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  1. I appreciate the insight guys. I'll definitely check them out in person before I decide.
  2. I've read great reviews for both(without spending a ton) but hoping to get persuaded one way or the other! I'm only range shooting 50-200 yards with the AR. What do you guys think? NIKON http://www.opticsplanet.com/nikon-p-223-3x32-bdc-carbine-rifle-scope.html or BUSHNELL http://www.opticsplanet.com/bushnell-bushnell-ar-optics-1-4x24-riflescope.html
  3. Must be a north east LIBTARD thing! Bird brains up this way. Its unbearable!
  4. Amazing how many vendors price gouge in wake of tragedy! Very unfortunate what happened in Orlando, but I'm amazed how many places jack up the prices! At least thats how it goes in the North East! Anybody else seeing this in their neck of the woods?
  5. They actually sell prebans in this state legally. So I dont see why I wouldnt be able to purchase prebans elsewhere
  6. They have to disassemble the mag. There is a stamping inside.
  7. I have a few 30 pre bans on the way. Mass laws are the worst. Just bought a case of Federal 223 and some Wolf Gold I'm going to try out.
  8. I do everything but shoot pool and a rifle left handed so I might go with the ambi safety and bolt release too. Fire my pistol right handed and a rifle lefty. I'm an oddity!
  9. Just got it and threw a few add-ons in. 1st one but still learning as much as I can about them!
  10. Any thoughts on this 223? Targetsportsusa has pretty good deals on it. Just for the range/plinking. I just ordered some Federal 223 also
  11. Sorry to drag it on guys. Thanks for the input!
  12. Exactly. Would that be proper?
  13. I know the US flag has the union upper left if its flown horizontally or hung vertically. What I was wondering is do I take the 3% union as Joel showed and turn the whole thing 90 degrees counter clockwise if I hang it vertically? I might say screw it and paint it as its shown!
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