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  1. Yes, those were good times toting that old 30-30, but times change and when you get in deep South Texas along the Rio Grande, you better be well armed. Best/joe
  2. 60 Round drums were a little hard to find, I see Brownell's has them in stock now. Best/joe
  3. August, watching you build this one will be interesting, like others I would like to try one myself. It could very well be my next next build[smile] the timing may be right too for them to get the Glock version,in. I have a lot of Glock Magazines Best/joe
  4. John, sorry for the late reply, yes I have shot a magazine through it and no issues, I didn't have the handle/sights on it then, I was anxious to shoot it so I did and like I said it ran flawlessly, guess I got lucky. The carry handle is a Spikes Tactical, the upper is a Spikes so I kept the handle Spikes, looks well made and sights look good clicks firmly etc. 100 bucks + or - a few cents. I have a range here so I will shoot it soon and report back. I been on the run so I haven't been shooting much, my wife is very ill and I have to tend her. Best/joe
  5. Correction, it is my first build but not my first AR, I plumb forgot about the Colt that followed me home. Best/joe image url
  6. A Newbie's First Build, pretty plain compared to some I see here but so far so good, I guess it will always be special being my first build and AR. Best/joe image hosting 15mb
  7. Some quality builds showing here and good ideas for a newbie, I see a lot of good stuff my bill fold is getting skinnier Best/joe
  8. Gongs and dueling trees are my favorite.........................Best/joe
  9. You have some classy Ladies August that like to shoot, don't get much better'n that. Best/joe
  10. Welcome..............Best/joe
  11. picker

    TX law question

    So do I, but we are talkin a completely different animal, javelinas are not pigs and are very good eating cooked slow over mesquite, I love that purple meat, washed down with some good whiskey........Best/joe And feral hogs taste good to some folks too, I guess it just depends, I think if you shot one around corn fields it might taste alright. You shoot one in the Tx Hill country that's been feeding off cedar berries and acorns they are pretty rough to swallow[smile]
  12. Yes, it does, I usually don't stock pile ammo, I stock pile componets but some things are getting me worried. Best/joe
  13. Yeah, it didn't deter the ones crapping on everything around here a bit, little bit of good news is I use them to sight in my AR [smile] Best/joe
  14. That black bird needs to back to the Range, the owl was hanging in the rafters of an old barn I reload in to scare feral pigeons off, they started roosting on the ole thing and he fell to the ground,I cleaned the pigeon crap off him and stuck him up by my bench[/img]take a screenshot
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