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  1. Hope everything is fine John. Best Enviado desde mi CPH1951 mediante Tapatalk
  2. Thank you John. Luckily most people around me is fine, thank you. Death rates are increasing quickly but as you say for very old people and at the moment the government has declared global national emergency situation, police department and army partially are controlling people movements since past Saturday, we are confined at home but allowed to go to supermarkets and pharmacy, home delivery services are working with some restrictions. Stocks are not broken at the moment,and most essential items are available, food, medicines, gas, etc are easy to find and buy, card payments and ATMs work ok, so we can say that situation is under control ish... Let's see the next days. Hope everything is fine over there as well for you and your relatives Keep you posted Enviado desde mi CPH1951 mediante Tapatalk
  3. Hi John partner! same on this side here we are, at home, confined because of the COvid-19 :( situations is critical in Spain,
  4. Awesome build! Enviado desde mi Redmi Note 8 Pro mediante Tapatalk
  5. The gun is excellent by itself, more than upgrades, I would say add ons, like for instance a good optic system, a reticle scope for hunting or sporting, or a red dot for a more tactical orientation, more than that, as other fellows have already said, go to the range and enjoy it Enviado desde mi Redmi Note 8 Pro mediante Tapatalk
  6. Thank you mate, well, we do not use the concept of SBR, LBR really.... and it depends on every country in the end, in Spain for example the total lenght of the barrel, in a rifle, can not be less than 12 inches, period, therefore we can not buy 9 inches rifles for instance, etc, everything under 12 inches is considered a pistol and requires a different license.
  7. Hi US folks!! land of the free! Here I go again from Europe, the thing is I have seen a lot of hype for PCC ar's this year and 2019, here in Spain, due to our fuc***g legislation it is very difficult for us to train or practice IPSC and so on with rifle calibers (222, 223, 300blk, etc) so I decided to go and get a PCC in 9mm because many shooting ranges already allow shooting and train with 9mm. I was very skeptical in the very beginning, but I decided to go for it What you see it is an ADC brand (Italian medium quality AR's) AR9 designated name model, the price is high, 1400 € without optics, grips, etc, just the gun, about 1600$ I guess, but.. it is the way it is... the total cost with a few gadgets is nearly 2000€, the barrel is 12", the optic is a relatively old Vortex red dot, magpul pistol grip, unknown brand from aliexpress for the front grip, trigger guard, bad lever and stock, UTG backup sights and unknown brand for the muzzle brake from ebay. The light is a surefire clone but works pretty well. As you can see, it uses glock magazines, well, in this case the one you see is a KCI from brownells, and works fine. A very interesting thing is that the gun does not use gas for the mass movemente, no tube gas at all, it is just completely inertial taking advantage of the recoil, therefore mechanics are very simple, cleaner and easy to service, clean, etc, I will upload some pics of the internals if you fancy, pretty interesting system, and most parts compatible with standard ar15 but the lower obiously.. Hope you enjoy it!
  8. Thank you mate! same on this side!
  9. Thank you all mates! In fact I am in Vegas today! Enviado desde mi ASUS_X00QD mediante Tapatalk
  10. Thank you Glenn!! I try to do my best with the limitations we have on this side of the world! All the best mate, it is always a pleasure to hear from you BTW! I will be going to the US in November for some days for business reasons!! Vegas!! Nice!! Enviado desde mi Mi MIX 2 mediante Tapatalk
  11. Final version mates... Enviado desde mi Mi MIX 2 mediante Tapatalk
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