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  1. I got a PSA upper in my newest build I really like the upper so far, I was told it might be a Freedom line but then was told the Freedom line of barrel are marked saying Freedom, mine is not marked just says 1:7 twist 5.56 NATO Palmetto State Armory on the barrel. So far I am very impressed with it's performance for being a ultra light barrel with I am not really fond of but I took a shot with this one and went with it.
  2. I have used CLP in the past but I find that Hoppe's #9 to me works better. Then after the cleaning I use lithium grease #2 HP for lube and it so far has been the best thing I have tried. I say this cause it stays where you put it, and cleanup to me is easier.
  3. Well got it installed I would post pic but once again it won't let me I have tried it both ways it states in the instructions on how too upload pics. Not sure what the issue is with my computer and the
  4. Well this worked but it is huge, Sorry about this. I hope this pic shows it good enough to see if it's timed correctly. I installed the crush washer first then hand tightened it used a brass rod turned it until it got tighter then backed it off, continued to do this until those to whole that are on the top in pic where centered with the gas block. I shot about 100 rounds out of it today. The link below that finally allow me to post shows the last 15 rounds shot constantly not real fast but a steady pace. That new brake is awesome! http://i944.photobucket.com/albums/ad283/Thegiven40/AR%2015%20pics/20160412_150807_zpsylkuczly.jpg
  5. It will not allow me to post pics, this is the most messed up way to post a pic on any forum I have ever used.
  6. Yeah thanks also for that vise link will come in handy and I can tear apart the make shift wood vise I put together to do the install
  7. Yeah I ended up using 2 other blocks of wood that wasn't drilled worked better. I did tighten it then back it off tighten and back off, etc until it got centered to where it should be. New crush washer was used. If I could get this forum to take pic I would post one.
  8. Well got it on there, sucks though it slipped out of my hand when putting it in the clamp and the barrel got caught by the vise jaws and marked my barrel slightly. Glad it's stainless steel cannot really tell. I hope I got that on there correctly guess I will find out tomorrow when I shoot it. Thanks for all the info on this
  9. I found a buddy with a vice, now will to pieces of wood whole drilled in center to fit the barrel then these clamped in the vice supporting the barrel. Well not going to happen today so oh well! Thanks for the replies
  10. I really don't want to borrow the tools just be able to meet chat for a moment then maybe use that persons work bench lol. Know would a vise and 2 pieces of soft wood work on the barrel, wood on the barrel clapping down the barrel in the vise!
  11. Thanks for the information. Also how to you attach pics on this site. Been trying cannot figure it out.
  12. I just got a new muzzle brake for my Ultra light 16" 416 r stainless steel barrel to get rid of that A2 flash hider. I don't have a vise or anything really to clamp the barrel down, I do have a c-clamp but not sure that will work, I don't have the cash right now to get a local gunsmith to install it & I was hoping to use this here soon, Thanks for the replies!
  13. I am looking for someone locally that can help me out with a muzzle brake install. I live in Columbia City, IN 46725. Thanks for any replies. I got this new brake as a gift and cannot install it correctly without a vise & barrel vise jaws.
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