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  1. cooper74

    PMC on sale at PSA

    lol... gonna have to ship this to my buddy in a neighboring town... can't receive this direct... guess it kinda makes sense :(
  2. cooper74

    WTS STI Spartan IV

    how are you going to transfer this?... if you're in CA we can't get STI's and other guns not on our roster cuz they're super dangerous and just do evil things... **sarcasm**
  3. cooper74

    300blk 10.5" upper

    BCG? what brand is the upper and barrel?
  4. cooper74

    AR15 10 round magazine pouch

    if I'm reading it right... could go with 10/30 mags that way they fit more standard pouches designed for standard mags.
  5. cooper74

    A great t-shirt for you CA folks

    It hurts cuz it's true...
  6. cooper74

    California: Roll call

    Oakland hereeeeeeee
  7. cooper74

    1911 picture thread

    Does this use standard 1911 parts? Grip seems like it's a different angle...
  8. cooper74

    My first 1911

    nice pistol... love the 1911
  9. cooper74

    80% Lower Legal in CA?

    Yes, legal... we're losing left and right though.. just the last week we saw bills proposed and passed that are aimed at banning even bullet button guns...
  10. cooper74

    First AR in CA

    Yup, build your own lower and buy and upper.... if you haven't already check out calguns.net... you should... us californians gotta help one another out. Lots of discussions on how and what to do to stay legal, protect our rights, and alot of good info/resources.