turned on and was using the etched glass, awesome.This I like in case the battery dies it can still be used. Also like the Vortex lifetime guarantee Denny.
  13. Thanks everyone. I'll just have to wait and see and give a report after I try it Thanks again Denny
  14. Any updates on this scope. Likes, dislikes? I'm thinking hard on one of these and was just wondering about other people's experiences with them. Denny
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