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  1. You run 3 batteries on your boat? For what possible reason? Are you at sea? Are you in the middle of Lake Michigan? Are you on a fast moving river? If not, what is the worst that can happen? You call "Scotties Marina" (there is nautical evidence indicating a "Scotties Marina" exists in every body of water) and they come out and start your boat. No big whoop.
  2. "You can buy one of the best batteries there is. But once it's dead, it's dead". You know, I have heard those ideas before ---but ahhhh--I just can't place where. "Isolates"? Just carry a fresh battery and change it there if you insist on doing AAA's work for them.
  3. Strange, I couldn't find an Optima batter with a 7 year warranty. Can you please point that out to me? If ACDelco warranties their batteries for 7 years, why are you sweating it? Why waste money on back-up systems when you can simply call AAA?
  4. What's the big deal? Just call AAA and have them start your vehicle.
  5. Why would anyone, ever go to such trouble as to do a secondary battery back up, even if you are going out to the Canyonlands, when you can simply buy the best battery? If you buy the best battery, you will cry once, right? Buy an AC Delco battery which is guaranteed for 7 years-----how could you possibly go wrong? I have a car which was made after those batteries were warranted. Screw the Canyonlands. You are not afraid to break down there--what's wrong with you? Buy the best and cry once---isn't that right? https://www.acdelcotechconnect.com/pdf/battery_warranty.pdf
  6. Pekgul attempted to combat the trend by organizing coffee shop meetings but soon abandoned the idea. What, coffee shop combat didn't work for you?
  7. I think the Trijicon MRO is my favorite red dot with a battery.
  8. So, you don't want me to go around and around but you are asking me to go around and around again? I think you are reciting my points back to me.
  9. I certainly hope you people in the military have good, reliable batteries. I am not in the military and have no access to your batteries, though. We keep going back to Aimpoint as if you guys are saying I am saying Aimpoint is bad. I am saying batteries are less reliable than they were in 1960 and now I suspect why. Many are made in China and Indonesia where quality control is less stringent. As far as Aimpoint is concerned, there is no reason to single out Aimpoint. A Holosun or Sig, or any other maker who makes a model relying solely on batteries has at the weak point of the design, the battery. As for your Aimpoint, redbarron06, the only picture of your ACOG I remember it had a Doctor sight on top of it.
  10. Here are CR2032 batteries which are made in America. It is surprising nobody has brought this up before. https://www.rei.com/product/825354/energizer-cr2032-3v-coin-cell-lithium-batteries-package-of-2
  11. "Get what you want and quit trying to justify your flawed logic to us" Why don't you just let me do that then? Why don't you just let the people who want to talk about Holosuns or solar do so? I don't remember tying to change you? I am pleased to hear your opinion and ask for it and welcome it. But I don't need a nasty rebuttal nor have I given you one.
  12. That is it. It isn't my Holosun and this isn't a contest between Aimpoint and Holosun because they do different things even though they are both red dots. I have no idea where Holosun is made. Where is it made? The home office is in Walnut, California. Where is Sig Sauer made? Where are the red dots for Sig Sauer made? Does anyone know---please tell me. I have no financial interest in Holosun are any particular love for any machine. They just do a job. What Mike Mah pointed out with one sentence is the weak point in all red dots, the battery. But I certainly do hope those service men now winging their way to Syria all have American made batteries in their red dots if they have red dots.
  13. Oh My God, do you remember when I said your Aimpoint is only as good as its battery? Well, that was an understatement. What should be said is: Your Aimpoint is only as good as its Chinese battery. https://www.zoro.com/value-brand-coin-cell-2032-lithium-3v-4lw11/i/G2048882/?gclid=CMnxksLl_9ICFQQKaQod0dgDZg Remember when I said batteries are getting worse? Yeah, this is because batteries are now come from China and quality control is a concept hard to translate into Mandarin.
