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  1. Your little one has that handled!!! Great upgrades. I've done similar stuff to our 5'vr.
  2. Good stuff there and easily understood for even the partially trained rifleman.
  3. Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24. Great reticle, has red dot sighting characteristics, plenty of magnification for the .223 effective range plus works great for CQB when needed, great glass for a great price. The other Vortex Viper PST mentioned above would be another good choice if you need more magnification. Good luck with your choice.
  4. I'll have to let the Mrs. know that, since she loves guns, she should now identify as Male according to this learned twit. I bet if I do she'll hit the road packin' a gun and a shovel.
  5. My SRT8 & my Ram diesel are both highly modified which contributes to the neighborhood noise level some. But my neighbors are cool with it and some of them are noisier than I am!
  6. "The commandant is making dignity and respect a priority for her staff." And just how is she doing that? By throwing a long term, highly ranked NCO under the bus? That's a very effective way to maintain discipline, isn't it... stoopid liberal twit. How in the heck did she end up in command of that cherished and professional institution?
  7. That's a proper setup! My Ram 2500 does OK but if I want another trailer I'll have to go larger on the truck for sure.
  8. I have one and it works well as a carry piece. I don't really like the trigger but it works for the purpose intended. I added a Crimson Trace green LaserGuard to it recently, which really improved my accuracy. All in all, I'd buy it again.
  9. As with any distracted driver, the operator of the larger craft should be cited as was noted in the article and subject to criminal and civil charges. Looks like son-in-law threw the operator under the bus.
  10. I would agree that a higher quality guitar tends to be easier to play and sounds much better than your run of the mill $100 - $500 guitar. But you don't have to spend huge money to get a good one. I have 3 acoustic guitars... A Yamaki F-115Y which is a folk style instrument hand built in Japan in 1972, a Martin 000-15M and an Ovation Elite TX. The Ovation does have a pickup. Which one is the best of the group? None of 'em really. It depends on what I feel like playing. The Ovation is fast and hard, a real driver looking for speed and volume. The Martin is a comfortable, laid back, picking machine with a mellow tone and excellent sound projection. The Yamaki sings sweetly with a light playing style, easy to pick, with a fast neck and a classic aesthetic. If it makes sense, I'd call the Yamaki the soprano of the group. Here they are. From left to right is the Martin, the Yamaki & the Ovation: What I learned very early on is Practice, Patience and Perseverance will serve you well as you pursue the skills to master the guitar. Enjoy the music!
  11. Yup...we have a lot of first world problems in this here great state. I think this backlash is more about not knowing what the hell you are doing vs. any fuel cost issues or unemployment rates. If ya do it right you won't smell like gasoline. What's weird is that us diesel owners can pump our own diesel fuel and always have been allowed to do so regardless of area or population limits.
  12. I got the Mrs. a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 for Xmas last year. She enjoyed shooting my AR15 a lot but wanted less recoil so I got the AR a muzzle brake and got her the .22 LOL
  13. I was in the same situation. I hadn't built but one AR and it was a struggle to say the least. But I made it. For me, though, it wasn't time well spent nor was it very satisfying. Despite the cost differences in buy vs. build, given the amount of time I spent researching, watching videos, making up a parts list, then shopping for it all; I felt I could have bucks ahead if I had bought the AR vs. building it. So when it came to buy an AR10, I bought a built one. That made it easier for me to justify the second AR purchase. Both are piston units which are not price leaders in the market but, boy, do they shoot nice. Good luck!
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