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  1. I am not around here frequently, and just found this out, and I am so sorry to hear this very sad news. Death from Hep A is rare. Usually you get sick, sometimes very sick, from it, then it passes. Gmountain and his wife unfortunately got caught in one those rare cases in medicine.
  2. I'd put it right next to SIG, Glock, HK, and Beretta, when it comes to bet-your-life reliability. And, I'm not talking out of my ass, because I owned several of them in the past. It might not win any beauty contest, but it's reliable, tank tough, and inexpensive. You can't ask for a better value than that.
  3. Umm, the "new 228/M11" is NOT P228, nor is it M11. It is simply a P229 rebadged as M11-A1 wearing the P228 grips, a SIG marketing gimmick. Even SIG now finally admits to call it a P229.
  4. Assume they both function, I'd make the trade, if I were in need of an AR-10.
  5. Sure, why not? Let me know if you need anything else.
  6. Sure, how about three? I dub them the father, the son, and the grandson. 1- P210-5LS - Long slide version, with a barrel length of 150mm. Made in 2003, this is from the very last batch of the Swiss P210s ever made. About 200 of this model were made. 2- P210 Super Target Silver 5" - This is the German made Legend Super Target in silver, with a 120mm barrel. It has a full length dust cover. 2017 production. 3- P210A-TGT - This is the much awaited/anticipated American made version, finally coming on the market last month, after first announced at SHOT 2016. It has a 120mm barrel.
  7. Kali, commieland of fruits and nuts. I swear, if I met one of these snowflake maggots, I probably won't be able to contain myself from wringing their necks.
  8. When did these guns become midsize pistols? Aren't they about the same size as the G19? It's like the Corolla, as we all know, is a compact car. And then, when we go to rent a car, they all call it a midsize. It ain't a midsize, man. It's a compact. Ok, I'll get off my soap box, now.
  9. Great! Welcome to the forum. You know this thread is about pics, right?
  10. Latest get, a P226 LDC (Long Dust Cover).
  11. Quick range report from today. Ammo: Freedom 124 Gr RN, Freedom 115 Gr HP, Freedom 115 Gr XTP, Federal Hi-Shok 115 Gr JHP, Speer Lawman 124 Gr TMJ, Winchester Ranger T-series +P 124 Gr Total rounds fired: 227 Distance: 10 yards Position: standing, 2-handed Malfunctions: none Impressions: Extremely well balanced, comfortable to hold and shoot. The +P feels less snappy in this CZ than comparable shooting in my P228. Trigger is smooth and crisp. But, one thing I wish is that they would round out the abrupt edge of the trigger. That would make for much more pleasant shooting, if you shoot more than a few hundred rounds in a session. Pic shows the 10-yard shoots. I honestly just can't recall which target is which ammo. But, I know for sure that the bottom left target had 43 rounds of various ammo through it. Also did some mag dumps at 7 yards (no pic), and the gun was fast back on target.
  12. Another CZ: P-01 Compact SDP by CZ Custom.
  13. The based WC Beretta has the following features (per WC website): Options include action tuned and mag guide installed. I chose the one with the action tuned. I just got it a couple days ago, and these are my non-live fire impressions. The good: The gun handles just as good as it looks. Having had Berettas in the past, the grip always feels comfortable to me, and it is now made much better by the Wilson G10. You want traction? You got traction. The front and backstrap checkering is a big plus, too. I never liked the barrel protruding beyond the slide of the 92FS/M9. So, this chopped off barrel makes it look much better, imo. And, typical of Beretta, the slide glides on the frame like it's on ball bearings. The only other gun that comes close to the Beretta in terms of this gliding smoothness is the Walther P5. The DA trigger is long, but silky smooth and nonstacking. Love it! But, The bad: The SA trigger pull. Disappointed would be an understatement. Being that this is a WC action tuned Beretta, I was expecting something that breaks like glass. What I got was something that is just barely better than SA pull of the stock CZ 75. And, CZ fans all know the stock trigger. The creep. The WC also gives me the SA creep that immediately reminds me of the CZ. Not as pronounced, but there is no escaping it. Wow, I am shocked. This SA trigger pull got nothing on my German/W. German P228s. I don't know, maybe giving it good workouts to see if the SA trigger will improve. We'll see.
  14. SIG X6 Supermatch. Wilson Combat Beretta 92G Brigadier Tactical.
  15. Don't think I've posted this one before. P220 X-Six in .45 ACP with matching numbered 9 mm conversion system.
  16. Limo service................to jail. Love it!
  17. Holy crap! It's not a SIG. Beretta 92 Steel I SAO, all nickel.
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