  14. When Mike Mah suggested not using a battery powered red dot, it was as if he had rung a huge bell and every cell in my body resonated. Yes, my mind is made up on this issue. Let me try again. You, Newbe, seem to be saying, (please correct this as I don't want to falsely characterize your words), that somehow a given battery put into an Aimpoint is a more reliable battery than if the same battery were put into a Holosun (or other red dot). And you seem to say the reliability problem with red dots have no correlation with the battery in an Aimpoint. What I am saying is the weakest link in the Aimpoint is the battery but that is the common weakness for all red dots. A given battery is not going to become less reliable in a Holosun but more reliable in an Aimpoint. I am saying that if we could disregard the battery altogether as if it worked 100% of the time, forever, your Aimpoint would be more durable than say the Holosun or some other red dots based on their military record BUT the most likely point of failure for both is still going to be the battery. My point is all batteries fail 100% of the time, given time. I don't think anyone could possibly dispute this. Even if a battery is not used it will lose charge over time. The only instance failure wouldn't mean battery failure would be issues concerning extreme durability such as getting run over by a truck, getting the red dot shot or blown up. I myself am not as likely to face those conditions, leaving the overwhelming cause of failure for me the battery. Changing the battery at short intervals is great. But you have no idea, no actual measurement of that battery's quality, when you change to a new one. You are only guessing it is a better bet to replace than not to replace. This is what I would do to but neither of us know for sure if the new battery is any better than the old. There is no machine to measure this as with a car battery. Another example before your eyes glaze over on me: I have four smoke detectors. When the house was new all got batteries at the same time and probably from the same pack of batteries. Yet they wear out at different times. In fact, the difference between the four was striking--over a year. So some needed replacement after one year and others kept of chugging for over two. By state law, the battery is a backup to a hard wired system. So we have to hard wire the smoke detector and the battery is only a backup when power goes out. A stand alone smoke detector system using batteries is illegal. That is how much faith is put on batteries when life depends upon them. Sorry, I didn't address the issue raised of multiple battery types. Yes, of course there are different types of batteries for different amp and voltage requirements of various electronic devices. But we do not get to invent or substitute one type for another. These issues are figured out mathematically by electronic engineers. A battery, whatever its configuration, is a chemical storage unit for electrical energy and a source for that energy for the device. Yet when the rubber meets the road, it is not all that long lasting or reliable. The US space program, NASA, always tries to use fuel cells (as the Apollo Program used, solar or atomic energy. That is what they think of batteries.
  15. Batteries are shat today. That is strongest observation I can personally make. Walk around and you will see young idiots plugging in cell phone chargers everywhere. Where are those statistics you claim show improved battery performance? An ACOG is almost $1400.00 with tax. How many people here have an ACOG and are not in the military? I would really like some survey on this because only one person redbarron04 has spoken up saying he owns one and he is in the military. Unlike the ACOG, the Aimpoint is battery technology pure and simple.. Again, in the military, someone can bring you a fresh battery if you, somehow, have forgotten to put a fresh one in before going into action. But in a home defense/SHTF/emergency setting, you never will know when you will need the rifle. Add to this you may be in an area too far away to practically run to the store and buy one. Add to this there may not be a store to buy one. Add to this when it fails, and it will always fail given time, are you even going to be in a position where you can change it safely? There is a huge difference in energy reliability between tritium and batteries. The words ACOG and Aimpoint really should not even be in the same sentence. The real question is why don't you have an ACOG? If I am going to use batteries, there must be a backup. Rechargeable batteries and a recharger might be one but in an emergency situation my electric company cuts off the power as a matter of policy. They believe a downed tree falling over their lines is more likely than people where cell phones don't work finding out evacuation routes for forest fires are closed. A solar recharger would be the best option and several batteries. Another option would be solar power itself. A third redundancy would be solar, battery and capacity discharge as in the Sig Romeo6T, is and when that comes into being. There is no battery flashlight in this house because the rechargeable batteries failed after slightly over one year. They cannot be recharged. Go buy an brand of rechargeable power tool and the batteries will be changed before the tool itself wears out. Because the battery design has changed, you are not able to use the tool. Cell phone batteries, car batteries, smoke alarm batteries, all batteries will fail over time. Aimpoint will go to solar in the future. They will have to do so or lose business. The companies doing so now are just the start.
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